Travelizer - DJ Solaris - Fractal Energy (CD)

Travelizer - DJ Solaris - Fractal Energy (CD)

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October 5, at pm. October 7, at pm. Alper says:. November 3, at am. Last edited: Apr 15, VtoryApr 14, Just adding product dimension and weight from my measurements -- I have zero idea why companies like Crane song or Dangerous music did not specify such a basic physical info on their web as well as on the manual. VtoryApr 16, DzerhApr 18, I Travelizer - DJ Solaris - Fractal Energy (CD) a mastering engineer who is selling one of these at a good price the guy pretty much only sells locally and hates online markets.

If anyone's interested, let me know and I'll be the middleman. Condition is like new; he rotates through new gear faster than HFM releases new headphones. Shipping is from Canada, so keep that in mind. ArmaegisApr 21, Solaris is in the house for a day before moving on to its next owner.

Late night stress test feeding it from the optical out on my Prism Lyra, using the built-in headphone jack, I am pleasantly surprised that it can actually drive my HE-6 at max without clipping. It's not headbanging loud, but certainly loud enough for regular listening. The important thing to note is that I should have gone to bed an hour ago but here I am at am listening to Sam Cooke and Led Zeppelin. The Solaris headphone output certainly has much more meat behind it than the Lyra headphone Travelizer - DJ Solaris - Fractal Energy (CD).

I'll have to bust out my HD instead of the HE-6 for some more sensible testing. I'm not going to bash my brains in trying to compare the dac qualities feeding into a separate amp.

Ok 2am, I should be sleeping. ArmaegisApr 24, Listening with my modded Sennheiser HD ohm drivers in an Amperior shell, because my HD is buried in a box somewhere in the closet, and I found this one first.

Also, there's noise around the house at the moment and a closed headphone is more suitable. Funny enough, I don't have a "real" headphone amp to compare with at the moment. Or I'm just an ugly bag of mostly water. Your call. Anyhow, all the following words are great exaggerations because it's all so bloody close anyways.

I stand by my original thought that Solaris falls somewhere in between the Lyra and RME in terms of technical sound. If the Lyra has a whisp that sort of licks at the top of the notes, the Solaris licks at the bottom and almost feels like it drag cuts at the end of quick transients.

Not slow, but sorta zzt on the tss. Staging is wide like a hammerhead shark. The amp seems to have some weight at the bottom end, gaining overall heft but trading initial impact. Instrumental plucks are crisper on the AHB2, but more organic on the Solaris.

Actually no that's not just instruments, vocals too. I'm sleepy. Not sure what else to say. The hamster switch is another tool closely related to the crossfader.

Hamster switches are reciprocal cross-fading instruments and reverse the action of your crossfader. By using these tools in unison, you can create new and interesting sounds. Your performances may take place in noisy and rowdy venues. Dancing fans and your speakers can and will create significant vibrations that can cause your tracks to miss beats. Choosing components rated for shock-absorption goes a long way toward preventing this. Some of the value for horizontal or vertical accuracy in the POS data of your imported images is 0; 2.

The horizontal or vertical accuracy for the image GCP is set at 0 we recommend updating to version 2. Yes, after 3D reconstruction is complete, you can continue reconstruction by checking the required output format. The following reconstruction results can be delivered in specified coordinate systems. Each file comes with a coordinate system instruction file metadata. This error will pop up if reconstruction results cannot be converted to the specified coordinate system.

Ground Control Points GCPs are marked points on the ground with known coordinates and are clearly visible in an image. GCPs help increase the robustness and accuracy of aerial triangulation, check the accuracy of the aerial triangulation against actual measurements, and determine absolute orientation by converting the aerial triangulation result into GCPs in the designated coordinate system.

Accuracy data is optional. The first row is coordinate data, and each column is separated with a space or a tab. In the projected coordinate system, X represents the East, and Y represents the North. GCPs are used to optimize the result of aerial triangulation. It would take at least three GCPs to ensure absolute orientation for aerial triangulation. Check points are used to check for the absolute accuracy of aerial triangulation by comparing the error between the result calculated with aerial triangulation and the actual measurements.

It is recommended to use no less than four GCPs for calculation in each target area. When you have an abundant number of GCPs, you can choose to set some of them as check points to check for accuracy. GCPs values are used in aerial triangulation, and the accuracy should correspond to the final absolute accuracy that your project needs.

When computing a point and GCPs have been marked on at least 2 images, the Travelizer - DJ Solaris - Fractal Energy (CD) coordinates will be calculated and reprojected onto all images in which the point appears. The difference between the marked point and reprojected point on the image is the reprojection error.

The 3D error of a GCP refers to the spatial difference between its measured coordinates and 3D Travelizer - DJ Solaris - Fractal Energy (CD) obtained by conducting space intersection with the elements of interior and exterior orientations of the image.

An optimization is done to improve results of aerial triangulation. If a triangulation is done immediately after marking GCPs, check points will also be used in the calculation, which is not ideal. A better process will be: aerial triangulation enter GCP coordinates and mark them against projected coordinates on the image optimize. By doing so, GCPs are used to improve the accuracy of aerial triangulation.

Make sure the positioning and attitude information of the imported images is correct. Make sure the positioning and attitude information on the images are correct, and choose the same coordinate system as the one that the GCPs are set in. The accuracy of aerial triangulation and optimization are affected by three factors: error in GCP marking, error in coordinate measurement, and the distribution and number of GCPs within the mapping area.

We recommend you choose at least four GCPs distributed evenly across the target area. Each GCP should appear in at least four images at different locations, and avoid having it near the edge of an image. The coordinate systems do not match. The coordinate systems cannot be converted from one to the other.

If not, Travelizer - DJ Solaris - Fractal Energy (CD) convert systems using a third-party software program. Height errors. If there are errors, adjust them in the POS data settings. If you are looking to acquire results in a particular height or coordinate system e.

The coordinate system setting of the POS data needs to correspond to the actual system written in the data. Any height errors need to be adjusted for in the settings. You can preview the height values after adjusting all the POS import settings.

Set to default DJI Terra accuracy. If the images contain RTK information and it is fixed, DJI Terra will read this data automatically and set the accuracy as follows: horizontal accuracy: 0. If no RTK information is available or if it is not fixed, horizontal accuracy will be set to 2 m and vertical accuracy 10 m.

Set accuracy values manually. Edit the horizontal and vertical accuracy values into the POS data files and choose the corresponding column in in the POS import settings.

These images will not be included in aerial triangulation calculations. Generally, you should keep it on, but turn it off if the image POS data and the GCPs are not in the same height system. Each computer connected to a local network is either a control device or a worker device.

A control device assigns reconstruction missions and also undertakes part of the computing workwhile reconstruction algorithms run mainly on worker device. Binding is not necessary.

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