Possession - Iron Butterfly - Heavy (CD, Album)

Possession - Iron Butterfly - Heavy (CD, Album)

Even if they have had little to say since againthis milestone remains, fundamental piece of rock. But, while announcing this to Album) band mates, he failed in a remarkable manner regarding a clear pronunciation, for what reason ever The atmosphere is priceless, hippie-esque, also the band's interaction with the audiance, guitarist Erik Brann driving crazy in between, and the must-have drum solo provided by Ron Bushy.

Eh, Ingle's sacral and melancholic organ often enough managed to bring tears to my eyes. They are excellently jamming around the main theme, including extensive solo activity, similar to Rare Earth's 'Get Ready' if you will. The other songs, for me, are having a rough ride, are not more than a proper accessory. Okay, don't want to be unfair, we have to consider the recording times, which were dominated by a transition from pop, blues and jazz towards a new dimension.

Thus here we have typical proto prog stuff featuring some Beatles, Vanilla Fudge and Jefferson Airplane references. Due to the new enhanced and remastered outfit this album runs essential anyway. And the band even recorded more than a one-hit-wonder. I would also count the beautiful 'Butterfly Blue' in, featuring Possession - Iron Butterfly - Heavy (CD guitarist Mike Pinera and his talk box wizardry.

But Possession - Iron Butterfly - Heavy (CD another cup of tea. I disagree with that statement. Scorching Beauty is still the lesser of the two mid 70's reunion albums as Sun And Steel is an unsung classic. Despite that this album is still very good. Review by Tarcisio Moura Prog Reviewer. That would not be a big problem if they only were a little more inspired and convincing. Ok, the tracks are not all bad. The opener overture and Hard Miseree are quite pleasant and have their merits.

However, they are easily counterbalanced by the mediocrity of the remaining cuts Am I Down and People of The World are especially hard to listen to.

Erik Brann proves himself a decent singer and his guitar skills are obvious, and the band is very tight, but the weak compositions really blew the whole experience. So much so that even the good production and nice performances could not save the project. From now on Iron Butterfly was a completely band altogether. And they would only prove themselves worth with their next release Sun and Steel.

This one is only for collectors and completionists. Iron Butterfly managed to make magic happen twice. I guess the obvious question that should and was asked was: "can they do it again?

There's a difference this time around. Metamorphosis, released the following year after Ball, charted at 16 in the U. Now, in any Album) circumstance this would be laudable, because obviously it's not easy to whip up a record that charts in the first place. But for Iron Butterfly, this was practically dismal.

Granted, 'Easy Rider' did chart 66 on Billboard, being I. So, financially-wise, Iron Butterfly were sort of able to hit the gold once more. However, musically-wise, Metamorphosis is different from all of it's predecessors, even including Possession - Iron Butterfly - Heavy (CD.

A sense of fragility that granted plagued many bands during transitional periods comes into play here, because the band slowly started going downhill after their monster-hit, and Metamorphosis was the last album regarded at least decently by critics.

On this particular album, the original line- up is broken, with guitarist Erik Brann parting ways due to band conflicts. Replacing him, flatteringly enough, was four different session guitarists.

This applies for musicianship because honestly they weren't the greatest playersproduction, and songwriting. The production is much higher, and allows for a more dynamic sound in both the experimental and traditional departments. Speaking of experimental, critics tend to refer to Iron Butterfly post-Vida as being more and more musically adventurous, and I would tend to agree. Mostly this is on the smash epic 'Butterfly Bleu', a masterpiece of proto-metal and prog music that rivals even I-A-G-D-V except is much more structured and, dare I say, intelligent?

Still retaining a spaced-out, pseudo complex attitude, 'Butterfly Bleu' manages to be heavy, emotional, and eclectic all in on package. It also funnily enough features one of the earliest uses of a talk-box yeah, that thing Bon Jovi used on 'Livin' On a Prayer' to make his guitar go "rwoworwowrwow" during a gritty section on the latter half of the epic.

Of the traditional we have 'New Day', a Steppenwolf-esque song headed off by a disarmingly good catchy riff. The rest of the album is rather expected of Iron Butterfly, being basically cheesy rock n' roll tunes molded by quasi-hippie zeitgeist 'Soldier In Our Town'but I suppose the big single 'Easy Rider' has it's moments as well.

Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Articles Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. My Profile. Advanced Search. Heavy Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine. Following a line-up reshuffle, Iron Butterly unleashed of the era's biggest-selling LPs stateside, with its minute title track the undoubted centerpiece, combining heavy, distorted riffs, raga-influenced instrumental passages, Ron Bushy's African-influenced drum solo, and swirling Hammond organ.

The remainder isn't half bad either, veering from the heavy, psychedelic rock of "Are You Happy" to the moody, dirge-like "My Mirage". A perfect melting pot of psychedelia, rock, pop hooks, and genuine exploration. A classic of the age. Disc 3: "Ball" The follow-up saw Iron Butterfly adopt a slightly more spacious, expansive sound, although the psychedelic drone still made itself heard the doom-laden "In The Time Of Our Lives" sounding almost gothicand the group's journey towards heavy rock continued on tracks like "It Must Be Love" with its stinging, wah-wah guitar soloing.

Elsewhere, the more experimental "Belda Beast" and joyous "Soul Experience" saw the band broaden their psychedelic horizons as they bade farewell to the 60s.

Disc 4: "Live" Issued as a stopgap, "Live" was a faithful document of part of a typically thunderous Butterfly perfomance taped in May which saw the band transfer their trademark heavy drone to a live setting with ease with a side-long rendition of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" to the fore - a fair effort at replicating the original, although the instrumental section meanders a little and the drum solo is twice as long.

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