Use Your Imagination

Use Your Imagination

Use Your Imagination is a story about a rabbit who is a little bit bored and gets preyed upon by a big bad wolf who wants to take advantage. Cleverly, by using its imagination, rabbit reverses roles and shows the wolf who's boss!/5().

By Neville Goddard | The following text is a transcription of a lecture. The purpose of this record is to show you how to use your imagination to achieve your every desire. Most men are totally unaware of the creative power of a imagination and invariably bow before the dictates of “facts” and accepts life on the basis of the world without. But when you discover this creative power within yourself, you will .

 · At that moment, I used my imagination and took out the phone and started talking loudly on the phone. I knew that my phone was dead, but they didn’t know that the phone was dead. As they came closer, I started saying that I am just around the corner. As Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins.

 · Here are the vocabularies for “describe a time you needed to use your imagination” with examples: Make use of imagination: Use the power of imagination to visualize vividly. Eg: When Jane told me about her boyfriend, I had to make use of my imagination to know how her boyfriend looks like. Run into: come ted Reading Time: 2 mins.

Like any other function of the soul, imagination can be used for purposes that are contrary to God. But when our imagination is placed under the Spirit’s control, supernatural force is released. In fact, there is a powerful link between imagination and faith. Let’s ted Reading Time: 7 mins.

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