Hymn To Ereyth

Hymn To Ereyth

O Lord, our Lord, Throughout the Earth - Bell On Holy Ground - Pená Sing Out Earth and Skies - Haugen Song at the Centre (From the Corners of Creation) - Haugen Tend the Ground - Curtis Thank You God for Water, Soil and Air - Wren The Blue Green Hills of Earth - Oler The God who set the Stars in Space - Dudley-Smith and HartigEstimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

Hymn for the Russian Earth The origin of this folk-style song is unknown: Rise Up Singing credits it to Yuri Zaritsky and Eugene Friesen, due to it being included in Paul Winter's Concert for the Earth with this attribution.

The hymn is clearly a story of females–even though they are goddesses—struggling against a male-dominated world, whose ultimate authority figure is Zeus. The author of this hymn does not expound on the horrors of rape and abduction from Persephone's perspective but instead shows the horror through Demeter's intense despair and agony—she is willing to destroy the entire human race in her grief.

Prithvi-Sukta: Hymn to the Earth (Atharva Veda) By Kulasundari Devi In Category articles Tags: atharva veda, ecology, scriptures Truth, high and potent Law, the Consecrating Rite, Fervour, Brahma, and Sacrifice uphold the Earth.

That earth which formerly was water upon the ocean (of space), which the wise (seers) found out by their skilful devices; whose heart is in the highest heaven, immortal, surrounded by truth, shall bestow upon us brilliancy and strength, (and place us) in supreme sovereignty!

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