Final Destination - Yahel - Full On Fluoro Vol. 02 (File)

Final Destination - Yahel - Full On Fluoro Vol. 02 (File)

Too many people take the safety aspects involved with handling boat fuel for granted… potentially at their peril! I think about the potential for catastrophe almost every time I turn the ignition key or refuel my vessel.

Yet the explosive and highly flammable properties of volatile fuels and their invisible vapours pose a threat that I believe far too many boaties fail to consider. Some people may regard my extreme.

Petrol-powered boats with built-in, below-floor fuel storage, or even portable tote tanks placed in holds, bilges or partially sealed compartments, present particular risks. Spillages, overflow and fumes vented from these concealed tanks, but constrained within the hull or superstructure of the vessel, can create what is effectively a powerful time bomb just waiting for a spark in order to ignite.

The right or wrong mix of air and petrol vapour. As we stowed the bow-mounted electric motor and made ready to move to another spot, I casually reached across and turned the ignition key. The resounding bang that resulted from the instantaneous combustion of a small cloud of fuel vapour launched the heavy fiberglass cowling and its canvas cover at least 25m into the sky and had waterside residents rushing onto their balconies in alarm. A small blaze was also ignited on the exposed powerhead of the outboard, but a quick squirt with the chemical fire extinguisher took care of this.

My mate and I were shaken but Boats with built-in, under floor fuel tanks present special challenges and dangers. Final Destination - Yahel - Full On Fluoro Vol. 02 (File) course, you should also avoid using mobile phones and other electronic devices while fuelling. It goes without saying or should! Maritime Safety Victoria have a very handy video on the subject.

You can track it down via their website at www. The fuel that drives our boats is something we all tend to take for granted. Filling up in remote locations not only hurts the hip pocket, it can also present an increased risk of fuel contamination. Fitting a quality in-line fuel filter with good water separating capabilities to your vessel makes very good sense. I firmly believe that the dangerous properties of boat fuel represent a subject area we all need to take more seriously, particularly when dealing with a petrolpowered craft.

Scanning this QR code will take you to a great video on handling boat fuel, produced by Maritime Safety Victoria. The fact that these same areas below decks or inside closed compartments also typically house batteries, wiring and other electronic components compounds the issue. Unknown to us, there was a small fuel leak under the cowling of his 90hp outboard.

This tiny leak would likely have gone unnoticed and not caused any problems, were it not for the intense heat of the summer day and the fact that we fished in one particularly still and sheltered bay for well over an hour.

The fact that the motor was fitted with a heavy cover may have. Had the vapour build-up been larger, or occurred in a closed compartment below decks, the outcome may have been very different indeed. There are other wellestablished protocols for dealing with fuel in and around boats, including strong advice about not filling tote tanks or other portable containers while they remain within the vessel.

Always lift them out and place them on the ground to earth these containers, greatly reducing the risk of tiny sparks that might be caused by static electricity. For the same reason, make sure the nozzle of the fuel hose or funnel remains in constant contact with the. The safest way to top up a tote tank out on the water is to go ashore, move a short distance away from the boat, place the tank firmly on the ground and make sure that the pouring nozzle is in constant contact with the lip of the tank throughout the process.

JULY The fish are still willing and the overall quality certainly makes up for the lack of numbers. Lures are my go-to in winter as live bait gets harder to source. For those willing to put the effort in, try West Head and Barrenjoey Headland. You will find success. Yellowtail are the most common baitfish. Southern calamari also make exceptional live and dead baits and can be found in the same areas.

Larger sized jigs from 2. A squid spike rigged with fresh bait is a handy asset and can be left in a rod. The author recently captured his PB mulloway on a lure. This impressive fish measured cm and was caught on 10lb tackle. It was carefully returned to the water after a quick pic. Some stud bream are calling the washes home lately and are best targeted using a bread berley and lightly weighted baits of peeled prawn or bread on lb fluorocarbon and small, strong hooks. Other species like drummer and silver trevally can get in on the action and the odd.

You can lure fish in the same areas, but lure losses are a common occurrence. Floating crankbaits can be cast and cranked down through the strike zone and paused to float over any obstructions. Alternately a very lightly weighted soft plastic can be wafted around in the white water with the odd twitch to entice a bite.

Back in the river proper, resident bream will be holding deep on the rock walls in m. Make parallel casts with small vibes and curl-tail grub soft plastics once fish have been located to keep in the zone. The bites can seem timid at times and a smear of your favourite scent can be beneficial.

Estuary perch are a common by-catch when looking for bream and mulloway around reefs and rock walls at this time of year. Be mindful as it is the closed season and they should be returned to the water immediately. Mulloway are still about, and lure fishing will be productive.

Fishing the tide changes with soft plastics, soft vibes and deep diving crankbaits will account for some great school mulloway. Live baiting will still take fish, but the effort. Set your baits at different depths, add a bit of berley and wait for the action to start. Casting a mm shallow running hardbody around the adjacent area can also turn these fish on, especially when they are being fussy with taking baits.

A slow roll with the odd pause and jerk should see you in the action. When seeking a likely spot, I always sound around and make sure there is bait in the general area.

If you find none, move to another likely point or bay and repeat the process until good concentrations are found. Find the bait and you will find the fish. There was a good run of tailor in Broken Bay through autumn. They should still be hunting baitfish in the washes this month too. A lot of anglers are choosing to release their mulloway now. This would make a great trend similar to the way we protect our big breeding flathead.

Make sure you bring the family along to celebrate the 50th edition. The show is the best place to see and buy boats and all the gear for them. The bluewater scene is picking up out off Sydney, with reports of tuna on the rise. Trolling small skirts and cubing pilchards is proving successful out wide. Providing we get. Reports are coming in of mainly yellowfin captures to 45kg with a few striped marlin still lurking in the cold waters. The inshore. Most of the charter companies have been.

As per every winter, the seas will flatten out a bit, enabling boating crews to fish the local spots. A 30lb kit will do the reds, and you should use at least 50lb for the kings. Our estuarine waterways continue to provide successful results on a number of species in all depths. Pelagic species like tailor, salmon and bonito are prolific on the surface, while bream, flathead and mulloway are in good numbers on the bottom.

Squid and yakkas are showing themselves at most local haunts in the. Middle Harbour has been a pretty hot area lately. Armen Kouch and Rob Haslam both had success on mulloway while kayaking around Roseville.

Plastic vibes bounced on the bottom are proving very successful on this species. A few rat kings have also been taken up the back of the harbour. Rock fishers have been into kingfish, salmon, bonito and tailor.

Spinning lures is the preferred method. Small metal lures through to surface stickbaits have been successful. Luderick are feeding on the weed offerings and some solid bream have been picked off with unweighted pilchards in the wash. The peninsula beaches are well worth fishing at the moment. With a variety of species available, there is something for everyone.

Big tailor are roaming the suds at night and some fish up to 65cm have been landed using ganged hooks with salted pilchards for bait. Whaler sharks are still in the vicinity, so take some wire trace — it may be required if you want to tangle with the Noahs. The winter whiting run has started with this bread and butter species being caught from most beaches. Be prepared to move along the beach as some of the bigger fish are on the move with the tide changes.

Rob Haslam with a soapy mulloway. They are great value and are accounting for some good bags of fish. Manly, Curl Curl and Dee Why beaches are excellent locations to target the. For the metal casting brigade the long cast over the back of the suds with your favourite metal slug and casting outfit will put you in the tailor and salmon zone.

Fish up to 68cm have been recorded and provide a great battle on 20lb gear. Narrabeen Lake has been flowing consistently after the recent works, allowing good numbers of fish to come and go. The lake is proving its worth this season with plenty of flathead still on the chew. Johnathon Ross fished the back of the lake landing a couple of large flathead on soft plastics recently, with one fish providing a terrific fight on light gear. The lake whiting are also keen on a feed and the early morning session using poppers and topwater lures around the edges and weed beds has been a proven winner, to say the least.

This last month has seen great weather once again, although a little cold in the morning. This warmer water has allowed for large kingfish to stay along the river. As well as the kingfish, we are still having a great time catching mulloway. The kingies have been feeding sporadically. With fresh baits, a good sounder and a bit of patience the fish can be found and caught.

These larger fish are eating more than just squid. In some areas there are a lot of batfish hanging around structure and these nasty little critters are stripping hard-earned squid in a matter of seconds, leaving you with a squid that is hard to recognise.

These areas are better fished with yellowtail. There are a lot of small yellowtail in the same areas. If you want your bait to stand out, try using a splash of Glow Bait. This product will make your bait fluorescent green, so your bait has a better chance of becoming the target when presented near a school that is under attack.

Larger kingfish are not holding in any particular area at the moment and they seem to be cruising the river. I have found that when kingfish are cruising the river they are hungry, which is a good thing for us anglers. Areas to try are around. Scotland Island and both sides of Pittwater. My pick is the eastern side of Pittwater amongst the moorings. Small squid are hard to find at the moment. For those willing and able to travel on the ocean side of Barrenjoey Head, there are some smaller ones in amongst the kelp.

Along Pittwater the usual areas are producing squid, with the better areas once again being the weed beds between Palm Beach Ferry Wharf and Barrenjoey Head. The natural colour squid jigs are working well. Surprisingly orange is catching quite a few squid, even though it tends to be more of a summer colour.

For those that are after fish that live on the bottom I have some great news for you: flathead, bream and mulloway are still making their presence known. Not a lot of people try for mulloway when fishing on Pittwater, because we have such a great fishery nearby on the Hawkesbury River.

Both of these river systems at the moment are producing quite a few mulloway. On Pittwater we have been catching mulloway on fish fillets, squid and lures. Some large fish have been lost to moorings and rough ground. There are two ways to fish for mulloway on Pittwater and the first is to anchor up, set out your live baits, and berley up the baitfish while using lures.

This method is more effective towards the Final Destination - Yahel - Full On Fluoro Vol. 02 (File) of the river in the deeper holes and points where there is some current that will spread your berley to attract the baitfish and, in turn, the predators. The other method is to drift through areas with live baits deployed on the bottom as well as a variety of baits on micro-jigs. I have found when using micro-jigs with mulloway about, these lures.

Kings like this 87cm model are still about and feeding. Either method used in the right areas along Pittwater will produce mulloway. The areas to catch mulloway along Pittwater are Stokes Point, the Supermarket, Bothams Reef at Scotland Island and if you are going to drift, try the steep drop-offs that come out of shallower water.

When fishing the Hawkesbury River, the problem that most people face is that they do not have enough time to try all the areas, baits and techniques they would like in a single outing.

When fishing the Hawkesbury River it is important to use the tide change and use the freshest bait possible. Offshore we have been tangling with a variety of species with snapper, morwong and flathead being the main captures. There is the odd kingfish being caught when fishing the reefs as well. As always make sure that you find baitfish before deploying lines, especially fishing in water depths of m. The better baits to use have been pilchards with squid coming in a close second.

Some areas to consider. On a recent charter we picked up a group of anglers off a Luxury Afloat Houseboat from Brooklyn and showed them how to catch mulloway, as well as where and what baits to use. We caught mulloway, great bream and flathead. After the charter the guys came back to the same areas and had a ball catching more mulloway. We were lucky enough to organise with Luxury Afloat Houseboats a package deal where yourself and four mates can stay on the.

The houseboats are set up for anglers with a live bait tank, wash down area, rod holders in appropriate areas as well as an icebox and a great colour sounder. Two fishing charters with local guide Pete Le Blang with early morning pickups from your houseboat.

The beauty of this arrangement is the fishing continues even after your fishing guide heads home for the day. The illusive hairtail are more active in the Hawkesbury during the cooler months, and there is no more comfortable way to target them from a houseboat. Other options also available for larger groups on different types of houseboats or extended fishing charters.

This year has been the year of the mulloway. There have been a few seasons that have produced better runs of big fish. The turn of the high and the first hour and a half is the prime time. The turn of the low and the first hour and a half of the run-in is your next best bet. This is the time of least tidal flow and reflects the lazy nature of the mulloway. Mulloway have two areas where you might find them: their holding grounds.

Divers tell me mulloway hang in wrecks, caves, ledges, pylons and under marinas. Sometimes they can be found under coastal shelves in very shallow sudsy water. They are different from kings who hang around structure for food and shade. Mulloway actually like to get inside the structure for security.

School mulloway are commonly found around structure. Mulloway have adapted very well to the type of artificial structures found along our coast and in bays and rivers. As an example of this, imagine a wreck sitting on barren sand or mud bottom in the harbour, where mulloway hold. On the turn of the tides they will come out of cover and make their way to food-rich kelp beds or a breakwall to feed.

The wreck is the holding ground and the. Their feeding is done when they move out and onto richer grounds. I know of at least one patch of washy, gnarly bommies within casting distance from the shore that produces mulloway up to.

These are prime spots in the upper reaches, especially for lure chuckers at night. This can include sudsy, sandy, turbulent water in close to surf breaks or shallow coastal rocks.

Clearly sight is not their primary sense in this situation. The worst week of the month to target mulloway is the week after and including the night of the full moon. The best weeks are the lead up to the full and new moon. Your best bites will occur, at this time of year, when the wind is blowing NW and then swings SW or S.

In other words, just before a front. There are a number of baits you can use for mulloway, but the most important factor for all of them is freshness. They have a huge mouth, so they can eat big prey. If you want to catch quality mulloway consistently, you are going to have to master squid fishing. Squid are the number one bait and all the really good mulloway fishos that I know are also gun squid fishos. My formula is that the squid has to be back in the water as bait at most.

This is shaping up to be the best mulloway season ever. Other good baits include large live baits like tailor and mullet, but you will need to come up with a good method of controlling them or you can end up in an awful tangle, especially at night. Big fillets of the above mentioned fish leave the head on one side and the tail on the other are also good.

When the fish takes the bait hit it immediately. A lot of people reckon you should let them run before striking, but in my experience this loses more fish than it catches. If a big fish swims off with your bait, there is only one place he can be holding it and that is in his mouth. They are found in the deep water in places like Clarke Island and the Centurion wreck off Quarantine. Big winter tailor are suckers for live baits. The downside is that they are more sensitive to noise and commotion than some of our other common big predators, so keep your approach as quiet as possible.

They are probably the hardest of all fish to crack the code for consistent success. Here are a few tips that should make it a bit easier. However, the turn of Being in the vicinity of holding structure gives you your best shot at these fish.

They will pass by your offerings as they make their way out to the feeding grounds and again as they make their way back. Obviously they will be hungrier on their way out than when they return after a feed, so right on the turn of the high or low when they first make their move out is the ultimate time to be near holding cover.

You will catch good mulloway during the. What about when they move well upstream into the mangrove estuaries where there is very little structure? This makes things a bit easier in regards to all tide access. They will be found sitting in the bottom of the deepest holes, generally in open water. This means you can reach them with a bait or lure through any stage of the tide. Of course, you will still do better during those tide changes when they are actively feeding.

Bridges are a major source. I use 40lb mono trace and get bitten off occasionally. Ultimately I land more fish than I would using wire trace, which attracts fewer bites. Winter tailor tend to be better eating than summer fish, as they are generally larger and have a higher fat content. They need to be bled and iced and eaten within a few days to get the best out of them.

KINGS The lingering warm water this season has meant that our harbour kingfish season has been considerably extended. If last year is anything to go by then we should still be getting kings into August, maybe even later.

The winter fish are generally bigger, running cm with very few rats present. They still love squid in winter and are generally found upstream on the main harbour and Middle Harbour.

Like the abovementioned tailor, winter kings tend to be very good eating due to higher fat contents. If you want to experience primo sashimi, try some of the belly section of a large winter king. I used salted slimy mackerel and squid strips. You require a decent cast of about 90m. Other spots that have been producing are North Curl Curl near the swimming pool, and Warriewood high cliff, approximately 50m west of the Blow Hole. Winter species off the rocks and beaches are going to dominate catches over the coming weeks.

Here are my predictions for this month. I have been a die-hard angler for decades, trying to push the limits of where and when you can catch certain species. The results are often worth the effort. July can be a good month, providing the traditional westerly winds do not dominate, as they push out the warmer, nutrient-rich current and replace it with colder water and flat seas.

These conditions discourage the baitfish and whiting that would otherwise draw in the mulloway to haunt the beaches. However, if you have a slight to moderate swell of between 0. For most of the species mentioned I prefer to fish the run-in tide, from the half tide in to the high. The westerly winds generally reduce the swell size significantly, but a slight wind direction change from westerly to southwesterly can increase the swell size exponentially.

It can go from being almost completely flat to being un-fishable in just a few. Andy Barry with his first mulloway, caught on a whole squid bait. Changing your baits from fish to squid pays dividends. They generally run from 1kg to as large as 3kg, and on some Julys even larger.

Skev Stefadauros and Will Jorgen with an exceptional bag of luderick from an estuary rock spot, caught on hair weed and cabbage weed. Bait spinning with pilchards is almost a lost art off our beaches, and is a very effective way of nailing tailor. Big tailor are great fun on this gear, and you can add the salmon as well. If you decide that you want to catch some whiting, try to find a shop that has live worms in stock.

Unfortunately, the shops that. An alternative option is to pump some pink nippers or catch your own worms. The most popular baits are fresh tailor fillets, live baits like yellowtail, mullet either fillets or butterflied and of course fresh squid baits.

The snapper are generally caught with a long cast of up to m and as little as 30m at some locations where the sand meets the reef in close. Try salted slimy mackerel, salted striped tuna, squid strips, or fresh fish fillets like tailor. Yellowtail are great as well. You will catch your snapper on flat days but I prefer a swell size of about 1m.

It encourages the reddies to come in closer, due to the agitation of the inshore sea floor stirring up some food. You can expect some trevally mixed in with the snapper. Recently I caught some nice plate-size snapper. This one was caught on a live yellowtail in a moderately deep beach gutter. Lube Mitrevski the proud angler.

Luderick can be caught from Snapper Rock and in front of the Island. At Little Bluey, head to the first main ledge that looks like a big rectangle, and fish for luderick there. Wash fishing for mixed species at this time of the year is quite different from doing it in summer. There are generally no bonito. If you notice the swell size increase, understand that it will probably continue to increase with the wind change.

Either hightail it out of there and call it a day, or go to your plan B, which is a safer location out of the swell. After talking to many of them I found that they were catching dusky flathead, whiting, bream, trevally, tailor, shovelnose rays, stingrays and the odd blue swimmer crab.

The main bait in use. Fishermans Beach is on the northern side of Botany Bay and is a great place to get out of the northerly winds. You will find a small groyne in the middle that can be easily fished from. This is a good place to try out those soft plastics for flathead, whiting and bream. The breakwall near the boat ramp at Port Botany has fairly deep water on the southeastern side.

Just about anywhere along the western foreshore of Botany Bay has plenty of parking space and is just a. The Kurnell groynes along Silver Beach are worth a shot for bream, flathead, whiting, leatherjackets and luderick. Care needs to be taken when walking out to the end, as some of the rocks may be loose.

Pilly tails and chicken breast work well here. Parking is not the best. You will need to enter the area by turning off onto Burrawang Reach Road an entry fee applies. Here you can fish for bream, flathead, whiting, mulloway. Pink nippers and the odd squirt worm can be pumped on this set of flats just downstream from the Captain Cook Bridge.

There have been some reports of bull sharks here as well. This area is on the southern side of the river where the old Lugarno ferry used to cross. Once here you will find a number of spots where you can set yourself up for a fish.

A short distance downstream you will find a small park that also has a number of deep-water spots that you can fish from. Around the old Woronora Bridge you could try for bream, flathead and whiting about an hour or two either side of the top of the tide.

The best baits are bloodworms, pink nippers and small pieces of chicken breast. Keep an eye out for it later this year. Scotty Lyons told me snapper, morwong, pigfish, sand flathead and the odd kingfish have been on the chew in 50m off Wedding Cake Island off Coogee. Scotty also suggests trolling close into the washes north and south of the entrance to Botany Bay for bonito, salmon and tailor.

Bream and trevally are on. The drums off the Kurnell Oil Wharf have plenty of trevally, cowanyoung and leatherjackets. Peeled prawns and strips of fresh squid have. You could also try floating out a whole pilchard or a live bait for salmon, tailor and the odd kingfish.

The Sticks has been producing trevally and bream with a lot of small snapper and Port Jackson sharks. Work the same area with blades and large soft plastics for mulloway and dusky flathead. Bloodworms and pink nippers are the go. Luderick are in big numbers at the Moons just up from Lugarno. You could also try for luderick along the rock wall on the upstream side of Alfords Point Bridge.

Finding the fresh green weed will be the key to getting the results. Some anglers I know are having to go as far as Wollongong in the south and Newcastle in the north to get good weed. Even though it is the middle of winter, the beaches have been producing good results. Maroubra has whiting, dart and bream, Coogee Final Destination - Yahel - Full On Fluoro Vol.

02 (File) luderick and drummer in the corners, salmon can be caught off the northern end of Bondi and Mackenzies has a few whiting and bream. The best bait by far has been the beach worm, followed by bloodworms and pink nippers. You could also try using half pillies and garfish. When the seas are too. If you have never fished off the beach on the western side of Botany Bay, give it a go. Not a lot of fish are caught here, but the size makes up for the numbers.

A ball sinker down onto the hook would be the best rig. Squid can be found here as well. That means more internal space and with our new Apexfreeboard. Hull extends to the bow gunnel as does the wide more of everything storage, which lets us build new consoles, casting at yourGet Quintrex dealer. That means more internal space and with our new Apex Hull storage, which lets us build new consoles, casting at your Quintrex dealer. Our new Apex Hull.

Forget everything everything youForget know about boats. Are you at a loss as to where to go to chuck a line in? Have you gone to all your usual spots and turned up nothing? Maybe you now need to think out of the square and try something different from what you have always done. Ever thought about chasing luderick?

Maybe you should think about it! Many anglers think that chasing luderick is for. I have been chasing luderick in the estuaries off the shore and out of a boat, off the rocks and even out of a boat fishing back into the washes off the coast. Luderick are a yearround proposition, but tend to be around in bigger numbers and sizes during the cooler months of the year.

Over the past month. Just remember that this Final Destination - Yahel - Full On Fluoro Vol. 02 (File) pontoon is also used by boaters who use the ramp. For those who have a boat you could try the old Fisheries Point, the Ballast Heap, Costens Point and the diversion wall just upstream from Grays Point. When fishing for. Leatherjackets are the scourge of the soft plastic angler and anyone who fishes with whole prawns as bait.

Even though these fish devour the plastic or suck out the flesh from the shell of the prawn without you knowing it, there are plenty of places that you can go to get yourself a feed of leatherjackets.

You can just use a handline if you wish. I prefer to use my Shakespeare Ugly Stik rod, a paternoster rig and a number 12 long shank hook. The bait is either a small piece of prawn or squid.

The main thing to remember is that you need to have tension on the line so that you can feel the bite. Squid are also around in the southern areas, both inshore and offshore close to the coast.

You will also start to see plenty of cuttlefish backbones about as the snapper and other fish species start to feed on them. I usually fish with two rods when squid fishing. I rig one up with a paternoster rig and substitute the hook for a squid jig and put it in the rod holder.

This is set so that the sinker is just off the bottom, and you know when you have a squid on when the rod doubles over. The other outfit I work around the boat, allowing it to sink towards the bottom. Then I work it back towards the boat. Bryce from the Sutherland Shire managed to get amongst a few tailor using strips of squid for bait.

He was actually targeting mulloway off the beach from Wanda to Greenhills. Snapper are being caught off the close reefs south of the entrance to the Port Hacking River. Offshore the kingfish are about. Try slow trolling either dead or live squid. There is an eddy formed behind this marker pole. Fish love to sit here, so anchor upcurrent and fish back to the pole. There are still whiting being caught off Wattamolla, Garie and Stanwell Park beaches.

The best bait by far has been bloodworms. Mixed in with the whiting are bream and dart, plus salmon and tailor. The last hour of the tide and the first two hours of the run-out are producing the best catches. Anglers who have been fishing into the night for mulloway have been getting smashed by sharks.

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The full set is available for download on Soundcloud. Michael L. Alyona B. Adam Ellis - Mr. This week a show inspired by Simon playing 2 x 5 hour sets in Buenos Aires last weekend! This week a warm up for the Argentine fans ahead of two 5hr sets in Buenos Aires this weekend. This week Simon is back at the controls on Open Up radio! This week Greg Downey takes over the controls on Open Up radio! Montel — At Night — Bedrock Records Disclosure — Dramatic John Askew Remix ID — ID Sean Tyas — Turbo — Kearnage The latest Open Up from Simon Patterson - this week the biggest tracks that are working for Simon on tour!

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Brainiac - SOS Eeon - Flashover Symbolic - Insidious Electric Universe Remix. Welcome to Open Up In the second half Simon previews some brand new album tracks from Astrix. This week on Open Up: a taste of what Simon would play at the start of a open to close set.

Anna - Odd Concept [Diynamic Music] Grum feat. Rothchild - Under Your Skin [Anjunabeats] This week a guest mix by Alex Di Stefano live in Dublin! Jamie Walker - Riot Original Mix Eeemus - Medusa Original Mix Brand new jingles! Welcome to the refreshed Open Up with Simon Patterson Ticon - Timelock Mantra 2. SideForm - qauntum Flux 4. Will Atkinson - Subconscious. This week a guest mix from UCast 1. Svyat Maltsev Final Destination - Yahel - Full On Fluoro Vol.

02 (File) Dnipro [Monster Force] 5. UCast vs. Sneijder feat. Ciaran Mcauley — Maria [Pure Trance] 8. Armin van Buuren feat.

Allen Watts - Flashback [Monster Force] Andrew Bayer feat. Asbjorn vs. UCast feat. This week Sam Jones drops by for a guest mix! Phanatic - Disco Droids Sam Jones - Charlie Charlie Diatek - Disturbed Sense Kamui - Exceed Owntrip - Sincedelic Bizarre Contact - Rotation [Edit] Sam Jones - Let Loose This week - Simon is back at the helm ahead of his appearance at Dreamstate in San Francisco this weekend!

Rocky - Among Us [Iboga] Will Atkinson - Game Over [Kearnage] Jamie Walker - Riot [Outburst] This week's show is a guest mix by Sean Tyas! Sean Tyas - Hive [A] Fender Bender - Serial Killer Sean Tyas - Vagabond Sideform - Quantum Flux Mat Eray - Battlefront. Welcome to the last Open Up of the year. Thanks for support in This set is one hour taken from Simon's set in Toronto two weeks ago!

Young Parisians Feat. Ben Lost - Jump the next train Scott Bond vs. XDR Intro Mix 2. Sun Decade - Im Alone 8.

Another milestone for Open Up radio… episodes! Thanks to everyone that supports the show! Faktorm - Faith [Get Physical] 2. Jamie Walker - Riot [Outburst Records] 6. Sean Tyas - Vagabond [Black Hole] 9. Kevin Crowley - Windmills [Digitized Recordings] This week: Stryker of XSI fame drops by for a guest mix!

Stryker - Harbinger Stryker vs Javier Bussola - Ederlezi Stryker vs Mad Maxx - Reloaded Block Device vs Stryker - Strenght Stryker vs Sonic Species - Almost Human Space Tribe vs Stryker - Space Cadet Astrix - Follow Me Stryker Remix Welcome to Open Up - this week Reverse on the guest mix!

Reverse - Ultima Magnus remix Reverse - Distant Destiny Magnus Remix Sonic Element - Evolve Sean Tyas - Hive John Askew - Cinnamon Original Mix Welcome to the latest Open Up with Simon Patterson! Tygris - Sonorous [Alter Ego Progressive] Arkham Knights - Knightfall [Coldharbour] Phanatic - Brain Damage [Bounce Recordings] Phanatic - SkyFall Bounce Phanatic - Carambola HOMmega Mystical Complex - Desert Rider Nutek Phanatic - Creatures N Stuff Mainstage Phanatic - Psychedelic Science Mainstage Phanatic - Brain Damage Bounce Spade - Evovled Unreleased Phanatic Vs.

Bizzare Contact - Hypnosis Fineplay. Open Up with Simon Patterson! Blufield - Out Of This Life Signum - Blockbuster Yahel - Butterfly One Function Remix Phanatic - Carambola Everlight - Our World Sean Tyas - Way Down in Mexico Matt Bowdidge - Final Rising. This week Vini Vici drops by for a guest mix! Vini Vici - The Tribe 2. Vini Vici vs. Ace Ventura - The Calling 3.

Vini Vici - Namaste 4. Vini Vici - Alteza 5. D-Addiction - High On 7. Coming Soon - Mad 8. Liquid Soul vs. Zyce Ft. Vini Vici - Talking With U. Pixel vs. Simon Patterson "Smack" Waio Remix 2. Tempo Giusto "Benzin" 4. ID "ID" 6. ID "ID" 7. Zach Zlov "Spellbound" 8. Liya "Black Hole" 9. Vertical Mode "Time Machine" Makida "Samurai" This week Simon welcomes Vlind to guest on Open Up! Casey Rasch - Frenzy Vlind Remix Ian Buff - Phantom Original Mix Cesar Lugo - ID Jordan Suckley - Droid Heatbeat Remix Vlind - ID.

Open Up with guest Brian Flinn! David Forbes - Jetpack 4. Casey Rasch - Ride Along 5. EverLight - Our World 6. Mallorca Lee Ft. Brian Flinn - Falcon Heavy. Joint Operations Centre - Hunter [Subculture] 6. Matador - Mambo Original Mix [Minus] 3. Ferry Tayle feat.

Driftmoon - Geometrix Tempo Giusto Remix 9. Simon Patterson - Smack [Waio Remix] This week a Christopher Lawrence guest mix!

Synfonic - Supernatural [Appointed Recordings] 3. Mekkanikka - Jedi Skool [United Beats]. This week a guest mix from Andres Sanchez! Philthy Chit - People, Places 2. Kenneth Thomas feat. Sasha vs. Citizen 42 - Glimmer 7. Marc Dawn - Expander Flutlicht Remix This week Simon is back at the controls for another Open Up session This week we welcome Eddie Bitar in the guest mix fold.

Ranji - Power Of Acid 2. Darren Porter - Deep Blue 3. Ian Buff - Into Pieces 4. Vertical Mode - Alien Rock 5. Vini Vici - The Tribe 6. Coming Soon - Keeping The Faith 7. Sean Tyas - Reach Out Lee Osborne feat.

Symbolic - Insidious Simon Patterson - Brush Strokes. This week Simon returns with the biggest tracks for him on the road at the moment! This week a producer set from Block Device on Open Up radio! Block Device - The Lazer [Unreleased] 2. Block Device - Stoned [Starlight Records] This week Simon combines two recent live sets in this episode of Open Up radio… Block Device vs.

State Azure - Hex Magnus Remix This week a guest mix from Mad Maxx - expect full on Psy at a firing tempo. Simon Bostock feat. Casey Rasch pres.

Second Sine - Ipanema Girls Vendace This week Simon is back at the helm for OU…. GMS - Al Capone 8. This week we have a guest mix from Reaky on Open Up!

Reaky - Never Say Never Again Reaky - Magnum Orca Activa Remix Haldolium - Subfile Reaky - Surprise In The Woods Reaky - History Repeating Bad Boy Reaky - Orgia De Primavera. This week a deep, dark and driving set from Simon…. Gary Beck - Hentzi [Bek Audio] 5. Natalino Nunes - Sky A.

Paul Remix [ONH. CET] 6. Joseph Capriati - Solar System [Drumcode] 8. This week Simon invites collaborator and friend Magnus into the guest mix fold. Jonathan Allyn - Lightwave Magnus remix 2. Intelligence - Glitch Drama 3. E-Clip - Enchantment 4. Danny Stubbs - Voices in the Dark Magnus remix 5. Namarrkon - Torodial Core Eclipse Echoes remix 6.

Azure State - Hex Magnus remix 8. Microlin - Soul to Heaven 9. Ticon - Ether Remix 4. Push - Strange World Edit.

This week John Askew is at the helm! Welcome to Open Upthis week a studio mix from Simon. Sonic Species - Flying Saucers 9. Paul Miller - Oasis [Vandit] Open Up with Simon Patterson Danilo Ercole - Moving [Coldharbour] 4.

Flegma - Rotation [TesseracTstudio] 6. Gaudium - Open Your Mind [Iboga] 7. Gareth Weston - Trojan [Tytanium] 9. On3 - Elevance [HOMmega] Suntree - Renunion [Iono]. This week Freedom Fighters takes control of Open Up radio!

Simon Patterson Feat. Welcome to Open Up with Simon Patterson 1. Victor Calderone - Burden [Drumcode] 2. Coming Soon - In and Out Freedom Fighters - Hybrid Sub6 ft. Jahnatan - Unation Dottex Remix [Hommega] This week on Open Up we have an exclusive guest mix from Greg Downey! Komytea - Lost In Kioto [Komytea] 2. Matador - Mambo [Minus] 5. Activa - Magnetic Dub [Monster Tunes] 6. Electric Universe - Star Cluster [Dacru] On guest mix duties is Psy genius Waio! Simon Patterson - Smack [Reset Rec.

Heatbeat - Rocker Monster [Armada Rec. Welcome to Open Up. This week a studio mix and Simon announces his forthcoming Trance Nation compilation for Ministry Of Sound - available now to pre-order on iTunes!

Axel Karakasis - Gripped [Remain] 4. Paul Remix [Sub Cult] 5. Axel Karakasis - Strange Ways [Remain] 6. LFCs - Psycle [Evolution] 2. Markantonio - Yho [Analytic Trail] 3. Sian - Autogamy [Octopus] 7. Axel Karakasis - Gripped [Remain] 9. Simone Tavazzi - Abuse [Alleanza] Axel Karakasis - Firecracker [Rhythm District] Fukuda - Emerald Splash [Octopus] Klaudia Gawlas - Percy [Kombination Research] Andres Gil - Distroy Axel Karakasis - Strange Ways [Remain] Axel Karakasis - Flounder [Rhythm Distrikt].

Outside The Universe - Other Dimension 6. Welcome to Open Up with Simon Patterson! Will Atkinson - Sharpshooter [Subculture] 7. Killerwatts feat. In the words of Simon "Take the next day off OpenUp Mindfold - Modulators - Waio Remix 8. Blazer - Obsidian [Neom Recordings] Timelock - Muto [Blue Tunes] Sonic Element - Evolve 9. Freedom Fighters - Million Little Pieces This week a guest mix from Casey Rasch! Merry Christmas! Next stop Digital, Newcastle. Welcome to Open Up - Simon is back at the helm Shelter - Rock Steady [Yin Yang] 5.

N] Solar Kid feat. Solar Kid Original Mix [Iboga] 6. Tangle - Sahara Original Mix [Damaged] 8. This week we welcome Bryan Kearney with a guest mix for Open Up! Will Atkinson - Sharpshooter Subculture All bases covered. Welcome to Open Up - Simon plays some of the biggest tracks from the past couple of weeks touring. Welcome to Open Up - this week a stunning guest mix from Freedom Fighters!

Captain Hook - Mr. Gold Iboga Records 2. P Records. This week Simon is back at the helm with a studio mix! This week a guest mix from Activa live at Open Up in London! Protonica - Greece Atmos Remix Suntree - Private Guide Zyce Remix Avshi - Inner Sun Original Mix Welcome to Open Up - this week Simon returns to the airwaves with a studio mix! Deadmau5 - Pets Original Mix [mau5trap] 2. Unknown 5. Vertical Mode - Computer Music 9. Unknown Lyctum feat.

Will Atkinson pres. Function C pres.

Lost In Spain (Dirty On Monday Remix) - Various - Quake Trance Best 5.5 (CD), Make It Hot (Clean Version) - Unknown Artist - Make It Hot (Vinyl), Suzie - Various - Thrilled By Dearth (CDr), Pirate, Let Me Watch - Mario - Go (CD, Album), Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy - Zappa* - You Cant Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 4 (CD, Album), Scene 6 - An Enemy Of The People - Sir Cedric Hardwicke* - Macbeth, Death Is Called Sam, School For, Confusion - Electric Light Orchestra - Shine A Little Love / Confusion / Last Train To London / Dont, The Norsemen (2) - Home On A Cloud / Cant You Fall In Love (Vinyl), Будь Всегда Настоящим (Памяти Весёлого) - Йорш - Держитесь (CD, Album), Struktur XVI C - Stockhausen* - Elektronische Musik 1952-1960 (CD)

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