Four White Walls - Hawthorne Heights - Hate (Vinyl)

Four White Walls - Hawthorne Heights - Hate (Vinyl)

That's the power of music, right? I don't have an ipod, but i have only an 8g iphone, so might come out weirdish. I'm going to put some songs on random on my computer. My iPod has slim ish pickins. Round 2 for me: 1. Jimmy Scott - Slave to Love 2. Quantic Soul Orchestra - Tropidelico 3. Z- Trip - Tom Sawyer Remix 4. Lonnie Liston-Smith - Summer Knights 6.

Floyd the Locsmif - Goin' Diggin' 7. Annie - No Easy Love 8. Joseph Malik - Diablo Jamiroquai - Picture of My Life. Hot Like Fire: Aaliyah 2. Ghetto Guitar: Jagged Edge 3. The Search is Over: Journey 4. Same Girl: R. Kelly n Usher 5. Dead and Bloated: STP 6. Talking in Your Sleep: The Romantics 7. These Dreams: Heart 9. Down 4 Whatever: Monica Spanish Joint: D'Angelo.

First things first: Virginia, your list is fantastic. Second things second, then: I wanna do it again. It's been months I have the 1st generation nano, not much memory there. I want in on this! Tony we have a lot of the same stuff on our devices. I have a shitload of Pinback I'll Four White Walls - Hawthorne Heights - Hate (Vinyl) Sweat - Inner Circle Mr.

Cool post! This is off my nano that I use when i work out. I have the cd! All I do is listen to my iPod on shuffle all day. Christy - how is the santogold cd? Same here! The Shins - New Slang J. Bach - Sonata No. Elizabeth Shepherd - Sicilienne 3. Jamiroquai - Blow Your Mind 5. Shawn Lee - Chase Adults 6. DJ Shine - First Snow 9. Yesterday's New Quintet - Umoja Buck 65 - Way Back When. Is it cheesy that this is my third time? I just like music! Matt Nathanson - Bulletproof Weeks 2. Jem - Falling for you 3.

Disturbed - I'm Alive 4. Feist - When I was a young girl 5. James Morrison - Wonderful World 6. Phantom Planet - Jabberjaw 9. Brandi Carlile - Creep Sensefield - Save Yourself I fricken love this game. PS- I like that someone has resurrected this thread. Re-read the posts and remembered the music that I forgot was missing huh?

Good stuff! Spot on! Navy Four White Walls - Hawthorne Heights - Hate (Vinyl) - Rape Me Good job, shuffle function! I'm buying you a drink. Oh, but you can't drink.

OK, I'LL drink it. Round Third time's the charm I'm off for a Sunday walk It is almost like the shuffle function is dedicating the mix to mood match today. Can't stay away from this thread I need new music on my playa Hey, Ms.

Fish, you still going to not use media player to play and do a subtle brickbat for yer wife to get you a nano? I didn't delete too much, but i did add a few albums. My dog ATE my mp3 player. No joke. This conversation is older than 2 months and has been closed to new posts. Yelp,and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. For Businesses. Write a Review. Home Services. Auto Services. Yelp San Diego. New York. San Jose. Los Angeles. Palo Alto. More Cities. Search Talk.

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In town. Anti-Vaxer, horse dewormer, doctors are killing patients thread. What's for lunch? Lets play what's on your Ipod. Tomas H. San Diego, CA friends reviews. Report as inappropriate. Matthew V. San Diego, CA friends 64 reviews. Refugio G. EXILE Includes download. MY HAT WONKY SCARS EMPTY VICES Bruising yet sincere lyrics dealing with revenge, honor, and heartbreak take the listener on a hardcore joyride through a land where drugs, money and sex reign supreme.

White vinyl. FOCUS TEN A. The album's message was one of social betterment, the improvement of self as well as personal struggles and environmental concerns. Snapcase's music and message combined to create one of the undergrounds most interesting and important bands.

Now available again on black vinyl from Victory Records. VENT GREY LIFT FACE YOUTH A And You Will. Andersen, Mark. Andrew Jackson Jihad. Andy The Band. Angel City Outcasts. Angel Dust. Angel Hair. Angel Olsen. Angel Witch. Angelic Upstarts. Angels Of Light. Anger Regiment. Angest Strange. Angry Angles. Angry Samoans.

Angry Vets. Animal Collective. Anka Paul. Ann Beretta. Anna Oxygen. Anna Von Hausswolff. Annihilation Time. Another Breath. Another Sinking Ship. Antagonizers ATL. Anthem Eighty Eight. Anti Atlas. Anti Cimex. Anti Flag. Anti Matter Book. Anti Pasti. Anti-Nowhere League. Antioch Arrow. Antony And The Johnsons. Apartments, The. Apathetic Youth. Apatia No. Apes, the. Aphex Twin. Apocalypse Tribe. Apostles, The. Appalachian Terror Unit. Aqua Bendita.

Aqua Nebula Oscillator. Aquarian Blood. Arab On Radar. Arab Strap. Arbor Labor Union. Arc Iris. Arcade Fire. Arctic Flowers. Arctic Monkeys. Archaeas, the. Archie Bronson Outfit. Ariel Pink. Ariel Pink's Haunted. Arise And Ruin. Arktau Eos. Arliss Nancy. Armor For Sleep.

Arms Race. Armstrong, Louis. Army Of Ponch. Arright Antraek. Arrogant Twins. Articles Of Faith. Artificial Brain. Artificial Peace. Artimus Pyle.

As Friends Rust. As I Lay Dying. Ash Borer. Asobi Seksu. Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound. Assfactor 4. Asshole Parade. Asta Kask. Astrid Williamson. At The Drive In. At The Gates. Ataris, The. Atlantean Kodex. Atlas Losing Grip. Atlas Sound. Atman Acron. Atom Age. Atom And His Package. Atom Notes. Atomic Bitchwax.

Atomic Cries. Atoms For Peace. Attitude Adjustment. Attractive And Popular. Auerbach, Dan. August Burns Red. August Prophecy.

Aunt Mary. Aura Noir. Aus Rotten. Aussitot Mort. Austin Lucas. Austrasian Goat. Autistic Youth. Autumn Offering. Avey Tares Slasher Flicks. Avi Buffalo. Awaken Demons. Axis Of Despair. Aye Nako. B Boys. B Girls, the. Baader Brains. Babes In Toyland. Baboon Show, The. Baby Dee. Baby Washington. Backstabbers Inc. Backyard Babies. Bad Brains. Bad Breeding. Bad Dudes. Bad Luck Charms. Bad Manners. Bad Religion. Bad Sports. Bad Vision. Baker, Aidan nadja. Baker, Julien. Balance Of Terror.

Bamboo Kids. Band Of Horses. Banks, Paul. Banned In DC. Banner Pilot. Banner, The. Baptist Generals. Barbed Wire. Bare Escape.

Bare Mutants. Baretta Love. Barlow, Lou. Barn Owl. Barry, Tim. Barstool Preachers. Barwick, Julianna. Basement Jaxx. Bastard Noise. Baton Rouge. Bats And Mice. Battalion Of Saints. Battle Of Mice. Battle Path. Battle Royale. BB King. Bc Camplight. Be Well.

Beach Boys. Beach House. Beach Rats. Beach Slang. Bear Vs Shark. Beastie Boys. Beasts, The. Beat Beat Beat. Beat Happening. Beatnik Termites. Beautiful New Born Children. Beautiful Ones. Beautiful Skin. Beauty Pill. Beauty To Ashes. Bedlight For Blue Eyes. Behind Enemy Lines. Behind The Shadow Drops. Bell Witch. Belle And Sebastian. Bellicose Minds. Bellmer Dolls.

Beltones, The. Ben Davis. Ben Frost. Beneath The Massacre. Beneath The Sky. Benjamin Zephaniah. Benjy Ferree. Bent Life. Bent Sea. Bent Wind. Beps 'n' Johnnies. Berry, Chuck. Bersarin Quartett. Bert Queiroz. Besnard Lakes. Beth Orton. Beton Combo. Better Oblivion Community Center. Better Off Dead. Better Than A Thousand. Between The Buried And Me. Between The Wars. Bi Marks. Big Black. Big Boys. Big Brave. Big Business. Big Crux. Big Eyes. Big Cheese.

Big Chief. Big Kids. Big Sexy Noise. Big Sir. Big Takeover. Big Thief. Bikini Kill. Bill MacKay. Billie Eilish. Billy Fay Group. Billy Childish. Billy Idol. Billy No Mates snuff. Bipolar Bear. Birds In Row. Birds Of Passage.

Birds Of Prey. Birthday Party. Bishop Allen. Bishops Green. Bite Down. Bitchin Bajas and Bonnie Prince Billy. Bitter End. Bizarre Uproar. Bjork, Brant. Bjork, Brant And The Operators. Blaak Heat. Blaak Heat Shujaa. Black Angels. Black Anvil. Black Army Jacket. Black Baron. Black Boned Angel. Black Breath. Black Cat Black Cobra. Black Cross. Black Dahlia Murder. Black Diamond Heavies.

Black Dice. Black Eyes. Black Flag. It lets the fans know they Four White Walls - Hawthorne Heights - Hate (Vinyl) directly contributing to the longevity and sustainability of the band. Then Facebook and Instagram for the rest — and our website! Not to go too in-depth about the history, I can tell you that we started out in with a different line-up and a different musical genre, but after a year we had found a pretty solid line-up and started to refine our sound.

I think we now have found a solid ground on our genre. Wormwood Four White Walls - Hawthorne Heights - Hate (Vinyl) from the bible and goes by the Apsinthos. It was a star which fell from the heavens and made the rivers sour so man became sick. Wormwood for us is both the biblical meaning and our own personal meaning. Warrel Dane from Nevermore has been immensely influential for me, not only with his very different voice but for the pure poetry he writes in his lyrics. Also the deep and profound lyrics of Patrick Walker from Warning, the amazing musical compositions of Christofer Johnsson from Therion and the roaring vocals from Ihsahn!

My highest privilege would be to do a collaboration with Akira Yamaoka, the man who did most of the Silent Hill soundtracks. His way of finding a soundscape devoid of hope and a happy ending is just perfect.

Dark ambient sounds, melancholic acoustic strings and deep foreboding bass! I still have it and wear it occasionally till this day.

Warrel Dane from Nevermore! Beyond a shadow of a doubt! His untimely death was a hard blow to the metal scene and for me personally, it was devastating. Lest we forget…! Expressing your art to people who loved it is a very humbling and great feeling.

I am pretty sure that there are people who work who do things which others enjoy, but there is something magical about doing it when it comes to music. You put down your brittle soul and tainted blood into it, and then many people understand it, love it and even want to support you. That is really something else.

Is the biggest the best? Five people that are easy going and they will come with a big bag of beer to share. I guess it would be the band. Huge thanks to guitarist Kriss Rayner for taking part.

Kriss Raynerguitarist of Blame the Sacred. The band, in its current form, is around 10 months old. Funny how, when you stop looking for something, it finds you. They instantly liked the idea of having two guitars when me and Andy started adding layers to their existing material.

Bassists were a bit of an issue at the time, commitment wise. I had a chat with him on a few occasions and when things were right for him, he came down. Instant chemistry. Wez liked the music, and the direction we wanted to go, so everything came together. Material ideas and concepts just came really quickly and easily. Donny has always had a decent scene and has always had small venues to support this The leopard, Hallcross, Vintage rockbar etcbut I always felt like the bands kinda ride the coattails of bands from Sheffield.

There will be a new music video to accompany one of the tracks from it. Then there was Limp Bizkit, who I still love today. Tough one! I guess Download. Stick with us! The chemistry is established now and the material is coming fast and is great. I love the creative process, writing and structuring a song. That a band has to be already established before any record company will entertain them. It takes me away to somewhere else when I listen to it. And the crowd were great, as were the Blackwater boys.

Top lads! Some form of design, maybe photography or videography. Writing is ongoing, being with four other likeminded people makes it hard to not come up with material. Just all the usual Facebook Instagram iTunes Spotify etc.

If you like Four White Walls - Hawthorne Heights - Hate (Vinyl) we do, please support us by buying our music and merch. Unfortunately for most bands, revenue from merch and music sales is their biggest source of income. Huge thanks to vocalist Niki for taking part. I joined the band in after Niina the drummer asked me to join.

One of the founders of the band is Niina who plays the drums! We are all from Finland and we live in Helsinki. I used to love to dance so I listened to lots of music and of course sang along all the time, MTV back in the days when Four White Walls - Hawthorne Heights - Hate (Vinyl) still played music videos was really inspiring. Also my brother used to listen really loud to Alice Cooper everyday so I guess that might have inspired me to!

I would say Freddie Mercury because he would have written so many more killer songs! I love writing music and preforming! Me and my Fiance love throwing dinner parties at our house and we made our basement into a band rehearsal place so we usually have dinner and then go downstairs jamming. She is a dear friend and she could play the electric violin with my fiance on the drums then we would have lots of fun and an interesting jam night lol!

Mostly Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! Happy everyone! Hope you enjoy our music and hope to see you at the shows! My name is Max Liam. I am the guitarist and lead vocalist.

The band came together as a result of both our bands falling apart, but we had been unknowingly sharing a bassist. We ended up doing a one-off show with said bassist, and Ron Terrell, Drummer and I decided to keep in touch after. One thing led to another. The idea was to come up with an attention grabbing name. We are from the US. Specifically, Milwaukee! The metal scene here is weird. Lots of bands, not a lot of collaboration, and the idea of competition over camaraderie is pretty heavily present.

Early Van Halen too!

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