Discoloser - The Mopeds - The Hills Are Alive With The Sounds Of Mopeds (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Discoloser - The Mopeds - The Hills Are Alive With The Sounds Of Mopeds (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Monday 3 May Tuesday 4 May Wednesday 5 May Thursday Discoloser - The Mopeds - The Hills Are Alive With The Sounds Of Mopeds (Vinyl May Friday 7 May Saturday 8 May Sunday 9 May Monday 10 May Tuesday 11 May Wednesday 12 May Thursday 13 May Friday 14 May Saturday 15 May Sunday 16 May Monday 17 May Tuesday 18 May Wednesday 19 May Thursday 20 May Friday 21 May Saturday 22 May Sunday 23 May Monday 24 May Tuesday 25 May Wednesday 26 May Thursday 27 May Friday 28 May Saturday 29 May Sunday 30 May Monday 31 May Tuesday 1 June Wednesday 2 June Thursday 3 June Friday 4 June Saturday 5 June Sunday 6 June Monday 7 June Tuesday 8 June Wednesday 9 June Thursday 10 June Friday 11 June Saturday 12 June Sunday 13 June Album) 14 June Tuesday 15 June Wednesday 16 June Thursday 17 June Friday 18 June Saturday 19 June Sunday 20 June Album) Monday 21 June Tuesday 22 June Wednesday 23 June Thursday 24 June Friday 25 June Saturday 26 June Sunday 27 June Monday 28 June Tuesday 29 June Wednesday 30 June Thursday 1 July Friday 2 July Saturday 3 July Sunday 4 July Monday 5 July Tuesday 6 July Wednesday 7 July Thursday 8 July Friday 9 July Saturday 10 July Sunday 11 July Monday 12 July Tuesday 13 July Then the tour goes on to Osaka and Nagoya and back to Tokyo again.

You can find all the details under "GIGS" on this site. It's good to be home but it was great to be away. Thank you everybody. Four gigs are booked and you Discoloser - The Mopeds - The Hills Are Alive With The Sounds Of Mopeds (Vinyl check the details under "GIGS".

At the moment we're perfecting our karate and sitting-on-your-knees-for-hours-skills. If you visit the site on Dec 16th you will be able to see it happen. We would like to thank the jury, but mostly everybody who made this dream come true, the people that stood up and believed in us bla bla bla sob sob sob 29 Nov The Land of the Three revisited There has been desperate calls from all over the world from people who need to get hold of our second album; The Land of the Three.

We are now happy to announce that the CD is back in stock! Either go to your local record shop and have them order it or visit www. This is not a new pressing but a couple of boxes with the original first edition. That means you can go there and see two good bands in a row. Land of the Three for sale again Our first album for Crunchy Frog, the groundbreaking Land of the Three, has been sold out for a while.

Right now we are pushing for more copies to be made and I personally think we are close to a breakthrough. Stay tuned for more information on this hot topic. We celebrated with a good sake shakedown. Rumour has it we all will be going to Japan to play some shows later this year. Petter and Jens' new jam The wonder brothers have joined a new combo, the Gospel www. Petter plays the drums of course and Jens is on bass. The new band will release an album the 7th of november.

The same night there will be a release party at lilla Vega in Copenhagen. We've all been buzy catching some sun before it dissappeares again. So, what's new then? Petter and girlfriend Cia got a boy on monday last week and David and girlfriend Alexandra got another boy the following saturday. Petter's baby is called Harry and last night he used up 8 eight!

The Mopeds and Crunchy Frog has signed a licence deal with Japanese label Pinxter for a release this fall. Representatives from the label saw the Mopeds play at Rust Copenhagen this june and were blown away by the performance.

We are currently training our chopstick skills for the coming tours. Your favourite band has allways been good at making good Album). Now it's time again. Check out the new Refused Demoland video on this site. New speed records were set on a number of tunes, including the soon-to-become-world-wide-nrhit-song Refused Demo Land.

And it's more fun too. What about the T-shirts? We had promised new T-shirts would be sold at the Rust gig. Unfortunately the whole stash was stolen by an international criminal syndicate and sold on the black markets of Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo, Paris, New York and Koppolombolo. By day the main shopping street, Getreidegasse, is choked with camera-clicking sightseers, but the coach parties depart at dusk. At night, the little lanes around the cathedral are virtually deserted and there, hemmed in by history on either side, you can imagine the city in Mozart's day.

Today Julie Andrews attracts more tourists to the city than Mozart ever has. Even if you're not a Sound of Music fan, it's fun to visit the film's locations.

The prettiest is Schloss Hellbrunn, a baroque palace a short bus ride from the city centre where you can relive one of the film's highlights by singing 'Sixteen Going on Seventeen' in the gazebo. Salzburg is most famous for its music, but has a growing reputation for fine art. There are lots of good commercial Discoloser - The Mopeds - The Hills Are Alive With The Sounds Of Mopeds (Vinyl and several art museums straddling a wide range of schools and styles.

The Residenz Gallery 00 43 84 04 ; www. The greatest spectacle, however, is the view. The gallery, which is built on the cliffs above the city, is a bit like an alpine version of Tate Modern. The smartest place to eat is the Goldener Hirsch 00 43 40; www. Salzburg's most atmospheric dining room is the Stiftskeller St Peter, reputedly Europe's oldest restaurant. It has been in business sincewhen the Emperor Charlemagne ate here.

Its cavernous rooms are carved out of the cliff face and the surrounding catacombs are even older. You can eat dinner here while watching a Mozart chamber concert in period dress.

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