Bless My Soul - Sha Na Na* - The Night Is Still Young (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Bless My Soul - Sha Na Na* - The Night Is Still Young (Vinyl, LP, Album)

I keep humming the words to ''Pink and Pleasant Plastic Jesus, and would deary love to get a copy to play for my elderly friendsw down here in Jacksonville, Il, where I have done retired to.

Cheers in decrepitude, Steve Hale. You guys were the best I ever heard-bar none. My friends all became fans. Thank you thank you thank you.!!! Please tell me if there is anyone producing the music or any plans to put more on the website years later and I still can not believe how great they are!! Please keep adding to website! Wit, insight, intelligence, and compassion at a very high level were infused into wonderful music.

Had two albums, time lost the first, ''Wilderness Road,'' but ''Prevention'' still a regular play on my turntable. Is there more? I got a pristine copy of the first album there for ten bucks a couple of years ago. I've since converted it to MP3.

I haven't had any luck tracking down any cd copies. Not sure if they actually exist. I grew up in the Chicago 'burbs and we played their albums over and over at our beer soaked parties. A big part of my wasted youth. Can someone talk these guys into doing a reunion concert? Takes me back a ways and a fun record. Keep at it. Im from downstate Illinois close to Macomb, actually Industry. Spadaro MD Email : lindmar78 aol. Thanx, MVS.

If so, is it possible to purchase them. I'm a fan from Chicago. I ended up buying two albums and enjoying them throughout my youth.

I think the albums are with my ex. I am a musician too and I was just getting started so it was pretty cool to have a recording artist at my house. I would buy the albums again if I know where to buy them.

Cheers, MC. I saw a lot of bands back in the seventies, but Wilderness Road always remined one of my favorite LP memories. I owned both albums, but with all the moves over the years, I can't seem to locate them anymore. Any information available as to where I might be able to replace them or find them on disc. Watching the videos on youtube has brought back a lot of good memories. Thanks gary. It starts with some outlaw songs and some religious stuff, and ends with the Rev. Korvette thing with the commercials.

Can anyone provide a track listing and album info for this? Really cool stuff. Thanks, Paul. So many memories. Korvette Say about all of us old hippie freaks that still fly the flag high. I'm another longtime fan since seeing the band at a variety of Chicago-area venues while an undergrad at Northwestern.

My favorite shows were in a crowded UofC room during the dead of winter, my first I'd also be interested in any unreleased material such as what seems to be discussed in other messages on this site. Regards to Warren and the Crew, and I hope to hear from you soon. Is there a CD available? I wanted to get an album I think was entitled ''Sold for the Prevention. I would still like to get it. Better yet, I would like both albums on CD.

Can you steer me to a source? Thank you. Barry Mears bdmears royell. I have been trying for 25 years. Can you help? My rock band, Sha-Boom covered ''Testify'' in our live shows. Are any CD's available? I have a cassette tape of 'Sold For The Prevention Or, could you post the first side of 'Sold For Tried to look up informationabout your band many times with no luck.

Accidentally found your site today via a link from Ebay where a fellow is selling one of your 2 CD sets. Item number: Can you authenticate his story? I'm tempted to bid I have had a vinyl copy of ''Sold for prevention of Disease'' for many years Has always been a favorite of mine, turned my teenage daughters on to it, and have often looked for a CD version. In particular, I've always enjoyed the humor, and being an ex drag racer and having owned a speed shop for 15 years I clued into the Arnie Beswick references immediately.

I'm probably well known among my friends for describing things as ''genuine simulated leather hand-tooled'' or for claiming that something usually in a bottle will ''fight crime, cure cancer and remove unwanted hair'' Drop me a line back sometime I've told many friends about your reference to Ricky and the Balloons and that it appears in the Guess Who's ''Glamour Boy'' as well, and have never understood if it was a joke known only to the cognoscenti of music or if there was another connection of some sort between your bands.

Thanks for many hours of enjoyment!! Is there a chance that there will be a CD release of your LP?? Best to all who are still alive. Regards, Charles Henderson. We've been rehashing our fondest memories of the early 70's and that album is at the top of the list with Quicksilver and Savoy Brown. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks, Charles. I made a cassette tape that I listened to in the car but that too ultimately disintergrated.

Has anyone been able to tranform this amazing album to CD? I'd love to get a copy. Are there any CDs or other types of copies of the group's records? I have copies of both the first Reprise Sold Any chance we'll see the release of either old or new material on compact disc?

The Wilderness Road canon holds up well today-because it is great music. I keep hoping Rhino or Collector's Choice or the like would do a release to do the material justice.

Shame to think of the masters going to waste in a vault somewhere. Barring any official release, I would be interested in CD-R's of any recordings new or old that might come available. They just don't do good satire anymore.

I was glad to see the website. Keep up the good work. I am a man, living in the north of Sweden, nearly 56 y. Do you know where I can get hold of this music again?

Greetings from Sweden and me Peter Email : mtbanjo mail. If you can help, I loved the album when I heard it and would like to buy it or copy it. Anyhow, so as to follow up my post of below, I decided to join this other person to help build their site. When you get there, go to the ''add friend'' link at the left hand side box to sign up Maybe the band could help with bio information, et al at some point later?

And so it goes! Best Regards! I've been a fan since the days WR was playing in Chicago late60's, early 70's I've been building a radio station page on MySpace I was curious, so I typed ''Wilderness Road'' in the myspace search box and up comes a page with another band that has WR as its name. Did you approve?

I'm a little irritated about this! I feel better that I emailed you about this matter in any case. It's a pleasure to have played your music on my internet radio stream Grace Street Theatre? You did material from the Bounty man album. Mucho Bizzare. Del Close tried to do standup, he was too drunk. He did a routine based on an Avram Davidson SF story. Hamilton Camp played, ''Pride of Man'', I think.

Nice to see the pics of the Rev. Korvette, with his cross. Decades before his time, back then he was satire. Now he would be a congressman. I am going to check out the audio files. My copy of ''Sold for the Prevention I will listen and laugh. I wish there was more out there! Pete Gemar Tucson, Az. By the way, doesn't seem to work. Bonato Email : ferox att. I first read about your band, in a Playboy music review.

Probably the only reading in that magazine I did at the time. I played your first album over and over again. It's so scratched now that it's not really playable. I've always hoped that a CD might come out but I guess that's not in the cards.

I'm listening to Pictures in a Gallery as I write this. Thanks again. CJ Senner. Marsillo Email : vwlssknght hotmail. I've been trying to find one for some time to no avail. I used to hang out at a bar on Sheridan Road called Minstrals, where the band once played - very small place, but it was great!

I was requesting songs by name, and someone in the band remarked ''We've got a real fan here. Glad I found the website, marty J. I was a frequent guest diamond mother on his radio show at wfmu kokain karma many times.

Comment : Hope all is well So, as I have both W. Rd albums, I threw ''Prevention'' on and listened Just wanted to let ya know. Do you have any idea where I might find one. My friends and I spent many a rockin' night at the ''Wise Fools'' with you guys Great stuff!!!

Any cd's available? I'd like my wife to here the devine electricity of the Lord, Mouthjive, and etc. THX Larry. My copies are worn out. The photos gave me flashbacks of one of the most memorable concerts I've ever attended.

It was at Northwestern University circa '71' You've been a great influence on my own music and I've really enjoyed listening to your 2 records over the past 35 years. Thank You! The time is right again for a ''revival''. If anyone knows how I can contact Steve. He was not just a Trip.

He was a legend Please Help -- Simon Lintell. I dont recall exactly how the song went, but the final lyrics were ''if I had known she was dead, I would never have asked her to dance.

I am not even sure it was Wilderness Road that performed it, but I thought it was. If I have my facts right, what is the name of that song and is there a recording of it anywhere? I had a an on again-off again relationship with a stunning blonde lady and my draft number was uncomfortably low enough to be called in for a physical. You guys looked like a band that played something like them. I took a chance and it paid off. In fact, it continues to pay dividends as I still have my vinyl copy with orig.

Today is August 7,I am 55 years old and your songs remain as enjoyable now as when I first heard them. Now the internet is allowing me to connect with the band and convey my thanks for your musical efforts so many years ago. It was screened in Berlin, and was told that the Road was one of the American mystery bands; here today and gone tomorrow, but their legacy was written by Jack Kerouac Larry Wilmersdorf, Berlin.

Saw you in Rockford many years ago after listening to your album. Was blown away. All I have now is a tape of your first album, which I worry will die one of these days. Can't find you on cd. Wish I could.

All these years later, I still love to listen to that tape. In the 70's, I was a native Chicagoan developing my pre-flight wings, and moving about the turbulent scene around and within me.

WR was part of the live soundtrack When my wings got to operational status, the first lp was one of the handful I brought with me to San Francisco Later on I found a used copy of the second lp after I landed in the Haight Thanks to the internet, I've started my own freeform online radio stream.

The recent buzz about the Da Vinci movie inspired me to put together a montage of music with different points of view about religion and spirituality. I hope all is well with WR and other fans. As I continue to tune in, There is usually a gospel sing on Sunday morning, and after the old favorites have been sung 'Bright Morning Star', 'Beulah Bless My Soul - Sha Na Na* - The Night Is Still Young (Vinyl, 'Uncloudy Day', etc.

I give them 'The Lord's Key', after which there is usually a stunned silence, followed by ''Where did that come from? Next year I think they'll be ready for 'Heavily Into Jesus'. I have both albums, was always hoping for more, and continue as long as I've got a working turntable to turn people on to one of the most original bands of all time. Thanks to all. Great street theater! It brought back fond memories of you guys, which I have shared with friends and family. Just got around to looking for you on the web and here you are.

Saw you often back in the day and knew Tom Haban. I was one of the kids who lugged equipment for the Euphoria Blimpworks Co. I attended Circle from and I believe I saw you there many times as well. I stopped following the rock scene in the 70s. I was a fan of WR back in the day--needless to say, I appreciate your sense of humor and politicsas well as your music. Anyway, I have a self-produced cd I'd like to send you for no reason, really, other than because of your work such as W.

Road, I'd be interested in what feedback you may have to offer me. On the cd, I'm kind of trying to find the place where novelty songs or a novel approach of SOME kind and day-to-day working class realities that I can relate to intersect; maybe subtly artsy but based in roots music enough to keep it non-fartsy. I dunno; i think I nailed it a couple times but if you'd be interested in hearing it, I'd be interested in what you think.

If so where should I send the disc? Terrific memeories of good times. In 'The gospel'. I cant make out the line, near thew beginning, after: What key does the good lord sing in is it A is it B is it C Does he ever lend a hand to I have the first two which I have played until they disappeared.

But I have heard of a third. All the great stuff you never recorded? Write anytime at tomhaban hotmail. Sheridan Road and after a couple Bless My Soul - Sha Na Na* - The Night Is Still Young (Vinyl fantastic sets went up and told Nate I believe that I thought the first album was the best concept album I had ever heard and was light years ahead of its time look at all the imitators like Styx suddenly taking an Old West bent in some of their songs!

Are the old albums available anymore or have they by some miracle been transferred to CD? I sure would hope so! Continued success in all your many ventures! I was talking to an old buddy of mine per email and he thought the Rev E J Corevette may of been from commander cody. Then I remembered I purchased a recording of Wilderness Road way back when.

I'm sure it was for prevention of disease only. A life time ago. Anyway, I just sent him your link. He'll love it. I see some old vinyl Album) sale on the web, but would like to get cd from you if available.

R releases I do not have? I bought the 2nd LP when it first came out inand it's still one of my faves. The synthesis of bluegrass, heavy rock, and humor is unlike any other band I've heard, and the vocals and harmonies are so spot on that I'm amazed every time I hear them. It's still a huge mystery to me why the band wasn't a chart-topper. The tunes are so memorable and fun! Perhaps like many bands WR were just a bit ahead of their time, and perhaps a little too smart and talented for their own good.

Luckily, we fans still have 2 exemplary recordings to go back to time and time again. I am in a local band and have been covering ''Heavily Into Jesus'' in my live shows for 30 years. Ive been trying to purchase a copy of the LP on tape or CD or a download but cannot find it.

I am also a bass player and made a good living at it for many years and I have a lot of respect for your musical talents. I,m looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you Don Preston. I've always been a fan of the band and played their music in heavy rotation when I first started in radio. In fact, we had local bands in the 70's that used to included WD's music in their sets at local high school and college dances.

Over the years, I've tried to collect memoribillia from the band. What ever happened to one of the most talented grops in music? Did they ever releases anything else, other than the first two LP's? Thanks for your time. It was a joy to visit this site! Just wanted to let you know that his father passed away yesterday. You can contact the Judge at or His computer has crashed. If you need to leave him a Album), you can e-mail me.

Thanks, Patsy R. Through your name in google and what a surprise to be able to see a picture of Tom. Hope you guys are healthy and happy. Your old friend John. Does anyone kinow where he is living and what he is doing? It was great listening to the audio files. Always enjoyed the band, live and on record.

Is it possible to obtain the records any longer? To this day, the satirical commercials have become the ''inside jokes'' of our lives. BTW: he first thought it was an obscure old-timey Gospel song. Are they in stock yet? Sincerely and just a little bit ''bent'', Paul Verticchio Willow Dr. The Fillmore was the high octane gig to play in New York - or anywhere else, really.

It was a great sounding room with a great crowd. The Fillmores were so professionally run, compared to anything else at the time. And he would gamble on acts, bringing in jazz and blues Because of changes in the music industry and large growth in the concert industry as exemplified by the increased prevalence of arena and stadium bookingsGraham closed the Fillmore East after only three years.

Ina six-disc set featuring the Allman Brothers Band's early and late shows at the Fillmore East of March 12 and 13, and including their performance on the venue's final night of June 27, was issued as The Fillmore East Recordings. After a short run the Rock Opera closed and on December 15,Jerry Fuchs presented the opening night of concerts with a performance featuring BloodrockElephants Memory and Trapeze.

From tothe renovated venue was home to The Saintan early gay superclub. As ofthe former lobby building is owned by the Apple Bank for Savings[41] which has a branch at street level, and the rest of the interior of the auditorium has been demolished and replaced with an apartment complex, Hudson East, with its entrance at East 6th Street.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. New York: Three Rivers Press. ISBN Schirmer Books. Chronicle Books. Fillmore East Preservation Society. Merry Christmas, everyone! Tagged with Release Round-Up. Blood, Sweat and Tears has much in common with Rodney Dangerfield — they get no respect. The 2-CD, track set reveals a wealth of brassy, powerful jazz-rock that has stood the test of time. But Kooper, Brecker and Weiss were gone before long. It was the same year he would produce the eponymous debut album by a band with a similar idea — The Chicago Transit Authority.

With Guercio at the helm, Blood, Sweat and Tears reinvented itself. The first eight tracks are in mono, and the remainder in stereo. These hits are, of course, here, too, in crisply remastered sound courtesy of Vic Anesini.

That No. The plan was to pair them up with covers of his own work by the artists he covered; some of them were released as B-sides but others never materialized. Radiohead, David Bowie and Neil Young declined to contribute. Bettye: Amazon U. Samuel Jonathan Johnson: Amazon U.

Grateful Dead: Amazon U. Real Gone Music is hoping to make you so very happy with its first release slate of ! Then the hit makers CCR rocked the house. Even with my limited experience I knew this band would not be playing for the East Village hippies much longer. Bigger pay days in shittier, larger halls would be their destiny.

Lord help us. All to be showcased on a revolving stage set in the middle of the cavernous arena; which in hindsight, having the stage located where it was… was not a good idea.

A few of my thoughts on the performance are a bit cloudy, musically that is, especially the BLIND FAITH portion of the show as their first lp was still days away from hitting the shops and most of their live material that night was unfamiliar to the attending audience, especially me. In hindsight one could say that these guys as a band hit the road a bit too early. Add to that, the sound system used that evening was atrocious. The English group FREE kicked off their American career with an enthusiast set to which the audience responded in kind, some even positive.

Again the sound system hindered their funky proselytizing but from where I sat they worked and wooed the crowd to its feet. They were a band on the rise. Blind Faith on the other hand was dead in the water from the opening tune. They appeared underrehearsed, seemingly uncomfortable with each other on stage and then there was the poor sound system to deal with.

Baker did little to control the crowd hindering the security attempt to exit the band. Despite all this drama and a poor sound equipment, overall, this show was a great concert experience for my young concert days.

Blind Faith, the British rock group succeeding Cream, which became very popular in the last few years, played an impressive opening Saturday at Madison Square Garden. The group packed the Garden in its first United States appearance. As usual, the Garden sound system was bad, and the breaks between songs were punctuated by indignant shouts to that effect.

Considering the acoustics and the size of the house, Blind Faith did rather well. Clapton and Mr. Baker play loosely structured, emotional music. Winwood leans toward tightly structured but soulful rock. Putting together such intensely individual artists as those three men is a risky business.

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