Kisses And Scars

Kisses And Scars

 · Kissing The Scars. Posted on Febru by Juliet. She turned 16 today. I thought I would be okay. And I was. Until she texted thirteen photos of her beautiful celebrating self. I run water in the tub so nobody will hear me wail. It never dulls. That mama-ache for Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.

Follow/Fav Kisses and Scars. By: f.m. kit kat. Eragon is captured by Murtagh and taken to Uru'baen. What happens when the very man that captured him is in love with him? MurtaghXEragon lime lemon pwp two-shot taken from my story when the ice breaks. Sorry if it doesn't make sense

When someone kisses your scars it is like they acknowledge them, and are saying that it is okay that you aren't okay. I see all of your pain and sorrow but I love you anyways. Idk man, Idk. It was just really nice. I did it to my ex, now that I think about it, was really weird and I probably shouldn't have done it.

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 · A kiss can mean a number of different things. A simple kiss on the forehead might show affection or friendship, while a kiss on the hand might show a more chivalrous nature. Each kiss is a type of connection that is made between two people. Whether it is a kiss of friendship or a more [ ].

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