When The Savage Comes - The Waterboys - The Stars Are Alive (Vinyl, LP)

When The Savage Comes - The Waterboys - The Stars Are Alive (Vinyl, LP)

I found both to be a bit of a struggle for me, what with all the flashing lights etc and therefore came to the decision that my gigging days would have to come to an end until I can get some control of my epilepsy issues. Whilst this is discouraging it hasn't dampend my love for music one bit and over I have tried to spotlight some new music as well as the old. As for the Old, I have posted such a diversity of musical sounds that I scarely know where to begin.

One of my favourite posts of the year would be from January as part of the 45RPM Series spotlighting a single that I had never heard of before but it brought out a level of musical anorakness in me that had me smiling for ages.

What about the way ahead? Well in I will try my best to post as often as I can and offer up the best old and new music that I enjoy as well as trying to continue with the S4L Radio Show Playlist and a few other things. It might not be everyday that I post but I do hope that you will come back from time to time to check in and enjoy some music. Thank you to the many who continue to revisit this blog. I am always amazed when I discover visitors from all across the world accessing this little place of musical respite and I trust that you will continue to maybe find something old and something new that thrills you and enriches your own love for music.

I wish you well for and in the words of Mr Springsteen I offer up this little verse that seems like a good parting shot for the year that has passed:. Land of Hope and Dreams. Live in Perth, Australia Posted by Doug at Soundtrack4Life at No comments:. Published 13th November I am not a literary mastermind by any stretch of the imagination you only have to check for the bad grammar, poor punctuation and no doubt dubious spelling on this blog to confirm that!

Not like WordsworthShelleyKeatsByronDante etc I'm not that well educated you know but I have read more books than a certain sitting President! Okay, so the Poetry I happen to know about often has a musical backing but hey it's still poetry! You can understand why Amazon refused to post a review of mine because I've already departed a little from the subject! Billy Lamont sometimes has musical backing so therefore I can say with all honesty that I am really trying hard to stick to the script!

New York is known for its Poetry. Take Lou Reed Brooklyn and you have the poetry of the dark alley with street hustlers trying to make a dime, all to the tune of some crazy psychedelic beat.

Take the Ramones Forest Hills, Queensespecially Joey and Dee Deeand there you have the poetry of dysfunctionthe poetry of loveand all done at break-neck speed! I could add to that Patti Smith though born in Chicago she developed as a Poet and a songwriter in Manhattan and Billy will be pleased I listed her as she's one of his favourites!

I don't have time to say anything about Willie Nile Buffalo, New York and Jesse Malin Flushing, Queens except to say they are worth checking out also C'mon Doug, get to the actual subject of this post! Then there's the Poetry of Billy Lamont see, we are back on track now!

Sometimes set to music as I mentioned above - but not always. A fascinating piece of work it is as well. On almost every page you read the words and they flow with great passion and find themselves beating in time to the drum of the human heart. It wouldn't seem out of place to shout like Dee Dee Ramone before the start of each Poem ""! This new collection touches all spheres of life as we know it from the social world to the political world, the enviroment, to things we can see with our physical eyes to the things that we can only see with the eyes of faith.

There is poetry to be found in every place. It's like he says in the opener Hero or Villain Of My Villanelle"Poems bleed from my veins like ink from ink wells". Spirituality to Billy Lamont is like breathing and poetry, very hard to separate them. I commend Billy Lamont for being part of that great unbroken chain of New York Poets and if these poems are anything to go by then there will be more to follow.

All I can say is, "Billy, don't get that soul wound sown up yet! The book is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and can probably be ordered from your local bookstore. Labels: Poet Billy Lamontpoetry. The Best Albums of Way back on 4th June I wrote a piece for the blog on this album which you can read here.

That sense of excitement about it never left and here we are on 21st December announcing it as the 1 pick of the year! I won't really say anything more about it because in the original post from June I think I said what I needed to say and I stand by it. All I will say is that has seen some really great albums released quite a few that never even reached my Top 20 but I will be doing a post to spotlight some honourable mentions next time and I am delighted to announce this as what I think is the best of the crop and remember it's my personal choice, you will probably think there is one better.

BondsL. Violin, Viola — Jonathan Dinklage. Labels: Best oflittle steven. Produced by Dave Cobb. Released 16th June US Country Albums 1.

US Top Rock Albums 1. Watch and Listen To Performances of Songs. Jason Isbell and the Unit. Labels: Best ofjason isbell. Under Stars - Amy Macdonald. Released 17th February The Deluxe Edition of the Under Stars Album includes eight Acoustic songs seven of which are tracks featured on the album. Labels: amy macdonaldBest of There's been a lot of great songs around this year and instead of providing some kind of chart outlining my favourites of the year I am just going to get right down to business and name this one as The S4L Song of the Year I do so because it is a song that not only captures the heartbeat of many of my friends in the USA but the longing of all decent and civilised people who recognise that hate towards people who are not of the same race, gender, sexual identity, political affinity is not what builds a nation whatever country we happen to live in.

After that defining day back in January when the 45th President of the United States of America was sworn into office and all the hullabaloo that has followed from broken promises, to trying to block people from getting into the Country, to surrounding himself with a team of people who are barely qualified to run a nursery let alone a Government and the dismantling of policies designed to help the poor and downtrodden with regard to health, education and social security and wages, it is time once again for the voice of the people to be heard!

Add to that the constant cry of "fake news" from anyone who dared to question the President and his mission to pour scorn upon the free press and the elevation of "real news" that had an incredibly right wing bias.

Then there were the terrible scenes in Charlottesville, Virginia where white supremacists clashed with counter-demonstrators, and a car ploughed into the crowd of anti-racist and anti-fascist protesters killing Heather D. Heyer aged Such an event caused even more questioning of the Government as they were lacklustre in their response and almost unwilling to speak out against LP) white supremacists!

Anyway, I was fat and depressed and I was crying out for help. In those days, when the Beatles were depressed, we had this little chant. I would yell out, "Where are we going, fellows? And I would say, "Where is that, fellows? Johnny was the leader of the gang. We were smoking marijuana for breakfast. We were well into marijuana and nobody could communicate with us, because we were just all glazed eyes, giggling all the time. In our own world. That was the song, "Help!. The song got banned, even though it's antidrug.

They're so stupid about drugs, you know. They're not looking at the cause of the drug problem: Why do people take drugs? To escape from what? Is life so terrible? Are we living in such a terrible situation that we can't do anything without reinforcement of alcohol, tobacco? Aspirins, sleeping pills, uppers, downers, never mind the heroin and cocaine -- they're just the outer fringes of Librium and speed. If somebody gives me a joint, I might smoke it, but I don't go after it.

The Beatles had lots of it in their day, but it's a dumb drug, because you have to have another one 20 minutes later. Your whole concentration goes on getting the next fix. Really, I find caffeine is easier to deal with. A little mushroom or peyote is not beyond my scope, you know, maybe twice a year or something.

You don't hear about it anymore, but people are still visiting the cosmos. That's what people forget. Everything is the opposite of what it is, isn't it, Harry? So get out the bottle, boy -- and relax. They invented LSD to control people and what they did was give us freedom. Sometimes it works in mysterious ways its wonders to perform. If you look in the Government reports on acid, the ones who jumped out the window or killed themselves because of it, I think even with Art Linkletter's daughter, it happened to her years later.

So, let's face it, she wasn't really on acid when she jumped out the window. And I've never met anybody who's had a flashback on acid. I've never had a flashback in my life and I took millions of trips in the Sixties. ONO: Intuition tells you what to eat. It's dangerous to try to unify things. Everybody has different needs. We went through vegetarianism and macrobiotic, but now, because we're in the studio, we do eat some junk food. We're trying to stick to macrobiotic: fish and rice, whole grains.

You balance foods and eat foods indigenous to the area. Corn is the grain from this area. Whether you take that as a rationalization or not, macrobiotics don't believe that smoking is bad for you.

Of course, if we die, we're wrong. How about Paul's song "Hey Jude? He knew I was splitting with Cyn and leaving Julian then. He LP) driving to see Julian to say hello. He had been like an uncle. And he came up with "Hey Jude. Now I'm sounding like one of those fans reading things into it. Think about it: Yoko had just come into the picture. He is saying. On a conscious level, he didn't want me to go ahead.

The angel in him was saying. Suddenly, I said, "Can you play those chords backward? The song sounds like "Moonlight Sonata," too. The lyrics are clear, no bullshit, no imagery, no obscure references. It's there because I kind of felt guilty because I'd made the separate single -- the first -- and I was really breaking away from the Beatles. There was never a legal deal between us, just a deal we made when we decided to write together that we put both our names on it, no matter what.

It was from a Disney movie: "Do you want to know a secret? I thought it would be a good vehicle for him, because it had only three notes and he wasn't the best singer in the world.

He has improved a lot since then; but in those days, his ability was very poor. I gave it to him just to give him a piece of the action. That's another reason why I was hurt by his book. I even went to the trouble of making sure he got the B side of a Beatles single, because he hadn't had a B side of one until "Do You Want to Know a Secret?

That wasn't because we were keeping him out but simply because When The Savage Comes - The Waterboys - The Stars Are Alive (Vinyl material was not up to scratch. I made sure he got the B side of "Something," too, so he got the cash. Those little things he doesn't remember. I always felt bad that George and Ringo didn't get a piece of the publishing. When the opportunity came to give them five percent each of Maclen, it was because of me they got it.

It was not because of Klein and not because of Paul but because of me. When I said they should get it, Paul couldn't say no. I don't get a piece of any of George's songs or Ringo's. I never asked for anything for the contributions I made to George's songs like "Taxman.

And that is why I might have sounded resentful about George and Ringo, because it was after all those things that the attitude of "John has forsaken us" and "John is tricking us" came out -- which is not true. A gun magazine was sitting there with a smoking gun on the cover and an article that I never read inside called "Happiness Is a Warm Gun. I took it as the terrible idea of just having shot some animal.

When we weren't in the studio, we were in bed. The rest doesn't mean anything. It's just images of her. We would play experimental games with my great pieces, like "Strawberry Fields," which I always felt was badly recorded.

It worked, but it wasn't what it could have been. I allowed it, though. We would spend hours doing little, detailed cleaning up on Paul's songs, but when it came to mine -- especially a great song like "Strawberry Fields" or "Across the Universe" -- somehow an atmosphere of looseness and experimentation would come up.

I was too hurt. Paul will deny it, because he has a bland face and will say this doesn't exist. This is the kind of thing I'm talking about where I was always seeing what was going on and began to think, Well, maybe I'm paranoid.

But it is not paranoid. It is the absolute truth. The same thing happened to "Across the Universe. The words stand, luckily. All that "I used to be cruel to my woman, I beat her and kept her apart from the things that she loved" was me.

I used to be cruel to my woman, and physically -- any woman. I was a hitter. I couldn't express myself and I hit. I fought men and I hit women. That is why I am always on about peace, you see. It is the most violent people who go for love and peace. Everything's the opposite. But I sincerely believe in love and peace. I am not violent man who has learned not to be violent and regrets his violence. I will have to be a lot older before I can face in LP) how I treated women as a youngster.

The Beatles were getting really tense with one another. I did the slow version and I wanted it out as a single: as a statement of the Beatles' position on Vietnam and the Beatles' position on revolution.

For years, on the Beatle tours, Epstein had stopped us from saying anything about Vietnam or the war. And he wouldn't allow questions about it. But on one tour, I said, "I am going to answer about the war. We can't ignore it.

The first take of "Revolution" -- well, George and Paul were resentful and said it wasn't fast enough. Now, if you go into details of what a hit record is and isn't maybe. But the Beatles could have afforded to put out the slow, understandable version of "Revolution" as a single.

Whether it was a gold record or a wooden record. But because they were so upset about the Yoko period and the fact that I was again becoming as creative and dominating as I had been in the early days, after lying fallow for a couple of years, it upset the apple cart. I was awake again and they couldn't stand it?

It wasn't that she inspired the songs; she inspired me. The statement in "Revolution" was mine. The lyrics stand today. It's still my feeling about politics. I want to see the plan. Count me out if it is for violence. Don't expect me to be on the barricades unless it is with flowers. Which is to be sort of an underground hero for anybody who still worships any manifestation of the underground.

I don't feel that much about it anymore. Nixon, Hoffman, it's the same. They are all from the same period. Maybe people get the feeling when they see me or us. I feel, What are they doing there? Is this an old newsreel? And it's positive. When you returned to the studio to make "Double Fantasy," some of your fans were saying things like, "Just as Lennon defined the Sixties and the Seventies, he'll be defining the Eighties.

Anyway, we're not saying anything new. A, we have already said it and, B, , other people have said it, too. I don't let it become "I am the awakened; you are sheep that will be shown the way. We can have figure heads and When The Savage Comes - The Waterboys - The Stars Are Alive (Vinyl we admire, but we don't need leaders.

Is it distressing to you that Dylan is a born-again Christian? For whatever reason he's doing it, it is personal for him and he needs to do it. But the whole religion business suffers from the "Onward, Christian Soldiers" bit. There's too much talk about soldiers and marching and converting. I'm not pushing Buddhism, because I'm no more a Buddhist than I am a Christian, but there's one thing I admire about the religion: There's no proselytizing. I think he has this father complex and he's always searching for a daddy.

I had a father complex. ONO: I had a daddy, a real daddy, sort of a big and strong father like a Billy Graham, but growing up, I saw his weak side. I saw the hypocrisy. So whenever I see something that is supposed to be so big and wonderful -- a guru or primal scream -- I'm very cynical.

He couldn't deal with it. ONO: I'm not searching for the big daddy. I look for something else in men -- something that is tender and weak and I feel like I want to help. ONO: I have this mother instinct, or whatever. But I was not hung up on finding a father, because I had one who disillusioned me. John never had a chance to get disillusioned about his father, since his father wasn't around, so he never thought of him as that big man.

Mine was physically not there. Most people's are not there mentally and physically, like always at the office or busy with other things.

So all these leaders, parking meters, are all substitute fathers, whether they be religious or political. All this bit about electing a President. We pick our own daddy out of a dog pound of daddies. This is the daddy When The Savage Comes - The Waterboys - The Stars Are Alive (Vinyl looks like the daddy in the commercials. He's got the nice gray hair and the right teeth and the parting's on the right side.

This is the daddy we choose. The dog pound of daddies, which is the political arena, gives us a President, then we put him on a platform and start punishing him and screaming at him because Daddy can't do miracles. Daddy doesn't heal us. Who else? ONO: Before, there was Maharishi.

I don't know. Robert Mitchum. Any male image is a father figure. There's nothing wrong with it until you give them the right to give you sort of a recipe for your life. What happens is somebody comes along with a good piece of truth.

Instead of the truth's being looked at, the person who brought it is looked at. The messenger is worshiped, instead of the message. So there would be Christianity, Mohammedanism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Marxism, Maoism -- everything -- it is always about a person and never about what he says.

ONO: All the isms are daddies. It's sad that society is structured in such a way that people cannot really open up to each other, and therefore they need a certain theater to go to to cry or something like that.

ONO: Yes, I wanted to check it out. ONO: Well, you did in primal scream. He's a nice showman and he's got a nice gig there. I felt the same thing when we went to Sai Baba in India. In India, you have to be a guru instead of a pop star. Guru is the pop star of India and pop star is the guru here.

Whether it's Janov or Erhardt or Maharishi or a Beatle. That doesn't take away from their message. It's like learning how to swim. The swimming is fine. But forget about the teacher. If the Beatles had a message, it was that. With the Beatles, the records are the point, not the Beatles as individuals.

You don't need the package, just as you don't need the Christian package or the Marxist package to get the message. While we do ship all around the world, there are additional shipping costs associated with international orders. Feel free to stick around, or you can also shop our UK store, which has slightly different product offerings.

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