Nocturne (Between Galaxies)

Nocturne (Between Galaxies)

 · It is very rare to find stars in the space in between galaxies. Galaxies sometimes collide with each other, with interesting results. These collisions can trigger bursts of star-formation in addition to changing the shapes of the galaxies that g: Nocturne.

 · The regions between galaxies are dark, obviously, since there are few or no stars out there to light up the darkness. That makes those regions Occupation: Astronomy Expert.

 · The vast voids between galaxies can stretch millions of light-years across and may appear empty. But these spaces actually contain more matter than the galaxies themselves. "If you took a Missing: Nocturne.

 · These images, then, straddle the gap between the very distant galaxies, which can only be viewed in infrared light, and closer galaxies which can be seen across a broad spectrum of wavelengths. The farthest away galaxy discovered so far is called GN-z11 and is seen now as it was billion years in the g: Nocturne.

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