Rock You Monkeys - Therapy? - Never Apologise Never Explain (CD)

Rock You Monkeys - Therapy? - Never Apologise Never Explain (CD)

Never contradict. Never explain. Never apologise". And even earlier, King Charles I of England is quoted in The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations as writing "Never make a defence or apology before you be accused", in a letter to Lord Wentworth as long ago as From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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UK 79 1 Wo. UK 43 1 Wo. UK 40 1 Wo. UK 18 3 Wo. Teethgrinder Nurse. UK 30 2 Wo. Opal Mantra. UK 13 3 Wo. Nowhere Troublegum. UK 18 4 Wo. Trigger Inside Troublegum. UK 22 3 Wo. Die Laughing Troublegum. UK 31 4 Wo. UK 53 2 Wo. Stories Infernal Love. UK 14 4 Rock You Monkeys - Therapy? - Never Apologise Never Explain (CD).

While in prison, Siz spoke to Speedy on the phone and learned that he is going to be promoted within the gang. He also spoke with Zelda and learned that she saw the entire incident with the bulldozer and that he had impressed her. Zelda explained to Siz that his Step Dab would be proud of him and Siz then cried in the rain and had resolved to carry out Dab's legacy.

After growing and selling copious amounts of weed in addition to robbing many banks both big and smallSiz managed to amass a large amount of cash, respect, and property.

This caused him to shift priorities, placing his and the community's enjoyment over his prior goal of simply attaining more money. In addition to intentionally starting chases with the police and wantonly committing crimes Siz decided to enter the world of weapons dealing through Erin Cox Gomer to a lesser extent and Jacob as Siz saw that it was difficult for the lesser citizens of Los Santos to acquire weapons as the prices for said weapons were inflated and the ability to find them was difficult for new players.

At first, Siz sold from his prior stash of weapons mostly pistols with a few bullpup shotguns along with some deliveries of compact rifles he bought off of Gomer. After Siz offloaded these weapons to various customers he then began receiving instructions about gathering orders for his secret supplier a person who was whitelisted on the server to spawn in gun deliveries who told UberHaxorNova and other streamers he worked with to keep his identity a secret from their audiences to prevent metagaming that was already delivering guns to Erin.

However, while Siz was able to find a customer in Speedy the supplier's prices were extremely overpriced when compared to the street prices for the corresponding weapons. This caused great distress to Siz as he was trying to open up a means for the people of Los Santos to easily obtain weapons, not trying to exploit their desperation. After discussing this fact with Gomerhe walked away from the conversation with the hope that Gomer would become his supplier so that he could sell weapons at a reasonable price.

Although, as it turned out his supplier had seemingly been out-competed by other people's ability to: at first receive weapons at the docks through the Wizard and Pixerium and then by the ability to craft weapons using crates. At around the same time that weapon crafting was introduced to the state Jacob approached Siz and informed him of his plans to shift the Family's weapons dealing to weapon's manufacturing, even showing him a new property that would becoming their storefront under the auspiciousness of an electronics store which used to be the purpose for Siz's house [despite the fact that they never followed up on the idea].

After discovering that his supplier fell through, along with government changes eliminating weapon crafting, Siz decided to liquidate his weapon inventory save for several pistols for personal use and various other weapons he was simply unable to offload. After taking a two-week vacation to Japan to attend MarioCon UberHaxorNova took a two-week hiatus from GTA RP to play Mario Maker 2 and to move to Oregon Siz returned and transitioned into selling crack and cocaine in addition to weed and weapons, now with Speedy as his new class two supplier and later his surrogate sister Vivi as his pistol connect.

Siz did not actively seek buyers as he: already had an extensive list of potential buyers at his disposal, was usually too busy with other activities to dedicate time to finding others, and made enough money off of other ventures to not be too concerned over pushing as much weapons as possible instead letting the opportunities "fall into his lap" as one might say.

His most prominent customers were initially the Leanbois and Vagoswith him selling several large weapon orders to them in the past. He was even approached by several people, including Rahme El-Rahman of the Chang Gang to act as a middle man in their weapons deals. However, in all of these Siz had either: essentially sidestepped the person making him the offer by already having an ongoing deal with their supplier effectively making him a fellow salesman of their product with the same profit margins or has declined to follow up on the offers due to higher prices than that of his current supplier, Speedy.

By the summer of Siz had largely gotten out of the class 2 market and instead got into contact with the Lost MC the main Heavy Pistol connect for the state and had arranged an agreement by which himself and other members of the HOA would become their pushers. Siz still occasionally Rock You Monkeys - Therapy? - Never Apologise Never Explain (CD) class 2's for both members of the HOA who requested specific weapons and personal use from Speedybut not for resale.

In December of this arrangement with the Lost came to a close after they were raided and exposed by the police as the Heavy Pistol connect. This was further complicated by an apparent list of every single one of their pushers being found in said raid placing Siz and the HOA in danger. As a result, the entire state lost their source of Heavy Pistols and Siz angrily declared to Lost leader Rudi Rinsen in jail that their organizations' business arrangement was finished regardless of how their sentencing turned out.

Deputy Michael Dias and Siz had a special relationship ever since they first met. Siz was the only person who had consistently offered Dias any sort of challenge during his police work with the former evading a pursuing Dias a number of timesthis had created a sort of intense rivalry between the two mainly for the title of "King of the Dirt.

A few weeks later, Dias moved into the house two doors down from Siz's, which yielded great disdain from Siz as he now has to contend with yet another neighbor he does not like. In fact, Siz's first formal welcoming of Dias to the neighborhood resulted in an extended confrontation that eventually resulted in Siz kidnapping Dias right off of his property for use as a hostage in a Fleeca Bank robbery.

Dias eventually moved off of the property to a new location in Paleto with the other officers; he sold the house to Siz who immediately put it to use as a stash house for Kray-Tor after transferring it to one of his HOA cadets.

Siz and Dias interactions temporarily came to a screeching halt in September of when Dias had been suspended from the police force for three days for using a flashbang against Siz and "overly aggressive policing".

However, the flashing was a request on Siz's part as he had been Rock You Monkeys - Therapy? - Never Apologise Never Explain (CD) to experience the effects of a flashbang to "build up a tolerance" ever since he heard of the police force acquiring them and Dias offered to meet him in a remote location to test it out.

Since this suspension Dias had returned to duty, but interactions between the two were sparse ever since as Siz has both: adjusted his sleep schedule to one slightly different than Dias' and had been more adamant on evading the police in general as he did not want to have his accomplices lose out as he now often committed crimes in a group.

Additionally, their few interactions together had become much more hostile as Dias had in Siz's eyes became a white-knight for Lauren Forcer a fellow officer who despised Siz and his HOAcreating tension between them as Dias came down hard on Siz's HOA Rock You Monkeys - Therapy? - Never Apologise Never Explain (CD) in an attempt to impress Lauren.

The last time these two interacted with each other before his death was when Dias apprehended him for the murder of Tsury Nanakaze which he witnessed from a police helicopter he was flying, of which began a long police chase that resulted in his arrest. In fact, Dias' death came directly at the hands of a member of the HOA Denzel Williams after a shootout occurred after they crashed their escape vehicle. When Siz was told that Dias passed he was quite indifferent about the event, so much so that his immediate follow up question was whether or not his death would have an affect on an upcoming court case of his as Dias was the primary witness who filed the police report against Siz for the murder of Tsury.

Prior to the government seizing everyone's property in an attempt to pay off debts accrued after the 3. Siz initially was scared of Jacob as a whole due to his creepy voice and mysterious persona, however, over time this slowly degraded to simple respect as Siz encountered scarier personas and Jacob himself started to show a more humorous side to Siz.

Siz first heard of Jacob through Mother after she had told him that somebody suspicious was following her around. Later while driving around the city, Siz caught a glimpse of somebody on a bike spying on him from a distance. He chased the individual around until he managed to corner him under some stairs, the person drew a gun and briefly held Siz at gunpoint while Siz asked him who he was and why he was spying on him.

The person revealed that he was Jacob and told Siz to remain quiet about his identity, leaving quickly on his bike. Siz later saw Jacob when Mother arranged a meeting between the three of them at the Raven Slaughterhouse. During this meeting, Jacob took several pictures of Siz's face and informed the two that they would talk again. After this meetingMother and Siz became much more active on the Dark Web and she had begun to work closely with Jacob on various projects.

Siz became integral to Jacob's plans after Dab got locked away as Siz became his new criminal front to spread chaos around the city. One example of this was the "electronics store" that Siz's house was supposed to be as Mother and Jacob forwarded funds to Siz to buy his own home with plans to use it as a cover for a store that sold criminal goods.

However, this idea was transferred to a different location owned by, and located next to, Zelda's apartment before being canned entirely due to extensive changes by the government that rendered the idea infeasible. By the end of 2. However, Jacob had stipulated that a minimum of at least 10 people must have submitted crimes to the leaderboard before the prizes were distributed with the original closing date being one week after the leaderboard was opened.

But, that minimum number wasn't reached before the one week had ended causing Jacob to extend the prize date indefinitely until the minimum number of participants was reached. Siz pseudonym Zis on the leaderboard remained in second place behind Speedy until the leaderboard was shutdown after the 3. To remedy the issue of the Dark Web's low user base, in late Jacob instructed Siz to attempt to spread knowledge of the Dark Web through the distribution of VPNs a device that allows users to bypass the minigames and pass-code normally required to access the Dark Web.

Although, Siz himself expressed concern that even with the VPNs people would still be "too lazy" to use the Dark Web in any real capacity as seen by the people already on leaderboardbut Jacob assured him that when knowledge of its usefulness spread, more people would be enticed to use the Dark Web. Siz's stated strategy was to introduce the new criminals he encountered to the Dark Web through the sale of VPNs, however he never did this due to him either: forgetting the need to sell VPNs in its entirety or not even get a chance to make an offer as a situation rapidly developed such as robbing a Fleeca Bank or an untimely brain explosion [hard crash].

And so, after several weeks Siz had only found one person willing to acquire a VPN with this individual not being a new user, as they had already regularly accessed the Dark Web without a VPN in exchange for a Panto. Due to the above difficulty in finding new users on Siz's end, the migration of previously Dark Web exclusive services to other platforms in the state, in addition to a growing perception of its general uselessness among citizens of the state caused the development of the Dark Web to be effectively halted.

Therefore, Siz shifted his priorities elsewhere and no longer focuses on finding new users for the now defunct Dark Web. Months later inJacob returned to Siz with plans to revive the Dark Web by distributing legal VPNs through his upcoming chain Rock You Monkeys - Therapy? - Never Apologise Never Explain (CD) electronic stores with physical locations around the state such as one in Mirror Park. As apart of this, Jacob initially tasked Siz with giving him various electronics that used to be commonly found in home burglaries, which Siz was able to quickly fulfill due to his hording of said items as "collectibles".

However, this amounted to nothing as the electronics store and revitalization of the Dark Web wouldn't happen for the entirety ofdue to it being reliant on construction that wouldn't be completed until the governmental 3. Even after the realase of the 3. After returning from MarioCon, Siz was introduced to the world of cocaine dealing when he was approached by Denzel Williams and his wife, Deannedruh "Dee" Sweet.

Denzel then stated that he distributes cocaine within the state and asked Siz if he was interested. He then explained the process of breaking down the brick and the areas and prices to sell to locals. Afterwards, they agreed to meet at a different location for payment and another location for the drop-off. The meeting revolved around how they might deal with Otto's retaliation. The group discussed how they might flip the seven bricks of cocaine quickly and quietly.

Going through the options, Siz raised the name of Nino Chavez as a potential buyer. After a small deliberation, the group agreed and Siz stepped aside to call up Nino. Siz hinted that he had several bricks to offer as a middleman, to which Nino stated that he was interested. Siz returned to the group to setup the meeting and called Nino back to inform him of the go ahead for the meeting.

Nino became a little skeptical after hearing Speedy and the Leanbois were involved, yet he still was interested. Nino arrived to the meeting and offered two options with one being to act as a middleman to another potential buyer or to lower the price. They argued on the price until Nino eventually said he was no longer interested and left. The group agreed and set the deal to happen at another place, thereby beginning Siz's first serious foray into the cocaine market.

By the end of Siz had carefully maneuvered his way into the upper echelons of the coke market in the state. He was firmly entrenched as one of the primary pushers to the south side gangs, ensuring a steady flow of income for himself and a consistent set of clientele for his boss Dominique Woods. However, things would only get better for Siz as by March 15th, Dom had grown tired of managing the cocaine market and decided to quit and return to his home in Westside-Eastside Philadelphia, citing his boss' Otto Delmar obvious indifference to the health of the market by their decision to give out over 50 bricks of cocaine to one person on a whim.

This left his position as a connect up for grabs and Siz took the opportunity to seize it. He eventually organized a meeting with Dom's other equal in the cocaine market Joe Caine where he successfully made his case for taking Dom's mantle over the other person vying for the position, Raja Bahadur. Once this was firmly secured, Siz worked to establish his own network of pushers and continued the legacy of odd and unique scenarios for coke dropoffs that Dom had endowed upon him as his connect.

Through the remainder of 2. Therefore, Siz was the state's de facto supplier of cocaine for the entire criminal underworld, allowing him a great deal of freedom in regards to management of the market. However, despite this freedom Siz decided to take a largely hands-off approach, while also making a conscientious effort to not engage in price gouging or blanket embargoes on groups for personal reasons understanding the need for all groups in the state to maintain this source of income, despite how he may have personally felt towards them.

Close to the end of 2. On his return he discovered that all of his properties except for the Mirror Park Tavernassets money, drugs, vehicles, gold, etc. In addition, he found his access to the cocaine manufacturing site had been revoked and a significant number of people completely forgot their association to Siz. As a result, Siz was completely distraught and was forced to start anew.

In his investigation into what happened, Kael Soze told him that the GameStop short squeeze ruined the economy of San Andreas, forcing them to liquidate everyone's assets to stay afloat. Siz is currently in the process of building himself back up to the top. He was given samples of crystal-blue meth with a purity of one-hundred percent to keep and possibly sell onto the streets.

He called up Al Saab to assist him with this newfound operation and to possibly source where these items came from. The two decided to tail the VIP to a parking lot where they caught him looking into the trunk of an inconspicuous black coupe.

Saab held up the VIP while Siz looked into the trunk. Inside he found a fresh batch of meth neatly loaded into a clear plastic back; eighteen joints; and a black key with the words Optimus Prime etched into it. The VIP wasn't willing to give concise answers and instead gave out cryptic phrases before trying to escape the custody of the two. After this, the two scoured the city to possibly locate the manufacturing site of meth, but to no avail. Only Siz and Saab knew about the existence of the key and meth in the city.

However, this wouldn't last for long as the Lost also found a key to a lab located near their clubhouse. Although before this, Siz and Saab had managed to locate all three of the meth labs in the state, figured out where and how to sell meth to the locals, and determined that their key unlocked the lab in Grapeseed. This led to the duo experimenting in private for several days in their key's lab, desperately trying to figure out how to produce methamphetamine.

In an effort to ease the heavy workload, the duo decided to bring in Manny McDaniels and Denzel Williams as help for the operation Denzel dropped out of the operation about a week and a half later for personal reasons.

Later on, while Manny 's brain the computer of the player behind the character was malfunctioning, Julio and Kaleb Rush were brought in on the operation to assist in meth production as Siz required more than two people to work the machines. He cited his trust in Nino due to his previous offers to entrust Siz with other important connections such as heavy weapons distribution, which he had declined due to not wanting to overburden himself at the time.

Siz also planned on integrating the Vagos into the distribution network as some prime selling locations were on their territory. A day after RR managed to get access to their lab, Cheddar from the HOA also managed to find the local who was selling new keys to the meth labs, acquiring the key to the final lab located in Los Santos, which he ended up giving to Siz after he tried asking several members of the HOA about the key. After RR attempted to start operations at their lab, first the police and then HOA ended up discovering that location.

Fortunately for Siz, the RR employees were quickly spotted by Julio due to their extremely poor attempt at stealthily tailing him; Julio reported this activity to Siz who later confronted Nino about it. In that conversation Siz attempted to resolve the situation with RRbut due to Buddha being absent no progress was made. Furthermore, in an attempt to not burn his RR connections Nino attempted to draw Siz's attention away from RR and even attempted to trade their key for one of Siz's keys which Siz heavily questioned and repeatedly denied.

Furthermore, testing by both Nino and Siz revealed that the effects of being high on low quality meth had changed to be worse than Burger Shot branded donuts said meth no longer regenerated armor or granted a speed boost.

The conversation between Siz's group and RR focused heavily on why RR shouldn't attempt to go at it alone, but in the end Buddha insisted on developing his own meth strain and pushing their own product. In the following weeks Siz's group began working on raising the quality of their strain and finalizing the plan to push through Speedy.

This was compounded upon by Nino beginning to fully distance himself from Siz's operation, eventually becoming extremely paranoid of Siz's intentions. Furthermore, the Lost began undercutting everyone else by selling meth from their lab at cost while also producing more due to spending more time cooking.

The deal with the Vagos later fell through after Siz was away from the city for a few days and stopped delivering product. Speedy was forced to go with RR 's strain as the rest of his gang was beginning to question why he was not opting for the more profitable product that was immediately available.

Despite these pitfalls, Siz and his lab forged on and managed to eventually establish a deal with the The Families to distribute his strain. Unfortunately, Siz himself still remained quite poor.

This was mainly because he had significant trouble converting his large stockpile of dirty bands of cash into clean cash he could safely deposit into his account. And while the Tavern was making a sizable profit, Siz was reluctant to pay himself any significant amount through the business due to fears of attracting an audit.

Furthermore, through the use of loans Siz purchased several vehicles and his signature Mirror Park home whose weekly payments further ate into what little wealth he had. Since the start of 3. This took many forms, but despite the circumstances Siz found the will to soldier on and even had some interesting ideas. The primary things that caused Siz the most strain in the first four months of 3. Siz's issues with taxes stemmed largely from the government's failure to clearly communicate how they would be implemented and later the drastic changes made to the tax code.

This was further compounded upon by Judge Stanton 's decision to audit Siz and Julio as apart of a larger audit on Burger Shot, despite the both of them not actually being employees of the business they ended up being the only persons who were threatened with an audit as apart of the investigation. This incident led to Siz becoming extremely cautious with his income thereby slowing the accumulation of wealth in his personal bank account and choosing to permanently dodge Stanton to avoid an audit.

The primary issue with the HoA was their total apathy towards actually following any given group task combined with internal conflicts between certain members being dumped onto Siz. The former was most exemplified in, and was also first seen through, the majority of the group having a complete lack of interest in wanting to work at the Mirror Park Tavern despite the group waiting over a year for the Tavern to officially open.

Several repeated instances of this level of apathy towards other ideas culminated in Siz stopping any further attempts to give the group anymore goals and instead he decided to focus on his own personal endeavors. This resulted in the HoA itself entering into a period of inactivity as members began to wake up less and less often and rarely engaged in any group activities beyond the times when Siz himself awoke to move things along.

The culmination of conflict within the group was a large meeting with most of the active members where Siz affirmed that: as adults they should've been able to deal with any internal difficulties themselves and also have been able to generate, present, and follow through with their own ideas for what they wanted to do rather than look to Siz for everything.

One of the personal plans Siz intended to follow through on was a business idea involving collectible monster figurines based on citizens of the city, tentatively called "NoPixelmon".

Siz planned to capitalize on the newly emerged collectible market that the Burger Shot toys had shown to be viable, leveraging high quality figurines and a large initial batch to grab a unique Rock You Monkeys - Therapy? - Never Apologise Never Explain (CD) in the market although after the release of the NoPixel Trading Card GameSiz diverted focus to other endeavors and so never followed through on the idea.

Furthermore, he also focused on expanding the poison operation from the Tavern, forging relationships with prospective customers throughout the city. Later the same day Siz and Dab accidentally met inside Clean Manor while Buddha was giving Siz a tour of the mansion although Siz didn't know it at the time as Dab was in disguise. Come July, Siz made the decision to go all in on the corpo life that had consumed the elite of the city. Despite his acquired hatred for "corpos" early on in 3.

To this end, he repaired his relationship with both of the latter and began seriously investing time into his civilian job at Ottos Autos. His drive to hand out loans got Siz into conflict with James Arsenala fellow Ottos and Diamond Hand employee who had repeatedly infringed on Siz's vehicle sales and loan efforts.

After the 3. He helped Siz start the operation and also helped cook; however, weeks into the operation and after numerous cooks he disappeared from the state.

His disappearance caused Siz to ultimately replace him in the methamphetamine operation. He has yet to return to the state. By the 3. He got into contact with Siz looking for ways to utilize the poison abilities of the Mirror Park Tavern to take out problematic individuals, purchasing several poisoned items for a lump sum of cash.

After being elected, he then offered his services including weapon manufacturing to Siz after expressing a desire to help his former group the HOA in any way he could. Thus far their only real interactions since the 3.

Although, much to Siz's frustration, it took more than a month before he actually received his first shipment of weapons. Although, due to the trust the two built up with one another in 2. This caused him to grow increasingly paranoid towards Siz's actions ultimately fracturing their relationship. By this point Siz considered the whole fiasco with the meth dealings to be water under the bridge and they reconciled with eachother. She has yet to return to the state after the 3.

As apart of the 3. Payne' s personal fortune was also stripped in the subsequent economic collapse and Siz's one encounter with him so far found a "down-bad" Matthew Paynewhere he was begging for money outside MRPD. The few interactions they've had thus far have been positive, if not short-lived. However, after the 3. Although despite this, Slim re-adopted Siz as his nephew minutes after meeting him although this was preceded and followed up with a barrage of insults at Siz's weight and scarred face.

After this initial interaction, Siz and Slim did not interact with one another in any meaningful way for over three months. Their next interaction occurred after Yung Dab' s return when the three of them met up on a hillside and chatted.

By this point Slim had regained his memory prior to the 3. This is a list of all episodes and major happenings for each one, this will help people catch up and know when certain major or minor events happened if they wanted to go back and rewatch. Siz is adopted by Mother. Hostage King of the Mountain Championship. Brawler vs Dias Ft. Gun Deal Update. Dias vs Siz King of the Dirt Callout. Dias Reclaims King of the Dirt. Chips, Ellie Leanbois Ft. Siz Controls the Drug Game Ft. Chang, Garret, Saab.

Saab's Cheating RP Ft. Siz, Brenda BlackJack Ft. Dias, Gameboy Burger Buying Ft. Dias, Dias Crashes, Ft. Big Brother Siz. Chips Threeway Call Ft. Saab, Chips. Cops Lecture. Nino Connect Joe Caine. Winery Reboot. High Siz. Reddit Incarnate Saab 'Best Driver' 2.

HOA Kraytor on Action. Soze, Cops vs HOA. HOA in Action Ft. DD, Tow Trucker. HOA: Mike. Mike: Calzone. Vault: Gomer, Incel Saab. Cops AJ, Lauren. Gomer "Permas", Saab. Nathan: Mike HOA. Swole Kelly vs Saab. Gold, Smelting. Siz Photos Deleted. Glorp Pics. Saab Sister and Mike. Saab, Mike. Greens Donate to Zelda Race Ft. Cheater POV Win.

Siz sends it. Vivi HOA Mayor. Boe buddy immunity. Chips: Brick, Dollar Bills. Chips Cracking Up. Shear Tax. Car Imponded.

Siz Car Robbed. Home Robbers. Stolen Car Returned. HOA: Dam Headquarters. Penny Tax. HOA new Outfits. Gazza: Raided. Denzel: Purples are Dead. Vagos Taxed. HOA: News Media. Ziggy meets HOA, Taxed. Cops on Azeroth. Mirror Park Railyard. Early Vault: Ft. Robbing stores 2 Ft. Cops Perkins, Winters, Steele. World explodes. I think she said "I'll think about it, not yet, we want guns"].

Convenience store Rob-A-Thon Ft. Pirate Fleeca Ft. HOA Patrol Ft. Kindle, ViVi, Kraytor. Saab, Double D Vault Ft. Bus escape Fleeca Ft. Dundee, Denzel, 5 Hostages, 2 guns fall through the floor, Benny Hill prison bus chase. Kindle's wife's bike impond, Oxy stash, Kindle drowns tarot card guy, Panto bumper cars, Mirror Park fight club.

Masked man gives VIP escort mission, nobody understands the mission, Siz farts again, Kindle causes nudist shootout, mission planning, Arturo's new car. Vault Ft. Denzel, Kindle. Siz catches snooping reporter Ray, Uchiha's wtiness, Hostage exchange with CG, world collapses, everyone's head explodes.

Siz joins Area 69 raid Ft. Gladys, ViVi, CG, and more. Sibling brainstorm Ft. Chips raided Ft. Erin, Julio, T-Bag, Kraytor. No-Balls tweets. Julio wants to break Chips out or attack the snitch, Erin says Jean snitched. Denzel wants to kill Jean. Arthur, Dias. Robbing new stores Ft. Denzel, Jason. Siz Judges Fucked or Cucked 2 Ft. Siz fights Tanisha, Shootout interruption, Siz gets taken hostage, then shot.

Lean Sac meeting Ft. Payne, Denzel, Gomer, Buddah, Speedy. Denzel kills Balla, meeting adjourned. Maze Bank meeting Ft.

Lean street shootout Ft. Chang, Curtis, Randy. Stores Fail Ft. Jewellery store robbery. Daryl "meeting" Ft. Vinewood Convenience store Ft. HOA Vinewood patrols Ft.

Ryan: Wants a coke brick, HOA being investigated by private investigators, coke is for Bovice, has pix. Fred: 1st robber lost, 2nd robber Rango caught. Satanist Scuffed Vault Ft. Kraytor, T-Bag, Denzel. Raja meeting: "Thought the situation was dead months ago", not going to get QuickFix involved, might fire Tsury, "Sonya will be back for revenge", "Sonya is impossible to work with". Nino Meeting Ft. Tony: Nino doesn't invest in Tony's business,playing with props, materials payout.

Seasons Unite, Krig (6) - Throne Of Majesty Triumph (CD, Album), One For My Baby - Henry Mancini - The Ultimate Collection (CD), Sonata In Spain - Lars Danielsson (3) - Liberetto III (CD, Album), Homeward Bound - Simon & Garfunkel - Simon And Garfunkel Best (CD), La Compagnie Créole - Love Is Good For You (Vinyl), Back In The U.S.S.R. (Radio Show) - Paul McCartney - Live In Tampa Florida 2002 (CDr), Fieberwahn - Tails - Drugs Prescriptions (File, MP3, Album), Thankyouverymuch - The Dopamines - Expect The Worst (Cassette), Avalon - Benny Goodman Quartet* / Benny Goodman And His Orchestra - The Benny Goodman Story Volume 2, Yankee Man - Melanie (2) - Phonogenic Not Just Another Pretty Face (CDr, Album), Fools Gold - Strange Tang - Preachers Moonshine (CDr, Album), Ether - Various - ME 0416 - Der Soundtrack Zum Heft (CD)

Snowy - Sunny Pompeii - Professional Day (File, MP3)

Snowy - Sunny Pompeii - Professional Day (File, MP3)

Sign Up to Last. Related Tags vancouver psychedelic west coast indie rock canada Add tags View all tags. Play album Buy Loading. External Links Apple Music. Artist images. Sunny Pompeii listeners Related Tags vancouver psychedelic west coast Sunny Pompeii was buried in the Snowy - Sunny Pompeii - Professional Day (File of Mt. Vesuvius nearly two thousand years ago and reborn as a psychedelic pop band in on the hills of Little Mountain in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The 4-piece fuses together the classic warmth of sun-baked afternoons with a refreshing blast of melodic distinction. Switch to German. Cart 0 Items. Waveform will be available soon! Login to Create a Playlist. The Christmas Bakery Play Stop. PRO :. Frank Herrlinger. Icelands Calm ambient track with floating pads and many sounds that remind of ice, snow and winter Play Stop. Bernard Geiger. The Elfs Christmas Workshop Fun and exploratory Christmas tune for orchestra.

PercussionBrassStringsWoodwinds. Dominik Hauser. Snowflake Nursery RhymeChristmas Carols. Christmas time Festive Christmas Carols. Pop-OrchestraPop-Band. Merry Christmas Jingle Play album Buy Loading. External Links Apple Music. Artist images. Sunny Pompeii listeners Related Tags vancouver psychedelic west coast Sunny Pompeii was buried in the ashes of Mt.

Vesuvius nearly two thousand years ago and reborn as a psychedelic pop band in on the hills of Little Mountain in Vancouver, British Columbia. The 4-piece fuses together the classic warmth of sun-baked afternoons with a refreshing blast of melodic distinction. Listening to their music is like eating fruit from the forbidden tree of knowledge - it feeds your mind with the sweetness of hooks and rhythms that are hard to describe and even harder Snowy - Sunny Pompeii - Professional Day (File get out of your head.

To make a Sunny Pompeii, take three parts jazz school 1 graduate, … read more. Sunny Pompeii was buried in the ashes of Mt. Vesuvius nearly two thousand years ago and reborn as a psychedelic pop band in on the hills of Little Mountain in Vancouver, British Columb… read more.

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Barrington Levi* & Ranking Trevor / Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Wife And Sweetheart Dem, Get My Boots - Marty Stuart, Kristin Wilkinson And Larry Paxton - All The Pretty Horses (Music From, The River - Richard Skelton - *Skura (DVDr), Aint Got No Heart - Frank Zappa - You Cant Do That On Stage Anymore (Silver) (CD), Christbait Rising - Godflesh - Streetcleaner (Cassette, Album), Последний Урок - Марк Бернес - Мужской Разговор (CD), Donald Wheeler - Michael Yonkers - Michael Lee Yonkers (Vinyl, LP, Album), Wild Billys Circus Story - Bruce Springsteen - The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle (V, Shout - Joan Jett - Bad Reputation (Cassette, Album), Hooks And Labels - Weird Naked Indian - Weird Naked Indian EP (CDr), Broadway Melody Of 1974 - Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Its You, Only You, That I Love - Hank Snow - Travelin Blues (Vinyl, LP)

Its You, Only You, That I Love - Hank Snow - Travelin Blues (Vinyl, LP)

Exceptions were made for other recordings on this set, including on this very CD, and this is another exception I would have welcomed. Elvis is back. Again, here we have excellent sound quality, but that feedback tone is also present at times in the background.

Even just a year later, Elvis had lost the raw edge to this song. What a disappointment. However, the overall recording is in much lesser sound quality. As this also affected The Complete Elvis Presley Mastersa pricier incarnation of the complete masters [ 7 ], Sony should be embarrassed. I definitely prefer his live versions. It then segues into a medley of studio-recorded inspirational songs. In the actual television special, the medley is a huge production number with Elvis surrounded by dancers while the Blossoms, including Darlene Love, provide backing vocals.

Though the recording is great, I find this one much more interesting to watch than only hear. It was not until the release of Tiger Mancontaining the unedited version of the sit down show from which the recording was taken, that the truth became known to a wider audience. He soon stands up, placing one foot on his chair to prop the guitar on his knee, while Charlie and later Lance LeGault holds the microphone for him.

For the second sit down show, though the guitar still had no strap, it was obvious they had worked out more of the logic — including how to adjust the microphone stand, allowing Elvis to stand up a few times.

It is this off-the-cuff moment in the first show that holds the real magic, though. The compiler made a good choice placing it back in context with other songs from the special rather than saving it for a separate disc. Rather than use the live recording featured on the television broadcast, the ELVIS-TV Special soundtrack album featured a mono version of the studio recording with overdubbed applause. RCA sure did love faking live versions with overdubbed applause in the late s and early s.

In this instance, the compiler makes an exception and uses a stereo version of the studio recording, fortunately without the fake audience. Next up is a carny barker inviting passers-by to experience an exotic dancer. The song loses most of its blues roots here, but the arrangement is still effective. The album version was in mono and included overdubbed applause on the studio recording, while the single version of the studio recording was in mono as well.

A real travesty since this is some of his best material. Does anyone bother to listen to Elvis CDs prior to release? This is but a small sampling. Read Part 6. Read Part 3. Heartache is certainly a theme Elvis revisited Its You in his recordings over the years. This is his professional version, though, recorded four eventful years later for RCA. This song should be judged within the context of innocence from which it sprang, though. Oddly, this track has about ten seconds of extra silence at the end once the song concludes — not reflected in the runtime on the CD sleeve, either.

Are You Lonesome Tonight? Listen to that voice. He was back, better than ever. This is a quiet, likable song. This is a perfect, subtle performance by Elvis. They issued replacement discs and subsequent pressings including mine have not had this error [ 6 ]. This is the fourth and final Robertson composition on Heartachewrapping up this mini-storyline as the singer finally moves on. I have to give the compiler credit for putting all of these songs together, actually making for a coherent album of sorts.

While not as interesting as the studio version, this is still a fine performance in its own right. I do enjoy the gospel sound that the background vocalists bring to the song. Need the things I need. Unfortunately, though Elvis must have connected with the lyrics, the song never really develops — a good song that probably could have been better. Wow, does it sound great on this set.

Nice to have the original mix back. Though it contains a few duds this is a complete masters collection, after allHeartache is overall a stellar collection of songs. The early s tracks in particular are real highlights. Read Part 2. This disc features the original mix of the double album. At that time, I tried to keep my Elvis CD collection consolidated. Therefore, I do not have anything to make fair sound comparisons against for this CD. Though it aired live in some parts of the world, Aloha From Hawaii did not air in the United States until April 4 of that year.

To this day, many Americans wrongly believe they saw the special live. What a fantastic opening to the live broadcast. Wow, this CD sure does sound awesome, though. It can make an okay song sound a little better. While this version is a step down from that one, Elvis still sounds great here. Authentic to the original album the end of side 1the CD fades on the applause after the song ends. This is a fine, though not very compelling, version of the Frank Sinatra hit.

Johnny B. Goode: James Burton carries this Chuck Berry classic on guitar, as Elvis forgets some of the lyrics early on the song was added to fill time when a rehearsal revealed the planned show was too short.

Still, Elvis rocks the song and the show benefits from its inclusion. This is one of the highlights of the show, and the sound quality on this CD makes it shine even more.

The song just works better in a concert setting. I also see this as the point in Aloha From Hawaii where Elvis finally shakes off the rest of his nerves and really loosens up — making for a better second half to the show. It took me a long time to become accustomed to the studio version. While I now prefer the studio and early live versions best, I still enjoy the and versions.

Great to hear Elvis rocking on one of his more contemporary hits. This is both the climax of the show and the most impressive performance on the album. An argument could even be made that this moment was the climax of his career as well. Though not evident on the record, Elvis throws his jewel-studded belt into the audience shortly after this song. If only he had treated his other classics with this respect for this show. The power of the overall concert wins out, and it ends in utter excitement.

What a performer. This is a fine version of the title song to his That I Love - Hank Snow - Travelin Blues (Vinyl Blue Hawaii. The visual portion of this performance was first released on DVD in This is another strong re-recording of a song from Blue Hawaii. Elvis does another good job on this re-recording.

Perhaps he should have performed one or two of these Blue Hawaii songs during the actual concert. Other than the fact that the other two songs had never been released Its You by Elvis.

I enjoy both versions. Again, this would have made a great number for the actual concert. The sound is terrific, and so is the show. This will now become my go-to edition of Aloha From Hawaii. I was about years-old before my older brother would allow me to touch his record collection. As a small child, I had a bad habit of accidentally destroying his stuff Star Trek posters, a trumpet, and pretty much anything else I could get my curious little hands onso his records were off limits for a long time.

LewisClay Smithpublished Rail, op. Harlan Previous: Festive anthem. In South Africa, it was a very popular song. There were at least 4 covers in Afrikaans, translated as "Amigo se Ghitaar" or "Kitaar", 2 ways to spell it. Left the version by a Paul Robinson on an EP, probably released in the sixties. Al Dean and his Allstars, feat. Strydom Broers another Afrikaans "Amigo se kitaar", sounds like end s recording.

A sad and beautiful little song, that -being the B-side of Amigo's Guitar- never really got much attention. The record came in picture sleeve.

The song I'd Live on Worms is a Cedarwood copyrighted song written in The release of the cover Its You the Gross Brothers must been around The record came in picture sleeve, song title now spelled "Hey Maw ". JDL plays guitar on the sessions. A very dancable song. John D. I wrote that song using her name as a title, but I never found out what she thought about it as I never saw her again from that day to this".

Johnny Ferguson was a real one-hit wonder artist. Bobby Stevens Jul. Ray Pilgrim. B-side of "Angela Jones". In fact a duet, sounds like co-composer Marijohn Wilkin does the uncredited 2d voice. Loudermilk's signature song. Contrary to what some sources say, the song is NOT inspired by the play by Erskine Caldwell, but based on a place in East Durham that Loudermilk knew well in his youth.

The song is partly autobiographical, partly not. Tobacco Road actually was a grassy strip in East Durham, where hogsheads of tobacco were rolled down to the warehouse. So rough that the police would not venture there at night. Read the interesting blog about the place. Loudermilk wasn't "born in that dump", nor "mamma died" and he never saw "daddy got drunk".

But he knew Tobacco Road's reputation and actually saw it from a teenage job delivering telegrams, "to take money orders down there every saturday night and everybody would all be drunked up" Info based on the booklet of the Bear-cd. In the s, the alley was a crime haven, dominated by prostitution and gambling.

I was born in a dump Tobacco Road originally was done as a folk song. Listen to a sample Southern Folklife Collection Loudermilks first Columbia-version still is one of the best performances of the song. Strong and sober. But the 45 rpm release didn't sell.

At the time, Billboard considered it the B-side of Loudermilk's release Midnight Bus as A-sideand wrote: Interesting tale of a back-shack existence. The tune has a minor flavor employing a repetitive figure. Loudermilk wrote the tune and handles it with conviction. Only place in the world where the record sold a little was Brisbane, Australia, where it reached a 27 position on the charts inthough the flip Midnight Bus was chosen as the A-side at the time.

Lou Rawls gave the song a soulful treat, the UK band The Nashville Teens gave it the beat treatment, and afterwards the Jefferson Airplane, who knew the Lou Rawls version, recorded it and turned the song into a rock standard in the sixties.

An endless string of rock, blues, garage, beat, punk etc versions since then have been recorded. Little Michael Jackson sang it on the audition sessions of The Jackson Five for Motown in video of it circulating. In recent years many blues versions of the song came out.

Wo Its You wo Grew up in a rusty shack, All I owned was hangin' on my back. Wo wo wo Bring dynamite and a crane, Blow it up, start all over again. Only You a town, be proud to show, Give the name Tobacco Road But it's home. The only life I've ever known I despise you 'cos you're filthy, But I love you 'cos you're home. That's how the lyrics were published in the Loudermilk songbook. Loudermilk, and almost everybody else, sings 'm different at some points: Only Lord knows instead of Only you knowgrace from above becomes grace from Godthe "dump" in line 1 sounds more like "lump" Status Quo even sang here "bunk" and the "wo wo wo" is left out.

Mike St. Lou Rawls Oct. Nashville Teens Jun. The Lords Oct. Roberta Wolfson ? Mind Garage on local release Morning GloriFeb. Johnny Winter2-cd Second Winter, live bonus cd, Edgar's brother doing a boring freaking version. The BelieversCleopatraAussie vinyl 45 with a eye-catching picture sleeve, see section left.

J Burnel. English version by neo-rock band who did the cover in Finnish in Stiff2cd Live at Fat Jak's, US hard rock, a live recording some month before their split. Penthouse 5LP It's all my own bizarre dream, Germany, prev. Sugar sweet teenage pop song. Left: sheet music publication for the British pop singer Jan Burnette she recorded the best version. Remarkable song: George Hamilton IV confessing to have assisted to a lynching gang to hang a man.

Loudermilk has written and who covered them. I will never succeed completely, I know, but I try my best to give as many as possible. In this overview I chronologically ordered the songs which probably have been recorded, though I haven't found a cover to each song. But you could help me make it more complete, mail me! To a few sound samples of unreleased songs. Loudermilk unless otherwise specified. A Rose and a Baby Ruth "John Loudermilk" composer credits on the US original 78"Johnnie Dee" om some other releases Most songs in the early years were originally released with "Dee" as composer; later releases give Loudermilk.

JDL's first song, and a US top 10 hit! When the record came out, the Curtis Candy company, makers of Baby Ruth candy bars, sent a letter to Colonial record label demanding it be pulled for copyright infringement. By the time Colonial's lawyer replied, Curtis Candy had sent another letter advising the label to disregard the previous one: Sales had gone up percent in the last month, as kids were eating the candy bars more and adults were sending roses and Baby Ruths to their sweethearts all over the country!

Also recorded overdubbed by George Hamilton! Lyrics Budget label release on Bell label, sound-alike covers of the hits of the day, music for the millions for 49 cents. Singer was Barry Frank real name, though many budget artists used a pseudonyma good singer and some of his covers were better sung than the hit original, Al Kooperlooking back on his version: "I grew up with the GHIV version.

Really loved the sincerity of it when I was about Referring to a rose and a Baby Ruth, he sings: I could have sent you an orchid of some kind, But that's all I had in my jeans at the time I think I tried to duplicate that teen sincerity in every song I wrote in my teens and early twenties. I worship J. My version was just a jam in between takes of another song on the album "Easy Does It" from I was kinda goofing, but put it on the album nonetheless.

So, if you hear it, its not ALL together serious. George Hamilton IV Sep. Country Gentlemen Oct. Loudermilk Feb. JDL's original hit 38 Billboard pop charts; Cochran's cover hit Sheet music for the versions of Eddie Cochran and Don Cornell. Farren came to prominence as the founder of anarchistic rockers the Deviants, a proto-punk outfit that took its cue from the satirical rock of the Mothers of Invention and the psychedelic metal of the Stooges. The band released three albums between and '69, the best of which — 's Ptooff!!

The band was part of a thriving London music underground that included Pink Fairies and Hawkwind, but when tensions with the other band members reached a boiling over point, Farren left music temporarily to become a rock critic. Writing for the noted U.

Farren would go on to record a number of albums over the ensuing years, both solo and with one form or another of the Deviants, as well as musical collaborations with artists like Wayne Kramer MC5 and Lemmy of Motorhead. Writing remained Farren's first love, however, and he published nearly two-dozen well-received novels over his lifetime. Farren also penned eleven non-fiction books, including four on Elvis Presley, and books on the Rolling Stones and Gene Vincent; more recently, Farren was a regular contributor to Classic Rock magazine.

A gifted writer and thinker, Mick Farren should be remembered as a dreamer, a satirist, social critic, philosopher, and underground icon. Posted by Rev.

I - Charles Tomlinson Griffes* Performed By Denver Oldham - Collected Works For Piano (CD), Love Is A Bird - Gene Vincent - Born To Be A Rolling Stone (Cassette), These - Gerald Levert - G (CD, Album), Various - Super Eurobeat Vol. 19 - Non-Stop Mix (CD), Lost Wisdom - Burzum - Det Som Engang Var (Vinyl, LP, Album), Just Because Were Kids, Statued - Adem (2) - Homesongs (CD, Album), Už Zajtra - Jaroslav Filip - Cez Okno (Cassette, Album), Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans, Just Another Day Without You - Various - Scanning... Vol. 1 (CD), Youre My Everything - Carmen Cavallaro - The Eddy Duchin Story (Box Set), Upstream - k.d. lang - Watershed (CD, Album)

Watermelon - Leo Kottke - 6- & 12-String Guitar (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Watermelon - Leo Kottke - 6- & 12-String Guitar (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Monday 24 May Tuesday 25 May Wednesday 26 May Thursday 27 May Friday 28 May Saturday 29 May Sunday 30 May Monday 31 May Tuesday 1 June Wednesday 2 June Thursday 3 June Friday 4 June Saturday 5 June Sunday 6 June Monday 7 June Tuesday 8 June Wednesday 9 June Thursday 10 June Friday 11 June Saturday 12 June Sunday 13 June Monday 14 June Tuesday 15 June Wednesday 16 June Thursday 17 June Friday 18 June Saturday 19 June Sunday 20 June Monday 21 June Tuesday 22 June Wednesday 23 June Thursday 24 June Friday 25 June Saturday 26 June Sunday 27 LP Monday 28 June Tuesday 29 June Wednesday 30 June Thursday 1 July Friday 2 July Saturday 3 July Sunday 4 July Monday 5 July Tuesday 6 July Wednesday 7 July Thursday 8 July Friday 9 July Saturday 10 July Sunday 11 July Monday 12 July Tuesday 13 July Wednesday 14 July Thursday 15 July Friday 16 July Saturday 17 July Please note: This item is being sold as cosmetically damaged.

Damage may include but is not limited to bent corners, seam splits, cover creases or tears, etc. Ojo 4. Crow River Waltz 5. Vaseline Machine Gun 7.

Jack Fig 8. Watermelon 9. Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring You'll Be Back. Hamilton: An American Musical. Ukulele Leadsheet. Right Hand Man. Something Rotten! Gee, Officer Krupke. Bernstein, Leonard. This Is Halloween. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Easy Guitar TAB. Never Is A Promise. Apple, Fiona. The Pink Panther. Bohemian Rhapsody. Valleau, Kelly. LP Tab. Socially responsible production LP investing in programs LP offset all carbon emissions.

Featured products. Raccoon with flowers by Rafaela Perasinic. Black Eyed Susans by thesweetestfern. Mountain meadow by bellehibou. Lost in Reverie by albulena panduri. Donut Devil Darker Apparel by frighthouseco. Sunset warm by LP. You have more impact than you know - neon abstract colorful art and motivational quote by Morgan Harper Nichols by Morgan Harper Nichols. Once Upon A Time by polliadesign.

Denver - Willie Nelson - Red Headed Stranger (Vinyl, LP, Album), The Mighty Hard Rocker (Instrumental) - Cash Money & Marvelous - The Mighty Hard Rocker (Vinyl), Push_Mix11_Instrumental_01 - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Fruit Instrumentals (CDr, Album), Dance Until Youre Dead - The Varukers - Vintage Varukers (Rare And Unreleased 1980-1985) (Vinyl, LP), Charles Guiteau - Meindert Talma & The Negroes - Nu Geloof Ik Wat Er In De Bijbel Staat (Vinyl,, Skangur - Endorphine (CD, Album), System Fault - La Bad Taste, Violent Structure, ASF - Die drei!!! und der atomare Ausnahmezustand (C, Longer - Steve Hall (20) - Heartfelt (CD, Album), Frozen Memory Of The Dark Past - Blood Stronghold - The Immortal Past (Cassette), Siesta - James Last - Copacabana Happy Dancing (Vinyl, LP, Album), Spirits In Oblivion, Nothing Left - Political Asylum - Walls Have Ears (Cassette), Society - Hate Me Tomorrow - The Bottom Of Society (CD), The Way We Live - A Candle For Judith (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Dancing With Mephisto - Enigma - The Enigma Collection (CD)

Dancing With Mephisto - Enigma - The Enigma Collection (CD)

Should you Dancing With Mephisto - Enigma - The Enigma Collection (CD) anything to contribute, feel free to send it to us. The IDM has compiled resources to help improve vaccine knowledge among the members of the Institute. Dancing With Mephisto - Enigma - The Enigma Collection (CD) is important in the context of the widespread misinformation and disinformation about COVID vaccines.

See here for Dancing With Mephisto - Enigma - The Enigma Collection (CD) resource list. Skip to main content. The New England Journal of Medicine provides a collection of articles and other resources on the Coronavirus Covid outbreak, including clinical reports, management guidelines, and commentary. The Lancet has created Dancing With Mephisto - Enigma - The Enigma Collection (CD) Coronavirus Resource Centre with content from across its journals - as it is published.

Weightless B5. The Piano B6. Following The Sun. Eppur Si Muove A2. Feel Me Heaven A3. Dreaming Of Andromeda A4. Dancing With Mephisto A5. Northern Lights A6. Invisible Love B1. Message From Io B2. Hello And Welcome B3. Sitting On The Moon B5. The Alchemist B6. Goodbye Milky Way. Seven Lives Many Faces A1. Encounters A2. Seven Lives A3. Touchness A4. The Same Parents A5. Blue Bloods: The Eleventh Season. Venom Dancing With Mephisto - Enigma - The Enigma Collection (CD) Bilingual.

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Action Reaction (Rasta Mix) - Missing Persons - Walking In L.A. - Dance Mixes (CD), Tristan Und Isolde (6) - Richard Wagner - Bayreuther Festspiele - Der fliegende Holländer - Tristan, Hello Goodbye - Paul McCartney - Live In Tampa Florida 2002 (CDr), Dont Do Anything You Wouldnt Eat, Never Gonna Let You Down - Candy Man - Never Gonna Let You Down (Vinyl), Devastator / Mighty Trust Krusher - Godflesh - Streetcleaner (Cassette, Album), Giving Up On You - Various - Hits Of The 70s (CD), As We Lay - Various - Grammy R&B / Rap Nominees 2001 (CD), Heaven 17 - (We Dont Need This) Fascist Groove Thang (Vinyl), Ballet Dancer (Jens O Remix) - Various - TRANCE4DANCE: 1st Edition 2004 (CD)

What I Make Myself Believe - Lowen & Navarro - Walking On A Wire (CD, Album)

What I Make Myself Believe - Lowen & Navarro - Walking On A Wire (CD, Album)

The concert was recorded and released in as Live Wire. Meanwhile, the duo was signed to the startup label Chameleon Records for their debut album, Walking on a Wire, released on May 12, They continued to perform, however, and they had another songwriting success when they co-wrote What I Make Myself Believe - Lowen & Navarro - Walking On A Wire (CD Don't Have to Go Home Tonight" with the Triplets, Diana, Sylvia, and Vicky Villegas, whose recording of the song peaked in the Top 20 in May Parachute issued their second album, Broken Moon, on October 20,and their third, Pendulum, on August 30, Then, Parachute, too, discontinued operations.

Their bad luck with record companies continued, however, and they were soon without a label again, although they were building up a following through touring in folk clubs and at folk festivals around the U. They resurrected Red Hen with the release of Live Radio on February 21,a collection of their performances on the L.

Then, Parachute, too, discontinued operations. Their bad luck with record companies continued, however, and they were soon without a label again, although they were building up a following through touring in folk clubs and at folk festivals around the U. They resurrected Red Hen with the release of Live Radio on February 21,a collection of their performances on the L. Notwithstanding the diagnosis, the duo completed the album, All the Time in the Worldand released it on September 21, Aware that time was now against them, they next recorded an album of other people's songs, Hogging the Covers October 16,then assembled a live DVD, Carry on TogetherAlbum) by AIX Entertainment on July 3,and finally issued another studio album of original material, Learning to Fall co-billed to What I Make Myself Believe - Lowen & Navarro - Walking On A Wire (CD sideman Phil Parlapiano on December 2, The duo's 12th annual cruise, a weeklong jaunt along the Mexican coast, was held January AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript.

They continued to perform, Album), and they had another songwriting success when they co-wrote "You Don't Have to Go Home Tonight" with the TripletsDiana, Sylvia, and Vicky Villegas, whose recording of the song peaked in the Top 20 in May Parachute issued their second album, Broken Moon, on October 20,and their third, Pendulum, on August 30, Then, Parachutetoo, discontinued operations.

Aware that time was now against them, they next recorded an album of other people's songs, Hogging the Covers October 16,then assembled a live DVD, Carry on Together, released by AIX Entertainment on July 3,and Album) issued another studio album of original material, Learning to Fall co-billed to longtime sideman Phil Parlapiano on December 2, The duo's 12th annual cruise, a weeklong jaunt along the Mexican coast, was held January Sign In.

Listen Now Browse Radio Search. Lowen And Navarro. Messages 9, QRSS brutalist. GearHeadFred Member. Messages 1, It's a great rock amp, but I found that the knobs had very little effect on the tone!

At least compared to a Fender amp. I used to laugh about it - telling bandmates that they only put the knobs on there to entertain the guitarist! Messages 11, GearHeadFred said:. Zeegler Member.

Yembele, Island In The Sun - Minnie Riperton - Love Lives Forever (CDr, Album), Waiting On The Moon - Oedipus Scream - The Mental Purpose (Vinyl, LP, Album), Liberation - Augustos Pablo* - Liberation (Vinyl), The Love I Lost - Seventh Avenue - The Love I Lost (Vinyl), North American Scum - Onanistic Dub - LCD Soundsystem - 45:33 (CD, Album), Folget Der Heißgeliebten, Cold Shot - Stevie Ray Vaughan - Voodoo Chile (DVD), Tumsa Nahin Dekha - Bappi Lahiri - Wanted (Vinyl), Yardbird Suite - Miles Davis - Complete Savoy & Dial Recordings (CD), Sunday Sun - Calm - Blue Planet (CD, Album), Eurydice - Flemming Dalum - Boogie Down Box-Set (CD)

Mad Dog - Little Bob Story - Vacant Heart (CD)

Mad Dog - Little Bob Story - Vacant Heart (CD)

EP,Mercury Records. All or Nothing 2. Hot n'Sweaty. All Or Nothing 2. Riot in Toulouse. Live,RCA Records. Hometown Crowd 2. Ten Kids Down 3. Seaside Bar Song 4. Nobody's Born to Loose 5. You've Missed Too Much 6. You Make Me Crazy 8. Say Mama 9.

Lucille High Time. For Nothing 2. Off the Rails 3. Hometown Crowd 4. Nobody's Born to Lose 5. Italian Nights 6. Come See Me 7. Seaside Bar Song 8. Try 9. Action In Love with Peggy Sue You've Missed Too Much Total playing time Seaside Bar Song 2. Italian Nights. EP,Champagne Records.

High Time 2. I'm Crying. Lucille 2. Album,RCA Records. Switchblade Julie 2. Golden Mad Dog - Little Bob Story - Vacant Heart (CD) 3. Rockin' Down My Street 4. Women on My Side 5. Steely Blue Morning 6. Bus Stop 7. Go Boy 9. Song for the Blind Get Out My Way She's a Heartbreaker Friend and Me. Bus Stop 2. Switchblade Julie. She's Mine 2. Get Out of My Way 3. Then Remember 4. Play with Fire 5. Little Girl Lost 6. Ten Million People in Paris 7. Seaside Bar Song You Make Me Crazy Stay Mama Riot In Toulouse Lucille High Time.

Artists Releases Discover Reviews About. Log in Create account. Back to: Releases. Shipping and Returns. About this release Little Bob Story was a French rock band with Mad Dog - Little Bob Story - Vacant Heart (CD) rhythm 'n' blues Mad Dog - Little Bob Story - Vacant Heart (CD).

Little Bob continues to record and perform with his band Blues Bastards. CD1 Come See Me 1. Just Friends Live in London By the same artist No more albums from this artist. Literally setting venues on fire! Touring as if the fate of the free world depended on it.

Today, Little Bob leads a new band since 11 yearsreleased 11 solo's albums, and Mad Dog - Little Bob Story - Vacant Heart (CD) rock has changed. His music is drawing deeper into the roots of blues. A mixed up of tribal rock with burning emotion and powerful feeling. The greatest have always considered Bob as one of their own. Bob pulls Mad Dog - Little Bob Story - Vacant Heart (CD) off, never blinks, never winks, he discards the "Camp," easy way-out, gambles on the power of bare emotion, and comes out a winner.

His look and tremondous voice make him unique to the audience.

Memory Of What?, Alley Cat - Terminal White - The Color-Line (CD), Barrow Burns - Brian Reitzell - 30 Days Of Night (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (CD, Album), Just Say Yes, Call Me (C&J Radio Mix Instrumental) - Tweet - Call Me (Vinyl), Barely Breathing - Jimmy Kaleth, Bob Mitchell, Jez Pike - Trance Energy (CD), Leaving You, She Comes In Waves (Mars Dub) - Crazy Mary - Astronaut Dubs (CD), Romeo Juliet - CCM* - Live In SO.36 (Vinyl, LP, Album), I Can Give You The Starlight From The Dancing Years - Various - The Magical World Of Operetta (CD, Chase That Devil Away - Pentangle - In The Round (CD, Album), Minus Me, Jack Kaufman (2) / Al Jolson - Ill See You In C-U-B-A / That Wonderful Kid From Madrid (Shellac), Therell Always Be Another Spring - Don Lusher & His Big Band Sounds Of The 70s* - Lusher & L

See See The Sun - Kayak - See See The Sun (CD, Album)

See See The Sun - Kayak - See See The Sun (CD, Album)

Namespaces Article Talk. Album) Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Nederlands Edit links. Why the label decided to use the demo versions is unknown, but they both sound quite finished to me without hearing the finished versions of them.

By the time you get to "Nothingness" you are ready for something not so bright, and you get it here with a soaring and sweet ballad which carries over somewhat in the next track that grows off of that.

The title track opens up the 2nd side with what is probably the best track on the album. At this point, more of the symphonic style is added in though throughout the album you have heard the use of the string ensemble, you'll really notice it here along with the Alan Parson's Project similarities.

After this, the tracks are a bit shorter and begin to sound alike as they continue in this manner with the See See The Sun - Kayak - See See The Sun (CD prog-pop they are known for. Things cool down a bit for the softer and flowing instrumental, the demo version of "Irene" which closes the album.

Just as is the case with most of Kayak's music, this album spotlights that pop-prog sound with the right mix of symphonic and folk influences that make it feel like, on first listen, that you are not even hearing prog. But as you become more familiar with it, you start to notice the non-standard phrasing and lyrical tendencies and the other subtle things the band uses to give it a light amount of complexity.

As with most of their albums, it is a very pleasant listen, not at all challenging, yet not groundbreaking at all either. Many hard-core progressive fans will not like this because it is quite light on the progressiveness, but if you enjoy the lighter side of prog, then you should know this band because this is what they specialize in.

On the A side, from the album of the same name, we have "Phantom of the Night", a romantic ghosts tale, See See The Sun - Kayak - See See The Sun (CD nice vocals, exquisite classical piano and electric guitar lines rounding the chorus in a way that is really hard to forget. On the B side, "Ivory Dance" is a nifty, yet not tremendously See See The Sun - Kayak - See See The Sun (CD keyboards excercise resulting in some amusement for a night where your dining plans went overboard. Review by kev rowland Special Collaborator Honorary Reviewer.

Anyway, it is all about the music, and this double CD set lasts nearly two hours, yet it flies by. Here we have a band who may only have got together for the tour, yet the name has a long history and the crowd know all the songs and are there for a great time, and of course the band reacts to that.

Schwertman and Singor are new names to me, but they are more than Album) for the job. Scherpenzeel is at the helm, which given he wrote or co-wrote virtually all the 22 songs on display is no surprise, and with a strong rhythm section it allows Schwertman and Singor to really relax into their roles.

Singor is a very powerful guitarist, and if this band had been formed 20 years later than they had, then they would be discussed as neo prog as certainly in the live environment that is how their material comes across. Hard rock, melodic rock, progressive rock all combines together to create music which is dynamic, forceful and plain great fun.

Schwertman may have been an unknown before joining the band in time for the last album, but he is at home with the old material as he is with the new and is a singer with plenty of range and emotion. Let us all hope that Scherpenzeel fully recovers from his heart attack, and that this band can again get back into the studio and then onto the stage as nearly fifty years down the road, Kayak still have a great deal to offer the prog world.

Related Identities. Associated Subjects. Kayaks Rock music. Alternative Names. English 35 German 3 Dutch 3. PerformerInstrumentalistSinger. Nou, het nummer is helemaal niks maar who cares. De echte Kayak-fijnproever komt wellicht op latere albums meer tot zijn of haar gerief maar de progressieve en symfonische aspiraties zijn hier op hun grootst. Dick van der Heijde. Album) Koopman: drums, orgel, percussie en zang op Lovely Luna Cees van Leeuwen: basgitaar, percussie en achtergrondzang Ton Scherpenzeel: toetsen, percussie en achtergrondzang Johan Slager: gitaar en achtergrondzang Max Werner: zang, Mellotron en percussie Met medewerking van: Giny Busch: viool G.

Gerelateerde artikelen. I am just a dolphin, diving into a sound' Because life itself is made up of fragments, stolen from time or from our daily life Fragments from the present or immortalized in old photographs that time has not yet faded

海路 - Utada Hikaru - Ultra Blue (CD, Album), Every Time... - Grapell - Love Chamber (EP) (Vinyl, LP), Green Eyes - Bob Eberly And Helen OConnell With Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra - Remember Jimmy (Vin, Let Them Eat Credit Default Swaps - BSHC* - The Tightening Yoke Of Neoliberalism (Lathe Cut), Juicy Luicy - Klaatu - Sun Set: 1973-1981 (CD, Album), Rue The Day - Died Pretty - Every Brilliant Eye (Vinyl, LP, Album), Fecal Gangstas - Kitten Felcher - Bakers Dozen Of Ass Muffins (CDr, Album), Stable - Heavenly Beat - Prominence (Vinyl, LP, Album), Eternal World - Crimson Glory - Transcendence (Cassette, Album), Independence Day - Bruce Springsteen - The River (CD, Album), High Plains - Various - TransAmerica: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (CD), Misery Tourism - Marcel Wave (2) - Exotic Prints (CD), You Were My Light - Edgar Winters White Trash - Edgar Winters White Trash (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Even The Bad Times Are Good - The Tremeloes - The Ultimate Collection (Vinyl, LP)

Even The Bad Times Are Good - The Tremeloes - The Ultimate Collection (Vinyl, LP)

As of he appeared to no longer be actively performing. Dave Munden born Even The Bad Times Are Good - The Tremeloes - The Ultimate Collection (Vinyl 2 December died on 15 Octoberat age From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Tremeloes in Current members The Tremeloes Rick Westwood — guitar, vocals —, —present Len "Chip" Hawkes — bass, vocals —, —, —present Mick Clarke — bass, vocals —, —, —present Richard Marsh — guitar, vocals —present Jodie Hawkes — drums, vocals —present [10] The Trems Joe Gillingham — keyboards, vocals —present Jeff Brown — bass, vocals —present Syd Twynham — guitar, vocals —present Phil Wright — drums, vocals —present [11] Former members Dave Munden — drums, vocals — died Alan Blakley — rhythm guitar, keyboards, vocals —, —; his death Brian Poole — vocals —,Alan Howard — bass, vocals — Ron Townsend — guitar, vocals Bob Benham — guitar, vocals — Aaron Woolley — guitar, vocals — Dave Fryer — bass, vocals — Eddie Jones — guitar, vocals — RhythmOne Group.

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Silence Is Golden. Let Your Hair Hang Down. Gilbert O'Sullivan. Doug Kershaw. When I'm With Her. Len "Chip" Hawkes. Even the Bad Times Are Good. Jenny's Alright. Be Mine. Suddenly Winter. LP) Song. Alan Hawkshaw. Negotiations in Soho Square. I'm With You All the Way. Come on Home. Suddenly You Love Me. Friday 21 May Saturday 22 May Sunday 23 May Monday 24 May Tuesday 25 May Wednesday 26 May Thursday 27 May Friday 28 May Saturday 29 May Sunday 30 May Monday 31 May Tuesday 1 June Wednesday 2 June Thursday 3 June Friday 4 June Saturday 5 June Sunday 6 June Monday 7 June Tuesday 8 June Wednesday 9 June Thursday 10 June Friday 11 June Saturday 12 June Sunday 13 June Monday 14 June Tuesday 15 June Wednesday 16 June Thursday 17 June Friday LP) June Saturday 19 June Sunday 20 June Monday 21 June Tuesday 22 June Wednesday 23 June Thursday 24 June Friday 25 June Saturday 26 June Sunday 27 June Monday 28 June Tuesday 29 June Wednesday 30 June Thursday 1 July Friday 2 July

Trying To Accept The FOulness Of Modern Society - Human Atrocity - Driven Into Realms Of Dark Hatred, Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop) - Def Leppard - Mirror Ball - Live & More (CDr, Album), The Weasel - Little Roy Wiggins - Mister Steel Guitar (Vinyl, LP, Album), Heigh Ho - Unknown Artist - Walt Disneys Story Of Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (Vinyl, LP), Real Men - Marc Shaiman - City Slickers II: The Legend Of Curlys Gold (Original Motion Picture Sound, Ornans Floor - Live Worship (CD, Album), Freestyle - Funkmaster Flex - The Mix Tape Volume III (60 Minutes Of Funk - The Final Chapter) (Viny, Loaded - Primal Scream - Screamadelica (Vinyl, LP, Album), Is It Scary - Michael Jackson - MP3 Collection (CD), Rock Ya Soul (Original Mix) - Neurotek - The Complete Worx (File, MP3), For The Better - Visionstain - JohnJacobJingleheimerSchmidt (CD, Album), Loving You - Trever T - Loving You (Vinyl)

Hardstyle Disco - Various - Future Trance Vol. 28 (CD)

Hardstyle Disco - Various - Future Trance Vol. 28 (CD)

Sandy's Groove - Kool Kat original mix. Hotmood - So Good original mix. Akira - Out The Fire original mix. Q Narongwate - Don't Understand Hardstyle Disco - Various - Future Trance Vol. 28 (CD) remix. Get new release alerts Various LW Recordings. Coming Soon. DJ Charts. Juno Recommends. Gift Vouchers. All Genres. Rock All. Studio Equipment. Techno All. Techno Hard Techno.

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People also bought Ein Fenster Zur Sparache limited 1-sided clear vinyl 12". Vinyl Digital Germany. Good Life 7". Review: 'Good Life' remains an enduring soul classic that unites people of all ages on the dance floor. Well, now you can also enjoy it as reinterpreted by the Brassroots band, made up of leader and trombone man Jerome Harper with various other brass men alongside him.

They keep the original's lead hook, which becomes a big, bold, tooting celebration up top while the fat bottom bass drives it along below. On the flip is the big, churning rhythm and more heft bass and bass work of 'Try Again. Slow Dance 12". Athens Of The North. Review: It's hard to keep up with the number of releases that Athens Of Hardstyle Disco - Various - Future Trance Vol. 28 (CD) North are putting out this month, but you really must try. Their first offering 'Slow Dance' is perfection - lush 80s synths, slow-motion boogie beats and drum machines marbled with little guitar riffs and soulful vocals that ate you to a better place.

Mike Gillig. Rock With Me. It's a Dream. Manuel "Manian" Reuter. Celebrate the Summer. Still in Love. Marcus Layton. Track Listing - Disc 2. The Age of Love. Bruno Sanchioni. Live 4 Music. Lamenting City. Axel Coon. So Today. Alexander Perls. Phil Larsen. Love Comes Again. MARK E. In The City EP 12". Shelter: Bulding It Still 12". Coloring Lessons. Review: Craig Handfield and Brandon Weem are musclecars, a new York house duo well known in their home city and quickly making international waves.

That will continue as long as they keep serving up grooves as unique as the ones here in unison with their party-turned-label Coloring Lessons, and popular shows on The Lot Radio.

The opener here is defined by tender piano keys and intimate field recordings which make for a deeply involving mood. Your Love Is True, his first outing ofis another excitable, peak-time ready gem.

The standout is probably French Touch-style disco-house jam 'Your Love Is True', though the accompanying dub, which makes more of his superb percussion programming and douses many musical elements in pleasing amounts of delay, is our highlight. Over on the flip he showcases his stoned, downtempo side via the drowsy chords, trippy vocal samples and soft touch beats of 'Fuis', before brilliantly re-imagining it as an ultra-deep house workout on 'Espace Fuis'.

No Ordinary Game 2 limited 12". No Ordinary Game. Review: Now that the disco edit well is in danger of running dry, more and more scalpel fiends are looking further afield for inspiration.

One of the leading exponents of this new wave is the shadowy No Ordinary Game crew, who impressed on their debut earlier in the year. They're in fine form on this equally as impressive single, kicking things off with a jazz piano-rich version of a late '80s, house-not-house number 'No Reason'. To round things off, they have their merry way with a throbbing, slap-bass-propelled slab of mid-'80s, Sheffield-forged electrofunk 'It's All Lies'.

Around The World 12". Eat More House Germany. Bankruit EP 12". Young Heavy Souls. The Hexachord EP gram vinyl 12". Their strain of minimal tech house has a raw, percussive focus which champions the power of the drums, whipping up interwoven rhythms aimed squarely at the floor and nowhere else. EP 12 12". Review: Committed to bringing their biggest digital releases to wax, funky house house powerhouse Defected delivers a package of top notch heaters here for their vinyl debut. Over on the flip, it's all about Italian veteran producer Riva Starr of Snatch!

Records fame, who serves up the electrifying gospel house vibe of 'Love Divine' featuring Phebe Edwards. There's the Extended Mix as well as the smoother Extended Funk Mix next, which was our pick of the bunch. Common Dreams. Review: Deep house don Brad Peterson started the Common Dreams label and alias back in as another outlet for his prolific strain of machine soul. Various Hardstyle Disco - Various - Future Trance Vol.

28 (CD) have graced the label including John Shima and Dan Piu, but now Peterson returns to steer the ship himself with a new project entitled Ancient Trees vs Skyscrapers.

It's not hard to ascertain the ideas bubbling away behind the release, and sure enough Peterson rolls out exquisite synthesis which ebbs and flows with a fluidity which feels inspired by nature, albeit still very much in the context of crisply rendered deep house and techno with a Motor City influence. Organ Nights Blue Ocean Mix 12". Modified Suede US.

Review: Originally released on Spiritual Life Music way back inScott Hardstyle Disco - Various - Future Trance Vol. 28 (CD) superb collaboration with Hammond organist Chris Codish returns in a various not previously heard. Whereas the original mix was a warming but rhythmically punchy deep house number that built energy through waves of Hammond solos, this version - 'The Blue Ocean Mix' - is a far more relaxed, heady and dreamy affair.

In fact, it dispenses with the original's traditional house altogether in favour of an immersive, ambient house style blend of twinkling electronics, hazy chords, field recordings of lapping waves and organic, bongo-rich percussion. Throw in Grooves' warming bassline Hardstyle Disco - Various - Future Trance Vol. 28 (CD) Codish's impeccable organ solos, and you have a near minute late-night treat.

Add to cart! Keep 'Em Movin' EP 12". Michigander US. Review: Coming off a successful transatlantic exchange, Brian Kage and his Michigander label keep the momentum, and the collaborative spirit, moving with an EP that hits closer to home. For any Detroit artist, working with Delano Smith would be on the bucket list, as one of the city's original, more influential DJs - before the D developed any of its "waves" - who would come into his own as a producer later to, once again, help mold the Techno City's sound.

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Goines Tale - CRU - Da Dirty 30 (Cassette, Album), Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra Featuring Jimmy Dorsey - The Fabulous Dorseys In Hi-Fi Volume I (Viny, Metal Gods - Judas Priest - Live 1988 (CDr, Album), junk frequency - Submarine (3) - She Dont Like The Bee-Gees (CD, Album), Meteor Shower - Symbiosis Syndicate - Symbiosis Syndicate (Cassette, Album), Danza Del Mar - Various - Danza Del Mar (CD), Dissiplin - Sumach - Garlikillz (CDr), Different Melody - Various - Xque Compilation 2000 (CD), War - Harnleita - Ride The Punk Rock Rocket !!! (Vinyl, Album), I Dont Want To Spoil The Party - The Beatles - Beatles For Sale (Cassette, Album), Coming (Album Version), All I Want (Single Mix) - Various - Cultura De Club. 02 (CD), Piano Trio - Celea Liebman Reisinger - World View (CD, Album), The Last Time - Ragdoll (3) - Back To Zero (CD, Album)