Alright - Various - The Mixes 155 (Vinyl)

Alright - Various - The Mixes 155 (Vinyl)

That's what it's all about! This was an interesting one. No external controllers or soundcards, just the laptop and built-in speakers. Basically, I just loaded up each track, jump to the point in the track I think will work and hope for the best. Why did I do it like this? For the hell of it, nothing more!

So that one above was the so-called 'harder' mix, thus this one is the softer. It's still housey-housey duf-duf music at the end of the day. I think I overused tracks by Pryda on this one The day before Media Londonorganiser John Allsopp casually mentioned in an email that he'd thought about asking me "if I'd be able to DJ, but it's complicated now".

Nope, it's not And one day later I was there, playing for the conference attendees. Archived here for your listening pleasure :. A glitch at the beginning of this mix about 15 minutes in in tries its best to derail things. Flaming audio recorder threw a wobbly. Small glitch aside, this is another mix that I'm happy with, if not somewhat amazed given that it was done while knocking back endless amounts of lager with my mate Nick.

Better fun than going down the pub and spending 3 quid a pint and listening to shit music, eh? Make your own fun and all that. No more mixes for February, so enjoy this. Back in the days before hip hop turned all dark and moody and when people wore really bad tracksuits thinking it would help them with their 'cool breakdancer' look, Electro was what all the B-Boys listened to.

On the east coast, Miami Bass ruled, while LA claimed the electro crown on the west coast. Anyway, enough of the history lesson It's a pain in the arse to mix, because while the tracks seem like tight production, the producers can't edit for shit and so it's a nightmare keeping stuff in sync.

This was take 5. A collection of Alright - Various - The Mixes 155 (Vinyl) laid-back house tracks that didn't make it into some of the other mixes that I've put together recently, hence it's a 'mop-up'. But don't let that put you off. Strangely, it worked out well Got to say, I love the way some of this stuff fits together, one of the smoothest mixes I've ever done Another mix put together partly from suggestions from people over on the VW forum I sometimes lurk on.

Armed with 8 bottles of beer, I put this lot together. Two and a quarter hours long with 45 tracks, there should be plenty of your fave old rave tracks in here. The A. March 23, Archived from the original on June 27, January 18, John Petkovic". The Gazette. The San Diego Union-Tribune. Retrieved September 10, Archived from the original on April 15, The Washington Post. Archived from the original on December 4, Retrieved September 12, HighBeam Research.

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February 23, USA Today. November 27, The New York Times. Retrieved September 15, Mix 4". Archived from the original on April 19, Mix 6: Covering Our Tracks ". The Daily Telegraph. Retrieved September 11, Death Knell".

Archived from the original on February 25, November 26, Archived from the original on March 2, Willamette Week. Richard Meeker. The Shuttle. August 29, Mix 2".

Mix 3: Have a Very Merry Chrismukkah". The Eastener. College Publisher. Archived from the original on July 10, Mix 6: Covering Our Tracks". The OC Insider. Warner Bros. Retrieved July 7, Retrieved June 25, Retrieved June 26, Archived from the original click on "ep " on April 5, Retrieved June 28, Retrieved July 14, Retrieved March 6, Retrieved July 18, March 3, Archived from the original on August 31, Retrieved July 16, Retrieved July 8, During the course of the album, Nicholas will be able to reconstruct the turbulent love story of Victoria, divided between two brothers as different as they are similar in their lucid madness, until a dramatic epilogue for her, and not devoid of consequences for Alright - Various - The Mixes 155 (Vinyl) himself, who will be indelibly affected by what he discovered From the musical point of view, the Dreat Theater recover their roots: this album is a riot of prog-metal in its purest form, and ours seem to find Alright - Various - The Mixes 155 (Vinyl) lost compositional vein, reconnecting the musical discourse to the glories of "Images and Words" and "Awake", while maintaining a certain amount of improvisation in the scores, certainly the result of the experience in the Liquid Tension Experiment.

A working method in which, apparently, Petrucci, Rudess and Portnoy fit perfectly, given that the album releases a charge, an intensity and an expertise never felt before. Since the opener "Overture ", we will be sucked into a vortex of music with a very high technical and compositional content, not devoid of references to part 1, but filled with precious moments of high inspiration, as we have not heard for a long time.

James LaBrie will interpret the various roles of the story, with different nuances in the use of the voice, leading the listener by the hand within a real film in music. Stupendous and essential prog- metal pearls such as "Strange Deja-Vu", "Fatal Tragedy", the powerful "Beyond this Life", the bombastic "Home", a true ideal sequel to Metropolis pt.

There is no lack of instrumental track, and it is something inhuman: "The Dance of Eternity" leaves you astonished as to skill, in a composition so intricate that you lose your head?.

Like any self- respecting masterpiece, we also find two soft tracks, and they are two small pearls: "Through her Eyes", which narrates Victoria's death seen through Nicholas' eyes, is full of poignant melancholy; "The Spirit Carries On" is universally recognized as one of DT's most beautiful songs, with its PinkFloydian gait, and a thrilling chorus, not to mention Petrucci's solo, literally moving in terms of intensity.

The masterpiece closes with a simply fantastic song, namely "Finally Free", in which the DT resume and conclude the threads of the plot, complete with a final twist, and with a lot of creative culmination, truly leaving the unwary listener speechless.

Most of the Dream Theater fans are torn by not knowing which one to elevate as the best work of the band between this and Images And Words, but for me there is no doubt, Metropolis Pt. Wonderful melodies, flawless virtuosity and instrumental technique, poetic and theatrical texts, and only one adjective: masterpiece.

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Introduction II. Since the band's conception, they have become one of the most influential posts progressive rock bands as well as ranking as one of the early progenitors of the entire progressive metal genre. History A.

As the band became more "serious," they went out looking for a keyboardist and vocalist. The tapes, to the band's surprise sold out relatively quickly, which was aided also by the band's distribution of the tapes to friends, family, local rock and metal magazines. Even before this, all four instrumentalists had dropped out of college because they could not balance their hectic schedules and the four musicians, with their constant independent study of music, did not feel music school could teach them much more than they already knew.

With this added stability, the band's tour schedule increased and the band began to develop a small fan base and significant amounts of experience. As a young fragile band, the five had no choice but to go on the hunt for a new name. Various names bounced around in their head, ranging from Magus to M1 to Glasser, among others.

This touring paid off, as the small record label Mechanic Records contacted the band late June of Ecstatic at the prospect of being signed, the band eagerly made a meager contract with the label to release their debut record.

The label bought them time at a small studio in Pennsylvania, and the band set to record their debut album in the summer of After about 3 weeks, the band's debut "When Dream and Day Unite" was finished. As an early progressive metal band in a music scene dominated by punk and hair metal, the album did not sell as well as the band had wanted.

Nevertheless, the band initiated a small supporting tour for the album, even after the unsupportive label cut contractual ties to the band after the album's failure. A New Singer and Success The next two years were uneventful for the band. Amazed by his ability, he was hired immediately after the audition. Armed with a new singer, the band began touring around the NYC area yet again as well as perfecting the vocal parts for the new music the band had written during their inactive period.

After being sent a 3-track demo, Atco Records contacted the band and offered a 7 album contract on their label. The band eagerly accepted the offer. The band's sophomore release, the famous "Images and Words," was recorded late fall of in significantly nicer quarters than Mechanic had provided. The album was released July 7,and after relentless touring both in the U.

This was also largely due to the huge success of the album's second single "Pull Me Under," which not only gained significant radio play but also scored play time on MTV with the song's video.

The Middle Period and Band Turbulence Electrified by their success, the band quickly delved back into writing after the conclusion of the tour in The band rushed into the studio to record material for what would become their third album, "Awake," released October 4, The album, which was much darker and metallic than their previous two albums, received a slew of controversy from fans and critics. On top of this, long time keyboardist Kevin MOORE announced his departure prior to the album's tour due to creative differences.

This tragically ruptured his vocal chords, making it near impossible for him to sing in his prior capabilities. Faced with such pressing problems, the band rushed many auditions to fill the empty keyboardist position so they could try to kick off their "Waking up the World" tour as soon as possible.

The band did, however, go on to release an EP containing their legendary "epic" "A Change of Seasons," which was composed in and sparsely played live from '89 to ' The minute long song was joined by some live tribute songs the band recorded at a show in London. After the release of "A Change of Seasons," the band went on a short break.

During this time, the band's label EastWest went through a number of changes, which included the firing of the band's main contact. When the band returned to the studio inAlright - Various - The Mixes 155 (Vinyl) new producer expected the band to make a commercially accessible album.

The band, who had written enough material for a double album, had planned on something entirely different. After a long and stressful studio session, the band's fifth studio album, "Falling Alright - Various - The Mixes 155 (Vinyl) Infinity," was released September 23, The album's heavier emphasis on accessibility and, to some, "un"progressive rock and metal, made the album generally unpopular amongst fans and critics.

Shaken, the band teetered on the edge of dissolution.

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