Frozen Memory Of The Dark Past - Blood Stronghold - The Immortal Past (Cassette)

Frozen Memory Of The Dark Past  - Blood Stronghold - The Immortal Past (Cassette)

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Goldenpyre - Decrepidemic. Golgotha - Land of Death. Golgotha - New Life. Goliard - Artissimae Tenebrae. Gomorrha - Sexual Perversity by Autopsy. Gonkulator - Satan's Burial Ground. Gonkulator - Second War in Heaven. Goratory - Orgasm Induced Diarrhea. Gore - Consumed by Slow Decay. Gorement - Darkness of the Dead Gorerotted - Mutilated in Minutes. Gorgoroth - Under the Sign of Hell. Gospel of the Future - Gospel of the Future. Gothic Sky - Witchcraft of Krehterwehs. Gothmog - A Step in the Dark.

Gotmoor - Vlaemsche Premitieven. Grabak - Der Prophet des Chaos. Grand Belial's Key - Castrate the Redeemer. Grand Belial's Key - Judeobeast Assassination. Grand Belial's Key - Mocking the Philanthropist. Grandma - Obscure Grandma's Necrocadaveric Vomit.

Grave - As Rapture Comes. Grave - Fiendish Regression. Graveworm - Scourge of Malice. Gravewurm - Dark Souls of Hell. Gravewurm - Ancient Storms of War.

Graveyard Dirt - Shadows of Old Ghosts. Great Sorrow - I Hope. Grenouer - Try. Grenouer - The Odour o' Folly. Grey - The First Shade of. Griffin - Protectors of the Lair. Grim Force - Circulation to Conclusion.

Grog - Odes to the Carnivorous. Groinchurn - Whoami. Groinchurn - Already Dead. Gronibard - Gronibard. Grotesqueuphoria - Euphoric Discordance. Gruesome Malady - Infected with Virulent Seed. Gurkkhas - Engraved in Blood, Flesh and Souls. Gutted - Defiled. Hacavitz - Venganza. Hail - Inheritance of Evilness. Hallows Eve - Evil Never Dies. Hammerwhore - Hammerwhore. Handful of Hate - Hierarchy Harvist - Lightning Storm in the Veins Harvist - A Gleam in the Night.

Hastur - Macabre Execution. Hate - Victims. Hate Beyond - Perpetual Pain. Hate Forest - Blood and Fire Ritual. Hate Forest - Sorrow. Hate Theory - Your Dead Refelction. Havoc - Elimination Process. Headmeat - Destructive Entitlement. Frozen Memory Of The Dark Past - Blood Stronghold - The Immortal Past (Cassette) - Hell-Born.

Helloween - Live in Moscow. Hellraiser - The Last World. Hellveto - Medieval Scream. Hellveto - Zmierzch. Hemdale - Rad Jackson. Heretic Angels - Delicious Sinistery. Hermaphrodit - Fekal Party. Hermaphrodit - Obraben a Mnohonasobne Hermh - Angeldemon. Hetroertzen - A Crimson Terrible Vision. Hetsheads - We Hail the Possessed. Hidden - Spectral Magnitude. Hidden - Alexisstar Morphalite. Hideous Mangleus - Shadows That Kill. Himinbjorg - Third.

Himinbjorg - Where Ravens Fly. Himinbjorg - In the Raven's Shadow. Himinbjorg - Haunted Shores. Hin Onde - Songs of Battle. Hirax - Not Dead Yet. Hoath - Codex II: Kether. Holocaust - Hellfire Holocaust. Holy Blood - Waves Are Dancing. Holy Dragons - Judgment Day. Holy Dragons - Gotterdammerung. Homoiratus - Apocalypse. Hoods - Pray for Death.

Horn of Valere - Blood of the Heathen Ancients. Horna - Aania Yossa. Horna - Sotahuuto. Horncrowned - The Rise of Satan's Artillery. Horrid - Rising from the Hidden Spheres. Horrid - Reborn in Sin. Horrid Frozen Memory Of The Dark Past - Blood Stronghold - The Immortal Past (Cassette) Evils Birth Horrors of the Black Museum - Gold from the Sea. Hour of Penance - Disturbance. Human Ground - Human Ground. Human Mincer - Embryonized. Hybrid - The Will to Create.

Hybrid Viscery - Regression. Hyperion - Through Centuries. Hyponic - Black Sun. Hyponic - The Noise of Time. Ilbred - Unearthly Sufferance. Ildfrost - Natanael. Immersed in Blood - Relentless Retaliation. Immortal - Damned in Black. Immortal - At the Heart of Winter. Immortal Rites - Art of Devolution. Impaled Nazarene - Rapture. Impaled Nazarene - Manifest. Impaled Nazarene - Nihil. Driller Killer. Impaler - Undead Things. Impaler - It Won't Die. Impedigon - As Desires Fade Impending Doom - Caedes Sacrilegae.

Imperator - The Time Before Time. Impetigo - All We Need Frozen Memory Of The Dark Past - Blood Stronghold - The Immortal Past (Cassette) Cheez. Impetigo - Horror of the Zombies.

Impure - Corpses Intense Stench. Impure - In Disrespect to Mankind. Impurity - Into the Ritual Chamber. In Memorian - Insantification. In Memorian - From Misery Comes Darkness. In Solitude - Eternal. In the Woods - Heart of the Ages. Malek blocked his path on his approach to the Mind GuardianNupraptor.

Despite this stroke of good fortune, Kain understood the long-term threat that Malek, the Circle's "shepherd"posed to his quest, and — heeding the counsel of his ally, the specter of the Balance Guardian Ariel — prioritized the Conflict Guardian as his next target.

Flying to the Bastion, Kain battled his way through the animated Sarafan wraiths, disregarding Malek's taunts, and he eventually disabled the machines that spawned the minions. Before confronting the Paladin, Kain stumbled upon a frozen skeleton seated on a throne; Malek claimed it was his own, but remarked that he was far more interested in seeing Kain's death. The two engaged in a fierce skirmish; Kain held his own, but could not afflict any lasting damage on his foe.

In response to Kain's demand for advice, Moebius explained Malek's backstory, saying that "his vanity led to the slaughter of the Circle at the hands of the vampire Vorador". He gave Kain his Signet Ringwith which Kain could summon him if in need. When he cornered them in the Dark Eden CastleAnarcrothe panicked, and summoned Malek to his aid before teleporting away to safety.

Enraged at the sight of his archenemy, and eager for vengeance, Malek neglected his quarry to confront Vorador. They goaded each another, and engaged in a fight to the death. Two final reminders of Malek appeared during Kain's quest. In the Hell dungeon, Kain chanced upon another incarnation of Malek's corpse — the skeleton left behind when Mortanius fused his soul to his armor. In the events of Soul Reaver Frozen Memory Of The Dark Past - Blood Stronghold - The Immortal Past (Cassette), the Pillars of Nosgoth had collapsed, with the majority of the land under the control of Kain and the Council.

Within, Raziel discovered a profound and terrible secret; he and his fellow lieutenants had once been "heroes" of the Sarafan brotherhood, interred here following their deaths in Nosgoth's early history. There was also a seventh alcove, intended for Malek, but, since his corpse ultimately suffered a different fate to the others', no casket accompanied it.

Pronounced claw marks could be observed on the edifice displaying his name. On his journey, Raziel traveled back in time to Nosgoth's early history, and when he confronted Moebius in the Sarafan Stronghold — seeking retribution against the Sarafan for the ancient vampire Janos Audron 's murder — he met the human Malek in person.

At the same moment, sudden, distant screams and cries for Malek could be heard above Vorador's unmistakable laughter; this moment coincided with the slaughter of the Circle. Malek wished to rush to the Guardians' aid, but Moebius insisted he "hold fast"thereby delaying him from reaching the Circle's gathering-room. Malek bolted the door against Raziel, but was too late to save the other Guardians. Kain found a statue of Malek in the Cloister of the Sarafan Stronghold, a few years later.

In life Malek built a reputation as a cold-blooded killer, feared and despised by enemy generals and loathed by the vampires he and his Sarafan brethren hunted with ruthless efficiency. As a guardian, Malek's rune-covered armor is battered and dented, his helmet's plume soaked in the blood of his enemies, and his ferocity and hatred remain undiminished. The cinematic would play at the conclusion of his encounter with Kain in Malek's Bastion, and involved Kain's escape via a "long tortuous dust slide carved from rock" while "Malek's Keep blows up" in the background.

The "endless struggle" waged between Malek and Vorador was designed to be "representative of Kain's struggle" — the internal conflict between his diminishing humanity and flourishing vampirism.

Malek's position as the Conflict Guardian was twice brought into question by fans as the lore of the Legacy of Kain series developed. Chris Brunoof Crystal Dynamicsconfirmed that the human Malek served as the incumbent Conflict Guardian during the slaughter of the Circle, and was one of that event's three surviving Guardians: [4]. In response to further discussion on the topic, he clarified that, in Crystal Dynamics' continuity, Malek's service as Conflict Guardian persisted throughout his entire existence, even as a wraith: [4].

An alternative line of dialogue in the Microsoft Windows port of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain describes the human Malek as the Conflict Guardian: "trained to be devoutly loyal to the Circle, and the perfect exterminators of the undead scourge, they were led to many victories by the righteous paladin, Malek, protector of the Pillar of Conflict".

That was his role in BO:LoK". Manipulation of the debug menus in Soul Reaver 2 can permit Raziel to fight Malek outside of the cutscene in which he appears. Most cinematic characters, when placed in this situation, remain static; however, Malek is instead interactive and acts as an enemy character, with a working artificial intelligence script.

Though Malek has similar combat attributes to his fellow Sarafan warrior inquisitors, he does not share the same unique soul type Frozen Memory Of The Dark Past - Blood Stronghold - The Immortal Past (Cassette) the other six — his soul is that of a regular human.

The human Malek wears full Sarafan armor in almost all of his appearances, shining and steely gray with ornamental gilding. Popular Posts. Hate Forest are a solo project from Ukraine that has had music reviewed before in this zine and plays a raw form o Germany's The Ruin Of Beverast have returned with a new recording which continues the atmospheric mixture of black Deviator Interview.

Can you give us an update on what is going on with the band these days? Tape version includes ep plus bonus un-released demo tracks. Even though this is labeled an EP, this recording is almost an hour long, and with the bonus songs even more! Highly Recommended!!! Split from these 2 noise projects, one features Sterile. Amazing new album! The insert contains both Polish and English version of track listing and lyrics too!

Alcohol drenched Black Metal Hate and Darkness! Very well made, recommended! Live recordings from each project, including R. This 4 way split takes the listener on a small journey into the depths of death, sorrow, hate, and darkness which is Australibus Tenebris.

A label but also a group of different Australian bands, all with the same focus, create awesome fucking black metal! Newest recording from this fucking awesome Vinlandic project. Beyond Recommended!!! One of the best live recordings I have ever heard, as far as live recordings go. Reissue of both first tapes and and song from Brotherhood of Light Compilation tape, Limited to copys. Double tape with pro-printed double tape sleevepro-printed inserts and tape stickers.

This debut full length would be that atrocity!! From the South of Argentina, comes this fierce trio of Experimental Black Metal with 9 tracks totaling in little under an hour of black metal blasphemy!

New Heathen Black Metal project, debut demo, also highly recommended. Hailing from Argentina the mastermind behind the project, E. Each project with about 15 minutes of Aryan Black Metal. The sole exception to this is the travelling people of old Strigos - the Strigany.

Isolated and shunned from human communities, the predations of the Strigoi Vampires upon these travelling folk remain unnoticed, and, of course, there are many amongst those people who rush to welcome their once and future kings. A wise Strigoi does not stay long with these people, however, for they attract Witch Hunters, as well as Vampire agents, for they know the dark reputation of these folk is often based on truth.

In the main, the Strigoi resort to feeding upon the dead instead of the living, a habit which hastens their descent into insanity and bestial appearance. The dead, unlike the living, attract no attention if disturbed, and their blood, if the corpse was killed within the year, can provide sustenance enough for survival.

The taste is cold and bitter, however, so the Strigoi feed as little as possible and take no joy in it. Rats and other vermin add variety but only offer the choice between the bitter and the insipid. The luckiest ones have learned to suppress their feeding urge, by sleeping, mental exertion, or some darker power. Unlike their other Vampire brethren, the Strigoi are not social creatures. For safety reasons alone, it is better that they neither meet nor communicate with any of their bloodline.

Most find the memories it brings back too painful. Nor do the Strigoi grant the Blood Kiss to anyone, except in the most exceptional of cases. Again, the risk of exposure is much greater after such a deed, and the idea of cursing anyone to live as they do is beyond even the vast cruelty of their dark souls. But it is snobbery as much as mercy that stays them from breeding; when Strigos does rise once again, the kingdom shall be inherited only by those who deserve to do so — those who were so cruelly deprived of it so many years ago.

Someone who does not remember that event would only be able to join their number through incredible diligence and deference to the Strigos line. The Strigoi do not wait idly for their past glories to return. Even those lost in reverie or insanity ache to return to power and domination. Snatching moments of dominion over mindless Ghouls or some terrified Strigany is no substitute for true kingship, as if water for wine.

But how can they bring back the great kingdom of Strigos whilst they remain so desperate and despised? The answer lies in the example of Vorag the Ghoul King. He was the first of their line to rise up after the massacre and attempt to take back what was once theirs. Although his plans failed, his methods were sound — he took strength from the powers of the Strigoi and applied them far from the realms of the other Vampires — deep in the Dark Lands. The other bloodlines, as much as the Strigoi, cling tightly to their lordship over humans.

They care far less about areas where humans cannot or will not go. If their kingdom is to rise again, then it will do so in places that are similarly lost or forgotten. Every ruined castle or abandoned graveyard can be a Strigoi stronghold. Every festering bog or desolate wasteland can be their standing ground.

Where the lands are hidden by fog, or thick woods, or high mountains, the Strigoi take root and begin, once again, to build their armies and dream of reclaiming their thrones. A whole country, however, would have to be established somewhere quite far from the Empire and its human agents. The Badlands present the best alternative currently — mostly empty of both humans and other Vampires and only partly threatened by Greenskins or Ogres. The fact it was once the land of Strigos is also not lost on the Strigoi kings.

Further north and almost as lacking in population are the Border Princesand these lonely, anarchic lands are also fertile ground for the ambitious Strigoi. Vorag also showed the strength that can be gained from an army of Ghouls, and Frozen Memory Of The Dark Past - Blood Stronghold - The Immortal Past (Cassette) creatures are always the foot soldiers and servants of the Strigoi.

Tank Marwin - The Outburst (CD), Purpurowe Gody - Kat (10) - ...Róże Miłości Najchętniej Przyjmują Się Na Grobach (Vinyl, LP, Album), Plants And Rags - Giant Sand - Cover Magazine (Vinyl, LP, Album), Rhythm Of The Night - Ganar - Rhythm Of The Night / The Rising (File, MP3), Radioactive Chocolate - M.D.C.* - Millions Of Dead Cops - Millennium Edition (CD, Album), Oasis: Slide Away - Oasis (2) - The Mix 99 (CD), Die Straße - Team 4 - Die Straße (CD, Album), The Claw - Various - DrumnBass (CD), Только из окна - Lunatii - Hope & Despair (CDr, Album), Proliferation - 01-N - Acid Experiments (CDr, Album)

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