I Know You By Heart - Various - Live This Love (CD)

I Know You By Heart - Various - Live This Love (CD)

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Everything that's said is an age old feeling that we had. JOHN: Walking away is much harder than carrying on. Because I know, because I've done both. I hadn't stopped since '62, or 3 till ' On demand, on schedule continuously. It was very hard because one always I Know You By Heart - Various - Live This Love (CD) that thing "Well one 'ought to, I'm supposed to, shouldn't I be going.

It must be like the guys at 65 where somebody comes and goes [knocks three times] "Your life's over. Time for golf. But still the feeling was still there. Suddenly there's this whole big space that seems to be un-fillable.

And of course, naturally it got filled because that's the law of the universe, leave a space and something will fill it and it was filled by a fulfilling experience, to I Know You By Heart - Various - Live This Love (CD) it in a little cute phrase. What are you really doing? That bit about if there wasn't a mommy or daddy to feed me I'd have to open a can of tuna or something. I don't get a gold record, a knighthood or nothing!?

Because ain't nobody else going to do it for him. No nanny, if you can afford nannies. Maybe a grandmother in the old days when the family was more extended than nuclear. But if I, as the housemother for that period, had not attended to when he slept and when he didn't and still I get Toshi to call from the studio to make sure that's he's getting in the bath by because his nanny is beautiful and loving but she just forgets what time it is and he gets extended and bags under his eyes, and he gets tired, and he gets exposed to colds and flu.

And I can't switch off from here and it's a tremendous responsibility, and now I understand the frustration of those women because there is no knighthood. There is no gold clock. There is a great satisfaction. I took a polaroid photograph of my first loaf. I [Yoko laughs] I was overjoyed.

I was that excited by it. I couldn't believe it. It was like an album coming out the oven. The instantness of it was great.

And when they first ate a meal of mine, I was thrilled and then when I would, I ended up cooking for the staff, I was so in to it [Yoko laughs], so thrilled with it.

That they would all be, there were about 8 seats, people in the corner, and every day I was cooking lunch for the staff, drivers, office boys, anybody who was working with us. Then it was beginning to wear me out. I thought "What's this? Screw this for a laugh! They'd be gone by Saturday afternoon. The thrill was wearing off. It became the routine again. So the joy is still there when I see Sean.

He didn't come out my belly, but my God, I made his bones because I've attended to every meal, and how he sleeps, and the fact that he swims like a fish is because I took him to the I Know You By Heart - Various - Live This Love (CD), I took him in the ocean.

I'm so proud of all those, he is my biggest pride. You see? But you're talking to a guy who was not interested in children at all before Sean. I enjoy to look good and I like to be attractive and I enjoy the macho part of rock but I don't have any need to be the idol, and have people think that I just snap my fingers and teenyboppers come crawling in my bed, and that's the way life is, because it ain't like that and I don't want it to be like that. That's for maybe for younger guys who are just starting in the business and saying, "Oh, good, golden groupies" [Yoko laughs], and that's how it is.

I got over that a long, long, time ago. I'm interested in ourselves, the family and making some music and trying to make something that we are proud of and that other people, then other people can make a choice of whether they want it or don't want it, or what to make of it, and what does it mean and we'll have all the fun of that.

I'm not interested in being a sex symbol, or coming on as some big raunchy guy that drops one woman, picks up another the whole bit. I'm not interested in even projecting that. I'd like it to be known that yes, she kicked me out [Yoko laughs] and it took a long time to get back in.

And yes, I looked after the baby, and I made the bread, and I was a house husband. Let them understand that I'm proud of it. It was an enlightening experience for me because it was a complete reversal of my whole upbringing. It's the wave of the future, you know, and I'm glad to be in on the forefront of that too. No the thing of feeling that one did not Painting a picture for his child which he never spent any time with, you know, trying to create a masterpiece to give to the child, but meanwhile the child dies and anyway, he gets VD and the masterpiece burns down.

It's burnt to the ground and even had it survived, better he should have stayed with the kid, that was the conclusion I came to.

Most people would've gone on and did the next album and That's the main difference. Or don't have a companion who will tell you the truth and refuse to live with a bullshit artist, which I am pretty damn good at, you know, bullshitting myself and everybody 'round, and she maybe we do it for each other.

But I can, that's my answer. Here we are. I'm going to be Sean's going to be 5. Isn't it great. We survived. He survived his 5 years. I am going to be 40 and life begins at 40, so they promise [David laughs]. Oh, I believe it too. Because I feel fine. I'm like excited. It's like You know, hitting It's like "Wow!

What's going to happen? Although it must have been in my mind somewhere or other, all these YOKO: So the songs are really inspired songs. You know, I mean JOHN: There isn't one where I had to sit down and sort of try to make a dovetail joint and I can't imagine how people are going to take it, actually.

I have a hopeful wish, prayer, fulfilment that they will take it in the spirit that it is given, which is with love and a lot of sweat, and life's experience of two people.

I can't speak for the others. Well, it did me a lot of good to get away, and it was a withdrawal. I was in Almira, Spain. I wrote "Strawberry Fields" there by the way. But I was there 6 weeks, and it gave me time to think and sort of and to be separate from the others but still be working and not left in the house alone.

And I used to think, well, you know, like a lot of people do: "Well, what can I do? If I don't do that and, so, from '65 on I was sort of vaguely looking for somewhere to go but didn't have the nerve to really step out in the boat by myself, push the boat off. I Know You By Heart - Various - Live This Love (CD) more than a hit record.

It's more than gold, it's more than everything it's more than. This is something indescribable! And so that's what happened, you know, we just got so self-involved that I did free myself physically from the Beatles but not mentally. Mentally, I was still carrying them around.

In the back, back, back of the head, although the initial love thing blinds everything. Everything is under shining lights, and you want everybody to be happy just like you, and it's you know, it's rather dizzying. Later on the love is different and one can slow down a little. It's not less it's just different and so therefore I could lift out all this garbage that was still being carried around which was influencing the way I thought and the way I lived, and all the rest of it.

And then finally free myself from the, the mental, let's call it, Beatles, or '60's, or whatever it was. So the first one was a physical escape. You know, "When are they coming back? When I met Yoko is when you meet your first woman, and you leave the guys at the bar, and you don't go play football anymore, and you don't go play snooker or billiards. Maybe some guys like to do it every Friday night, or something, and continue that relationship with the boys, but once I found the woman, the boys became of no interest whatsoever other than they were like old school friends, you know, "Hi, how are you?

Nice to see you. How's your wife? That's it. That old gang of mine, it's all over. You know that song, "Those wedding bells are breaking up that old gang of mine. It all blends into one big movie, but whatever, that was it! The old gang was over the moment I met her, I didn't consciously know it at the time but that's what was going on. As soon as I met her, that was the end of the boys!

And it just so happened the boys were well known and weren't just the local guys at the bar. These were guys that everybody else knew, but it was the same thing. That's all over for that but then everybody got so upset about it and angry!

But we were so involved in each other we just went and made the records and did sort of Bed-ins and we blasted our way through it! YOKO: I just sort of you know, went to bed with this guy that I liked and suddenly the next morning I see these three guys standing with these resentful eyes, you know, I mean three relatives, suddenly appeared, you know.

So it was inconvenient for me too. Let's have no more Beatles, Christianity or Bob Dylan, okay? Let's make that a, because it all becomes the same thing, right. The track " Baby Mine ", originally from Walt Disney 's movie Dumbowas released in two versions with slightly different arrangements; one on the original vinyl album and another on the CD edition.

The version of "Oh Industry" on the soundtrack has a fade out ending, whereas the version in the film features an alternate cold ending. The only track on the album not to involve Midler is "The Friendship Theme" from the movie's score, composed by Georges Delerue in his only work for a Garry Marshall film.

The Beaches soundtrack is the best-selling album of Midler's career to date, peaking at number 2 on the Billboard albums chart, number 21 in the UK, number 1 in Australia and eventually achieving triple platinum status in the US for having sold more than three million copies.

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Retrieved on February 28, Hung Medien. Retrieved April 17, UK Albums Chart. Retrieved January 31,

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