Engel Wie Du - Various - WEA News # 9/94 (CD)

Engel Wie Du - Various - WEA News # 9/94 (CD)

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How foot texture. It is noteworthy to see that the ten sires in Table 2, on average, are high for PL 5. Cows that have a high genetic ability to get pregnant stay longer in herds. Commencing to select sires for FI but not at the total expense of production will be a wise decision for breeders that focus on profitability in their breeding programs.

When making comparisons and selecting sires, it is always useful to know what the profile is for the best in the breed. The genomic list is limited to sires born inas this is the group of sires that breeders are likely to be using currently or in the near future.

It goes without saying that the averages for these two top 10 sire lists are outstanding. While for FE the genomic list is far superior due to their milk, fat and protein indexes being almost double those of the proven list. As well, Robust is the second sire for six of the genomic sires and Planet is the third sire for six of the genomic sires.

Most breeders feel that inbreeding levels should not be ignored. By comparing the group average in Tables 1, 2 and 3, it can be seen that the top Fertility sires in Table 2 lag behind the other groups except for FI and PL. Also note that the Feed Efficiency sires in Table 1 are generally equal to the top 10 proven sires in Table 3.

And except for fertility FI the genomic sires in Table 3 are the highest indexing group. A few bulls that may qualify for their total merit and are significant improvers for FE and FI are listed below:. One exception is Mogul at 2. Breeding for feed efficiency is closely Engel Wie Du - Various - WEA News # 9/94 (CD) to breeding for increased production. However breeding for increased milk yield is counter-productive to increasing the genetic merit of females for reproductive traits.

Based on our study of the new indexes for feed efficiency and fertility, we recommend that breeders select bulls that are over 80 pounds for fat and protein combined and that are over 1. Download this free guide. I focus on running a profitable milking operation. If you are among those not using Engel Wie Du - Various - WEA News # 9/94 (CD), Stop Procrastinating!

It is a tool that everyone breeding their herd to improve it genetically should not be without. The total is less in other breeds. We have barely scratched the surface. Half a century ago, official milk recording was at the same low level. Today it is recognized as a much-needed toll both on-farm and in the national herd. Much has been written about benefits and opportunities available to breeders who are submitting samples for DNA testing. Those range from selecting the best mates for your females, … to parentage verification, … to how to manage your heifer herd, … to deciding which heifers to breed and which ones to cull or implant, … to polled or not polled, …to finding the genetic outlier of an individual mating, …to an aid in marketing heifers in sales.

This is the first, and no doubt other breeds will establish similar services in the future. Breeding to get the genetics that work best for you and then managing them in the best way possible is definitely important. At the industry level, genomic testing has also proven beneficial.

Alta Genetics, a few years ago, working with large herds in the USA, parentage verified all young sire daughters. It was a significant step forward in Engel Wie Du - Various - WEA News # 9/94 (CD) of sire proofs so they could guarantee their product to their customers.

Companies like Zoetis and Neogen initiated genomic testing services so they could help producers and also as complementary to their other products.

I companies have been able to restrict their young sires sampled to only top genomically evaluated young sires, thereby saving millions for themselves by not sampling the bottom enders and millions for breeders that did not have to raise, calve in and milk the lower genetic merit daughters of the bottom end bulls. All of these benefits are leading to cost savings in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Breeders often mention that they want sires to use and females in their herd that are superior to what is available today for traits that are difficult or impossible to measure.

Here are some thoughts and facts that may help breeders to decide to use genomic testing so they can have animals that are even more profitable than their herd is today. Investigation, at the farm level, is being done in beef heifers on growth rates, diets tailored to genotype, immunity to common diseases and age at first estrus. The results of those studies will be able Engel Wie Du - Various - WEA News # 9/94 (CD) be applied to dairy heifers since little similar research is being conducted for dairy heifers.

Already breeders can test for the genetically inferior heifers, so they do not need to be raised. Remember that it is age at first estrus that is important, for which we have very limited farm data. First breeding depends on a breeding actually occurring. With heifers genotyped and selected for first estrus significant savings will be possible. Two major research projects, one in USA and The Netherlands and one in Australia and New Zealand, will identify the cows that are genetically more efficient at converting their feed to milk.

Within a couple of years, we can expect to see reports relating genomic information to feed efficiency. This type of research is costly and not currently practical at the farm level, but using research herds this investigation is well underway. That is likely to be crucial to the dairy cattle breeding industry as dairy competes to feed a hungry world.

CDCB already makes available the inbreeding level of genomically tested animals based on their genomic results. No doubt further research results will provide numbers associated with inbreeding.

Think about it. In the past the inbreeding level for two full sisters, based on pedigree, has been considered the same. However, by using their genomic profiles the level of inbreeding can be much more accurately known for each sister. A recent report from CDN, for the time period toshows that inbreeding rates are increasing not decreasing.

Even though breeders are aware that inbreeding is a negative to future profit, they continue using fewer sire lines. More in-depth study of presence or absence of genes that negatively affect the viability of our cattle take time. Why do we always expect someone else to take responsibility for the level and rates of inbreeding? The list is long on diseases that breeders want their animals to be resistant to.

Many research projects are underway to relate the genotype to particular types of mastitis, respiratory diseases, wasting diseases and even production limiting diseases like milk fever.

CDN and Canadian milk recording agencies have been capturing field data for a number of years now on eight production limiting diseases. In time, the relationships between genetic lines and these diseases will be better-known.

So that selection can be carried out to avoid problem bloodlines. When more animals are genomically tested, and bloodlines prone to diseases are identified great steps forward will be able to be made.

Read more: Genomics — Opportunity is Knocking. Failure to get animals to show good heats, to produce good oocytes and conceive when bred is the leading frustration on most dairy farms. The role that genetics plays in that frustration is now receiving attention by many researchers and organizations.

In the past, the capturing of useful data to do genetic analysis relative to reproduction has been a significant problem. The relating of genomic results to reproduction holds out considerable hope. Early embryonic death, haplotypes that negatively impact reproduction, genetic difference between animals for cystic ovaries and many more are all areas of concern for breeders.

Once again both genomic and on-farm data are needed to move forward. There are genomic indexes for production traits, conformation traits and management traits. Genomics is a dynamic science. It is best if breeders know not only the genomic values for the animals currently in their herds but also their ancestors.

To build the genomic history for a herd necessitates that testing start as soon as possible. Genomics is a tool every breeder will benefit from using no matter what their selection goals are. Shared success stories. We work together across the globe to make a world Engel Wie Du - Various - WEA News # 9/94 (CD) difference.

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